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  1. This has restored my faith in democracy, or at least the ability to have an idiot in every village. An idiot in every village should be legislated.
  2. My new burb has a few housing styles. Massive older (15-25yrs old) Mc Manstions on 700-900 sqm. Massive newer (0 -15yrs old) Mc Manstions on 450-600 sqm. A few others. Townhouses 1-3 hectares of 40+ yrs old small houses ripe for development. Over the last 10-14 yrs there has been a lot more development into townhouses, rather than vacant blocks. The developers have got their product right for the investor but wrong for the end consumer (renter). 2/3s of THs are rentals. 85% of new THs are sold to investors. Investors want a mini house - some garden, a balcony and patio, one carpark should be enough for tenant etc. Tenants want something different - higher density, small garden, no outside areas, 2.5 parks, more bedrooms and larger lounge areas.
  3. Hard to see where the energy savings are coming from. Most of your use is made by stuff you brought with you from the house to the apartment. A few less lights couldn't account for the savings.
  4. Opportunities abound for LL and tenant here. Tenant rents a 3 bed TH for $375 pw, pays the bills and charges the other 7 people $130 pw. Picks up the spoils. Get's moved on now and again. LL is complicit in 1, so charges them $600Pw and has no restriction on residents. There is a lot of wear and tear on the joint. Something employed when the interior is a few years from it's used by date.
  5. Why do you think? Is it a new(ish) apartment? Is it more energy efficient? Better insulated? What do you spend most energy on? Heating? Cooling? Laundry? ?? Do you pay for supply of water and removal of poo, or just usage charges? I've found most of the cost is in supply. As a owner I pay that, tenants don't generally. The THs in my block have rainwater plumbed in. So the toilets, washing machine and garden hoses are rain water. Haven't had a bill yet tba. Compared to what? For what purpose? My three bed Th would suit: A couple with a couple of babies/young kids. Once the kids got past 11 you'd want something bigger; although with just one kid would probably be ok. Two or three singles sharing. A couple and a single sharing. Reality - above plus a lot of: A couple with a couple of babies/young kids ++ grand parents or other relatives living there. Share, quasi boarding houses. 2 in each bedroom, 1 in lounge and 1 in garage - sometimes more. 8 people in a three bed TH.
  6. You should highlight this article Suits your religion better
  7. What is wrong with you? A cold snap and you think it affirms your anti science religion.
  8. Some people don't want a backyard to maintain and their kids devices don't work too well in the sunshine. My area is full of Asians and Indians, perhaps unit living is more normal for them. Houses are not that much more expensive to rent than THs. Buying this place I inspected circa 50 units and walk past that many again in my travels - so I know how people live in these dwellings, in this area. Developers have built places to suit the buyers desires rather than the occupiers, was my point. 'Units' in this area are all THs, no mid or high rise. Typically 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1 garage; new places some 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2 garage; outside back area. 80% don't use the outside area or the front balcony. Many other things.
  9. Surely you'd get a few grand for the NBN at a garage sale. The Telstra plan is $200 pm for unlimited speed and download. Of course it will come down in price and eventually NBN will become like a home phone.
  10. Money can't buy you love. Palmer won't get a senate spot. Not sure about other states. Early election coverage doesn't cover the senate enough. Green said Palmer spent $1500 per successful lower house vote; at least he'll get $2.50 per vote from the AEC,
  11. Shifty has admitted defeat and will resign as Labor leader. At least Tony A butt is gone. But the other right wingers seem to be holding on. Watch the coalition lurch to right now or Dutton will knife another PM.
  12. I think throwing a shoe would be more appropriate for that man. 3 odd percent from memory. Anyway he's set for a fourth term Long live Bob!
  13. I guess we'll get the detail after the scheme has started, most likely towards the end. For some reason Barnaby will get in easily. I'd like to see that mean spirited bloke go too. The member for Manila hasn't been targeted by the left so he'll be fine. Not sure why - he is an easy target. It's certain Roberts won't get in. Perhaps one phony senator, most likely from WA will just scrape in. If one nation get's any seats, they won't hold them by the next election. Clive will get in. Perhaps another one or two senators. Most likely no lower house seats. I think he's good for the right and will mostly be asleep or absent from parliament. Back by popular demand. But no other Katter's. His family, ops party, have their hands full in QLD state seats. Likely to get returned. Pretty harmless. Who? Not a chance. Good chance of getting in due to Tasmania's small population. It's pretty easy to get a senate spot in Tas.
  14. I just hope we get rid of the far right. Mutton, A butt, Anning, Corey and friends. It's a hard election to call with uncle Clive's massive presidential style campaign spending. I don't understand this statement. I'd like more details from both parties on this policy. Will the govt just pick up the LMI premium? Or will they run their own 'insurance'. Either way the cost just doubled.
  15. fall's out the bottom of? not a plunge, not a drop, not even a correction, nor a backwards but 'reverse' Interest rate rises send house prices into reverse Author: Chris Vedelago Date: November 24, 2009 Publication: Sydney Morning Herald (subscribe) Get ready for a surprise. Despite the appearance of a market on fire, new figures from Residex show that property prices may have lost ground for the first time in six months. Residex reports median house values dropped 0.91 per cent nation-wide and 1.15 per cent in Melbourne in October, a sharp reversal on the moderate to strong growth witnessed every month since April.
  17. I'd imagine Clive has better snacks at his events.
  18. Pauline loses it on ACA
  19. i just went to an auction in the next street. at previous auctions the auctioneer is very clear when he is making a vendor bid. at this one the auctioneer (who sounded more like a race caller) did not make it clear at all. what are others experiences? there was clearly only one bidder who opened at 480 and bid against the vendor to get to 560 where it stopped. the auctioneer went to the vendor and then the bidder was ushered inside. a while later they all appeared, the bidder said he was biding 590, the auctioneer said reserve had been met, the house was on the market - and of course no one bid any more. sold for 590. would you bid against yourself? crazy!
  20. Look at these two losers wearing tracksuits to go to golf and collect public money.
  21. I'm off on my unicorn to Argentina to get some water. Not dirty down low, just stupid.
  22. There's a 4 bed McMansion slut that was for sale forever near my folks and is now listed on real for rent by the room($150pw) FF. I presume that includes bills. The OOs have been trying to sell it for a year. Every agent in the area (and some not in the area) have tried to sell it. There's nothing wrong with it; the owners just want too much - the agent who sold my last house told me the owners approached him to list and he turned them down because they have unrealistic expectations. The owners even had a go at selling it themselves.
  23. from my post on the second page (2011)... This place is up for lease again for $675pw for the house and GF. So no rental growth in 7+ years. It would probably sell for another 100-150k now.
  24. What are peoples thoughts on the Labor EV policy? Given Australia's power mostly still comes from fossil fuels, what's the environmental point? Is it less polluting to burn coal to charge a car than put petrol in it?