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  1. Very very different from what glimpses we see of Australian refugee camps. If you don't want to watch the whole thing do the first ~10mins and around 40mins.
  2. Last week Brisbane had the hottest May day on record. Absolute proof of global warming.
  3. An article written by an imbecile.
  4. This Barista reckons I can get $200 a day for each member who sat in parliament when they shouldn't have. Where do I sign up? I'd love to see a few of them bankrupted. In lieu of payment, I'll have Barnaby do the dusting in a french maids outfit for a year. I'm going to get the lawyer from The Castle to represent me. I reckon he'll settle for a carton of beer a day rather than 20 grand. What happens to all the bills these clowns voted on and were ineligible?
  5. Inspector George Gentle has the faggots called big Jessy's.
  6. I think the world would be a better place if more families had one parent (if there are two) stay home and look after the kids. One not working could also eliminate some costs - eg 2nd car, work clothes, expensive conveniences. There's also the ability of the stay at home parent to do some work. My mother did ironing from home for a while. She worked part-time at a factory for some time. She would look after some of the other workers' kids when she wasn't working and they'd look after us when she was working. For some time she worked a few evenings a week and weekends as a waitress when dad was home and could look after us. Do single parents get more child care or other welfare? Subject to income I think they should. My parents have a granny flat they rent to a single woman with two kids, we'll call her Jane. She works as a phlebotomist, so wouldn't be on huge money. She works business hours so her kids are in care 5 days a week. She still manages to go back to India twice a year. So I don't think the system is broken. It helps her finances that she only pays $260 pw rent, including power. Jane has recently moved her kids from normal child care to home-based childcare. The kids are looked after in someone's home. The providers have to be certified, only have x kids under their care etc for Jane to get the childcare handouts. It's a lot cheaper and I think costs her near nothing after the subsidies.
  7. I sent a joke txt to my sister saying I wanted 13 kids and that I would be rich with all the welfare. She responded 'only if you don't feed or clothe them'. With that many kids you'd be looking at at least $2000 in welfare pw. Couldn't be more than $600pw in food, clothes etc. What is wrong with people that they think you need Gucci clothes and lobster for kids? Maybe if we stopped all the welfare then the expectation of lobsters and Gucci would end.
  8. That's a lot of money. I guess he doesn't work and get's the dole or pension. I bet he will feel a lot poorer when the kids are adults and his welfare drops back to just him. A lot of aspects of children don't have to be expensive, but people want want a lot for their kids. Childcare seems to be the real killer.
  9. Ipswich, Logan and now Fraser Coast...
  10. Can't you beat that out of them? And you call yourself a man, just five? I'm currently doing my family tree. It was quite common to have 8 kids in the 1880's - a couple would die before majority. My posts on this thread are a mix of 1880 and 2017. I think that's fairly normal behaviour. I'm assuming they are now adults? As a young child, I felt deprived. As an Adult, I feel my parents provided a privileged upbringing. My niece(15), the only grandchild of my parents is mostly raised by them and they mostly pay her bills. She is spoilt but I think that is because she is the only child in the family. I'll give her $50 for lollies or the movies. My parents confiscate the money and give it back to her for something they think is worthy. She has historically been given the $500 presents. But I've convinced my parents to stop that. My niece wanted the latest Iphone. So she had to save up a deposit and then she could borrow the rest from my parents. She get's $15pw pocket money and $25pw baby sitting money from one of their tenants. I think kids struggle with money these days as they don't see it. Growing up, I saw mum put cash into jars for the rates, phone etc. Money is just a card now. I have no idea what Shopkins are and I;m glad of that Thanks. As a gay man in his mid 40's I won't be able to father 13 kids. So I'll need to purchase them. Should I look on gumtree? Chinese seem to be the cheapest at around $10k. I want a variety of races. Perhaps some eastern Europeans, a couple of east Africans(Madonna tells me they're cheap), some whites. I'd also like a couple of exotic kids - south American Aboriginals, A Navaho. A Scot. I want one from PNG - the islands.
  11. They'll just have to go back to donating the old fashion way. I went to a dozen supermarkets yesterday and all had sold out of brown paper bags.
  12. Read the rest of the article for a good laugh at the mindset of someone who invests in a very risky (and for a while, high return) area. There's an old maxim about QLD politicians - half of them are real estate agents or the like. So it may well get protected.
  13. It appears that the Gimp from QLD did hire Denuto. The problem is he used Gumtree to hire a barista when he clearly should have used air tasker
  14. The greens plan to make housing even more unaffordable.
  15. I've never heard that before. I thought you just moved your furniture into the Lodge in dead of night.
  16. Will Paul wear his PJs to the hearing?
  17. Look out the window. There goes a pig flying past.
  18. You're a very harsh man Tor. Don't you see a return by the globe cooling? Or the richer getting richer? Or the BLF getting 100% pay rises? Donations to political parties may get you this. With the exception of the greens, you're likely to get a nice dinner with someone important. Cobrans plan is to totally ban all donations. (but then have some weird post-election money flogging thing0
  19. One last bite of the cherry. What a phucking joke. "We'll ban developer donations just as soon as my brown paper bag get;s here"
  20. By planning do you mean property development specifically? Most politicians have significant financial interest in property. For instance, Cambell Newman and his family had (and have expanded) big property and development interests. Should he not be allowed to be lord mayor of Brisbane or a state member or the premier? Of course. I don't think blanket bans on developers serves that.
  21. If you can, and want to leave a place vacant then ok. Just don't ask for govt handouts - which they always get in the way of tax deductions. The joint across the street has had an Audi or Merc out the front for a couple of days. I reckon it's rented. It's fairly typical of rental occupants to have better cars than owner occupants.
  22. i just went to an auction in the next street. at previous auctions the auctioneer is very clear when he is making a vendor bid. at this one the auctioneer (who sounded more like a race caller) did not make it clear at all. what are others experiences? there was clearly only one bidder who opened at 480 and bid against the vendor to get to 560 where it stopped. the auctioneer went to the vendor and then the bidder was ushered inside. a while later they all appeared, the bidder said he was biding 590, the auctioneer said reserve had been met, the house was on the market - and of course no one bid any more. sold for 590. would you bid against yourself? crazy!
  23. There's corruption everywhere. Councils (especially smaller ones) are particularly open to it. Bring me 10k and I'll approve your non-compliant development. Try to give a state or fed 10k and they will laugh. Once you get to a state or fed level the corruption is much more subtle. I kind of liked PNG corruption. It was obvious. The price was one dollar and a one dollar donation.
  24. Sort of. It is not a 'refund', or reimbursement. The party or individual get's 262.784 cents for each vote above the 4% threshold. They may have spent nothing on trying to be elected and get tens of thousands of dollars. The party or individual can spend it however they want. This works for the major parties but absolutely kills small parties or independents. A smattering of small parties and independents is essential to a healthy democracy. So let's say I want to run as an independent. Currently, I give uncle Tor a call and as a benefactor, he agrees to chuck in a significant amount of money for my campaign. He may be a property developer, banker or any other such profession that is deemed 'should not donate'. So I get the govt loan for my campaign and have to pay it back. How am I going to pay it back without Tor, my property developer benefactor? Should only the wealthy be allowed to run? What you are proposing effectively outlaws independents and small parties.