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  1. He should have given the Ipswich mayor a call...
  2. There's a bit of BS in each story. " it's rumoured, has just arrived back from the Philippines with his third Filipino wife " - That is just not possible. You're only permitted to import two wives. One at a time, although with the rise of Islam that may have changed.
  3. Old slops running dating agencies in Thailand. The first guy is a real catch - not. Some sort of defined benefit super scheme. A comfortable life till he dies (which looks like about a year) and she ends up with nothing. No house, no assets, nothing. Pass. Seems like an expensive shag.
  4. A vein is a vehicle.
  5. How long till American English is certified as a separate language? Core - a vehicle Bursy - busy Obderded - observed.
  6. A gift to all with high LVR. Investors included. Probably not a material change. I think the writer of the article may be a little confused. That's one hell of a hike.
  7. Still listed on REA, but not on one of my regular walks so not sure if it's still available or the lazy ass agent hasn't taken down the listing. A couple of new rental listings that have been up for several weeks: 4bed, 1 bath, 4 car (if you count the dodgy sail area outside the garage as a twin carpark). 420pw. Renovated kitchen, pool, bathroom 70's original. Well presented. Guess what? - no inspections. Vacant for weeks - address on application if you want to squat. 3,1,1 400pw. No opens. Vacant for a couple of weeks, but the listing says available 31/5.
  8. i just went to an auction in the next street. at previous auctions the auctioneer is very clear when he is making a vendor bid. at this one the auctioneer (who sounded more like a race caller) did not make it clear at all. what are others experiences? there was clearly only one bidder who opened at 480 and bid against the vendor to get to 560 where it stopped. the auctioneer went to the vendor and then the bidder was ushered inside. a while later they all appeared, the bidder said he was biding 590, the auctioneer said reserve had been met, the house was on the market - and of course no one bid any more. sold for 590. would you bid against yourself? crazy!
  9. Can't read the link = paywalled. Sunnybank. Your post seems to be police divisions not suburbs, so pretty much the whole of Brisbane. I'm guessing I'm in South Brisbane or Logan. I heard some cars pull up so poked my head out to see 5 cop cars pull up. I scurried back inside pronto thinking something serious was going down. Weird to see so many cops going door to door like it was a manhunt for jack the ripper or something.
  10. Not being a model citizen I'm used to talking to the police. But today 20 cops descended on the street going door to door. Warning about crime in the area and to keep my doors locked. I nearly got a dislocated shoulder when referring to my home security system.
  11. It's not a 457, it's a 458, totally different. Saw through that con straight away. I'm usually very good at seeing through policy that is just smoke and mirrors but this one conned me.
  12. B&E. The cops weren't happy when I told them that was not possible as criminals wouldn't need to break anything to enter as the doors are never locked.
  13. I don't think so. But who's going to admit to living in the worst area of the sh*tiest suburb?
  14. Read an interesting article by Noel Whittaker today re oldies downsizing and putting the difference in super. Looks like an incentive for very very few people. Mal's pulled a good con job with this one. Example: Couple sell their McMansion for $900k and buy something smaller for $550k. They have $325k in super and little other assets. After costs, they're left with $300k from downsizing. They put that in their super. They now have $625k in assessable assets for Centrelink. They used to get the full pension. Now they will lose ~$20k pa in govt pension. Why would they bother?
  15. People with investment properties in WA would be hit with a $270 levy under a McGowan Government plan to raise revenue and fix the Budget crisis. The West Australian understands the tax will be linked to water rates and apply to tens of thousands of investment properties with a gross rental value of $24,000 or more. The Government did not rule out the levy yesterday but refused to confirm any details. “All options are being considered as part of the Budget repair process,” a spokesman for Treasurer Ben Wyatt said. “Any announcements regarding household fees and charges will be before July 1.” Sources say the levy will target those getting investment earnings of more than the median house rental, which is $380 a week in WA.
  16. I'm not sure if it's risk-free or not. Not sure if you can allocate to various assets separate to your main super. So let's say you're relative young so you have a long time horizon and decide to have most of your super in higher risk, higher growth assets. You'd want your house deposit in lower growth, lower risk assets. It's unsure whether you will be able to do this. It's sort of means tested in a weird and complicated way. If you're earning no income and contribute the max you will go from paying no tax to 15% on the way in. If you're a high-income earner you go from paying 47.5% tax to 15 on the way in. There's also a 30% tax on withdrawal with a 30% tax rebate on the way out. The detail will be thrashed out in the senate. I'm unsure how it applies to defined benefit schemes. I've read conflicting info on whether it will be inside or outside the concessional contributions limits. Once again the senate will decide. Govt budgets are a farce. They're nothing more than a 'we intend to this', but are held up as some economic indicator. The coalition made all sorts of predictions in their 14 budget and it took them 3 years to say - ops got it wrong by 13b! For max benefit, Ms Clow would best to be a high-income earner when contributing and a low income earner when withdrawing - wild fluctuations in income are often caused by childbirth. I call it the withdrawal method. This scheme will be as much about family planning as tax planning.
  17. A thread about Clive. Post sparingly, yet you get sued.
  18. Palmer does look quite sick. I don't know why he's required to front up to court and explain where his nefew is. Do your own research your majesty!
  19. I hope you're not planning on taking the family? Their airfares would soon eat up any tax benefits of this new scheme. Max contribution of 15k pa with a total max of 30k contribution. That's barely stamp duty in some states. So let's say I'm on under 87k income pa. My marginal tax rate is 34.5%, soon to be 35%. I chuck in 15k x 2 years. Taxed at 15%. Total benefit 6k. Peanuts. Oh but wait theres more. The income my 30k earns will only be taxed at 15% instead of my marginal rate of 35%. Lets say it performs well and I get a 10% return that's another massive tax saving of nearly a grand. 400k gets you a decent house in the outer burbs of Brisbane.
  20. Scomo is drowning. I do a reasonable amount of public speaking. The only time I struggle is when someone else writes it or I don't believe it. Scomo is drowning - how long till he get's replaced.
  21. There's something about fart-e-suitcal benefits. There's health car. Geducation. Potentia card. There will be reregime for banks. ScoMo made so many errors. It wasn't his speech, he didn't believe it - those sort of errors happen when you either don't know or don't believe the content. It was hard to follow Mo it was like he was calling a horse race. 60% discount for CGT on affordable housing. I think there was something about reducing depreciation - reducing negative gearing but not by name. 1.5bn tax pa on 5 banks. "This govt, as always will live within it's means." WTF they've doubled the debt.
  22. There's going to be a Melbourne to Brisland rail route.
  23. I'm not sure. I'm about to watch the budget. I have a large bottle of Vodka and razor blade ready. I've managed to get most pollies mobile numbers so they're on speed dial too. Well, they would be if my family tax ABC was increased so I can pay for my iPhone.
  24. What's happened to Tony Jones? The table seems to have been shrunk from a semi-circle to a quarter circle. A few years ago I went to a drug company funded faux Q&A event at the National Press Club. Quite a fun way of discussing some serious stuff.
  25. A well-written article for a 17 year old and first-year economics student. Howard and Costello should not have cut taxes so deeply or handed out massive welfare to families. Hard to unwind that now.