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  1. Surely you're not serious?
  2. i just went to an auction in the next street. at previous auctions the auctioneer is very clear when he is making a vendor bid. at this one the auctioneer (who sounded more like a race caller) did not make it clear at all. what are others experiences? there was clearly only one bidder who opened at 480 and bid against the vendor to get to 560 where it stopped. the auctioneer went to the vendor and then the bidder was ushered inside. a while later they all appeared, the bidder said he was biding 590, the auctioneer said reserve had been met, the house was on the market - and of course no one bid any more. sold for 590. would you bid against yourself? crazy!
  3. I wish it had stayed seedy. Was the Wickham a gay bar back then? It certainly was by ~96. Rics is still going strong. If you haven't been back to Brisbane for a while you wouldn't recognise the Valley and Teneriffe. South Brisbane and West End have also changed a lot. Spring Hill not much. Woolloongabba is changing as I type. The Waterloo and Dead Rat have gone all trendy and no longer have topless barmaids. That's the idea. Buy while there is massive oversupply and get a bargain. Push really hard on price. As an owner occupier I don't need to worry about a rental oversupply. Strata fees is an issue. The newer blocks with pools lifts etc describe $900 pq as cheap. Some are up to $1500 pq. Strata tends to be a lot cheaper of blocks of six or so - no expensive pools or lifts to pay for. There's more of that type of units in New Farm, West End etc, so that's probably where I will end up. Those older, smaller complexes are solid - the neighbours could be setting of fireworks and I wouldn't hear a thing. I've lived most of my adult life in the inner city. The CBD (if you could call it that) in Cairns. West End, New Farm, Kelvin Grove. So I'm familiar with, and like inner city living.
  4. No. Downgrading. One real estate agent corrected me when he asked the same question and I answered, downgrading. "So you're looking for something more comfortable and closer to amenities". Any closer to amenities and I'd have my kitchen in Coles and my lounge room in a Chinese restaurant. I no longer need such a big house. In fact I never did. I purchased it to provide a family home for my sister and niece. Sis immediately shacked up with a guy. I call her the best flatmate I never had as she paid modest rent for a year but only stayed here for 5 nights. I gave it five years to ensure she stayed with the new bloke before making the decision to sell. I've had borders for the last 4 years and what a pain in the arse. I'm thinking of buying a small unit around the Valley (Fortitude Valley) if I can get one for a fire sale price with all the unit overbuilding. For those unfamiliar with Brisbane the Valley is the entertainment and sin capital of Brisbane. I could always take up dealing meth if I hit hard times. If I can't afford the Valley then perhaps Santiago de Cuba.
  5. Could be, and could be big noting. My Chinglish is not good very.
  6. I'm trying to sell my house. The Chinese agent said 1. We will get a building and pest inspector who will pass it no matter what. 2. We will get a loan broker who will make the pay slip very good. Loan, no problem.
  7. Agree Now politics is a child's game. The number one aim of any party should be who can get us elected and keep us elected. Not so these days. Julie Bishop had the best chance of getting the libs a vote. Oh well we'll go for Humphrey. Anyone but Shorten had the best chance of getting the ALP elected.
  8. Just watched Humphrey's interview on 7.30. Average speaker. Been worse, been better. He started foaming at the mouth when it came to religious freedom. Make no mistake "religious freedom" according to Morrison is extreme pentecostalism. Death to fags, no abortion, no end of life, etc. Other brands of Christianity will be tolerated, just. Any other form of religion will be legislated out of existence.
  9. ScoMo can't win. Shorten can't win. Shorty will win. It's a race between a douche and turd sandwich. ScoMo has lost to Billy in his first poll. It's a bit embarrassing, as newbies tend to get a good read. People don't want Humphrey B Bear running the joint.
  10. ScoMo's lost a lot of hair. It's common for a high level politician. I've seen him preaching. He's gonna have troubles between being a pentecostal christian and doing the most basic things. I'm not sure how you wave at Jesus, promise lower taxes, higher benefits, Indian immigrants all at the same time. Shorten will do him.
  11. How much is 'a lot'? Who knows? I do know Chinese are pack animals. Once an influencer is onto something the whole country jumps on it. Once an influencer goes bad on something everyone is jumping out of windows.
  12. ScoMo has to have a bi election for Wentworth or a general election very soon. He'll go for a bi election. The way Turnbull was deposed and the nature of the electorate could lead to a weirdo getting elected. If that happens then he will lack a majority and will need to call a general election. If it all happens he will narrowly avoid being Australia's shortest serving PM.
  13. "Australia is powering forward." The wasteful political ads have begun.
  14. 3 bed 1 bath 1 garage 1 carport/patio for rent down the road. Been trying for ~6 weeks at 375, just reduced to 365. Good condition but original yellow kitchen and lime green bathroom.
  15. I went to the auction yesterday. It's new everything inside - kitchen, all appliances, 4 ac splits, marble like tiles, carpet, paint, bathroom etc. The lot - everything inside has been replaced. Outside they put up a perimeter fence to give the corner block a back garden. Carport. No garage. No landscaping, none was done in the reno's just real sh*tty grass. It looks good inside but is still a very small 3 bed 1 bath, that looks sh*t from the outside. On second thoughts they might have spent +/- $50k on renos. Only one registered bidder. First bid 450, vendor bid 500, same bidder 505, passed in on vb of 515. Why do people bid against themselves? I know the owners want 660. Tell em they're dreamin...
  16. Trains in Brisbane are terrible. When my train gets to it's maximum speed of 60ks for a brief minute it shakes like it's going to derail. The rest of the time it's lucky to get up to 40ks.Express trains knock 3 mins off the trip. They get down to walking pace when going through stations they're not stopping at. They stink of piss and sweat. Being on the Gold Coast line and an express stop you'd expect regular services - 15 mins peak, 30 mins off peak and 1 hr late night is the best they can do to the city. The bus is quicker, cleaner and more comfortable. Services are every 3 mins peak and 7 off peak. How can a bus, that has to stop for traffic and lights be faster than a train that doesn't have those restrictions?
  17. Looks great
  18. I sent a joke txt to my sister saying I wanted 13 kids and that I would be rich with all the welfare. She responded 'only if you don't feed or clothe them'. With that many kids you'd be looking at at least $2000 in welfare pw. Couldn't be more than $600pw in food, clothes etc. What is wrong with people that they think you need Gucci clothes and lobster for kids? Maybe if we stopped all the welfare then the expectation of lobsters and Gucci would end.
  19. Uncle fester has openly said he will challenge again. Media is reporting (making up) as early as today.
  20. Dead man walking. The ALP must have been delighted that he remained leader today. Uncle fester (Dutton) will be the next leader of the coalition. For him, unfortunately, not as PM. Abutt will be gently nudging him with a dagger for more pay (ie a shadow ministry).