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  1. It was genuinely a distressed sale. I know as I live in that area and know what went on with that family.
  2. And if you dont believe me....I just went to a 3-2-2 villa in Ryde, close to Putney, normally cheaper place than Gerald St, with a asking price of 850k.....the villa had a strata of 500+/qtr.
  3. And I know all these logic. I am just saying that that this report could well come true.
  4. Hi Tor, I know all these logic....and this is why I did not buy. The cash I am sitting on is enough for my retirement now. I am 31 now. What will do if I retire now? So I have chosen to continue our 300k+ combined income. This year it is 350k+.
  5. I am not talking about any property. I had spotted a distressed sale...going through a divorce etc. 4-2-2 renovated in Gerald St, Gladesville sold for 820k. Now it is at least 1.1mil.. May be 1.3mil Similarly a Chatswood block of 550k. Plont a 500k all up 2 story house and an easy 400-500k profit on that.
  6. No...and BTW, I am not going to post here much in future....not that I did..
  7. When I could have perfectly bought and sat on a Chatswood property or a Gladesville property in 2008 and early 2009, and sat on a 300k+....except I discovered GHPC before...and now this and CC.
  8. what they are saying is actually possible and has happened in the recent past. In one year about 30% up... Laugh at them at your own peril!
  9. Irrespective of how funny they sound...they are the ones making all the money...and the ones with multiple IPs in Victoria. Not you guys expecting a crash....which I am reasonably convinced now will not come in the next year. May be it is time to join the herd?
  10. Vacancy rates might still decrease....have they built too many places in those suburbs in the last 2 years? % can be affected by both denominator and numerator.
  11. 53% cleared yesterday.
  12. Nice website for ETF news and hedges against for portfolio.
  13. Thansk Mr. Madoff.... It's not very useful.... It is not even 1% as helpful as the rpdata access that RE agents have..... I have been on that site before.....
  14. Anyone has access to price history data like rpdata? And willing to share? Normally RE agents have access to this data...I mean the access that gives you access to see history of any property, and not just a single postcode or the last few years only....