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  1. It's not. The process of who gets appointed leader to an opposition after an electoral loss can be: 1. We believe in this (wo)man and are behind them. 2. We don't think we can win or s/he can win the next election and we'll just let them warm the seat till we get rid of them or they lose the next election. If they happen to surprise on the upside we'll stick with them. Think very carefully before you nominate or accept opposition leadership just after an election. I think Freckles is 2. She's a woman and the National party don't really like women. Some pig F male will replace her a year before or just after the next election. I use Nationals, because mostly the LNP is ransom to the Nationals faction.
  2. At least she finished year nine, unlike the Nationals leader before her (several times). The first article on her as leader shows her as an ameuter. I think she could be an ALP plant. Stop mentioning Newman, he's poison. You've had weeks to think about that Deb. Not a wise idea to point out few members the LNP has. She's a seat warmer. If she does well then the party will take her to the next election. If she doesn't she'll be replace by Borg (oh wait, he's not available) or another pig phucker.
  3. Nicholls has conceded defeat. A new generation? JPL going to have another go? Maybe the complete failure Borg could have another try... Oh wait.
  4. Will there be a by election for FG? Who will win? Will we be swapping govts in a couple of months?
  5. Media is reporting a win to Anna 2.0 with 78 seats.
  6. I love watching the airport security shows. They're mostly about fruit, veggies and meats coming to Australia, with the occasional drug bust. Airport security Columbia is all about busting people leaving Columbia with drugs. WTF? What country cares what people take from their country? I suspect the Colombians have a deal with the USAians. f*ck Americans. #God bless America
  7. One nation falling apart before the first sitting?
  8. None of the other border security shows I watch have anything on outbound travellers - Australian, Irish, American, Canadian shows. I haven't experienced the same level of scrutiny when leaving a country as when entering one. I used to travel internationally a lot, but that was a long time ago so perhaps things have changed. Maybe Tor could comment as I believe he travels a lot. It may seem covert but when you travel a lot you see a pattern. Random checks are not always random. I would be stopped, lightly questioned and had a dog run over me everytime I returned from PNG. It's a source country for pot into Australia and I did the trip frequently so I was of interest. My story made sense and the dog didn't detect so I was let go. The only time I had further scrutiny and taken to a room was when I was sick once. Must have been sweating and looking nervous and probably not that cooperative.
  9. No. The govt is trying to get first home saver accounts (Rudd) v2.0 through parliament. A nothing policy. They're doing it so they can say they did something when they did nothing.
  10. The federal govt has been running pointless taxpayer-funded election ads in QLD to help their mates in QLD. I wonder if the ads are just in QLD or national? Some of these ads will actually hurt the LNP in QLD - the changes to family hand out ads. They're terrible propaganda.
  11. This Barista reckons I can get $200 a day for each member who sat in parliament when they shouldn't have. Where do I sign up? I'd love to see a few of them bankrupted. In lieu of payment, I'll have Barnaby do the dusting in a french maids outfit for a year. I'm going to get the lawyer from The Castle to represent me. I reckon he'll settle for a carton of beer a day rather than 20 grand. What happens to all the bills these clowns voted on and were ineligible?
  12. I have no idea how popular Keneally is in NSW and Bennelong, but 'star' candidates tend to do well.
  13. It's an outdated silly law. But it is the law. I know I'm a British citizen by descent. If I was to run for parliament I'd check out if I could be an Austrian citizen too. I wouldn't imagine being a citizen by who I married though.
  14. Ipswich, Logan and now Fraser Coast...
  15. This just keeps growing. No need for an audit though. By the end of the year a majority will be three.
  16. It would be easy but would be unlikely to conform to the constitution. Ticking a box on a form in Australia is unlikely to constitute taking reasonable steps. There would need to be some effort taken to renounce the foreign citizenship of that country to be reasonable. A simple declaration option would require a change to the constitution. They rarely succeed. It would be just as easy to fill out the paperwork to renounce citizenship of the country you no longer want to be associated with and lodge it with that country. I think that is what may happen. I can already see some libs sharpening their daggers to get the top job ahead of an election. Plenty I would imagine. When I apply for a job I really want I make sure I comply with all the requests of the prospective employer. 3 copies of my CV - check Proof of lawful ability to work in Australia - check Copy of my qualifications - check A photo of me wearing a pink tutu - check. I may ask myself why the employer doesn't have a photocopier or what a tutu has to do with anything, but if I want the job I comply with the request. I don't just send in my CV with no covering letter. This whole thing is absolute laziness by politicians.
  18. Another one. Turnbull's solution? Tick a box on a form! No one would tick the wrong box surely?
  19. Looks like a couple more byelections coming up.
  20. Pull out the Jew card. It trumps women, gays, blacks or aliens. What about all the other holocausts? 'Josh you can do whatever you want, your mother is a jew.'
  21. Yes it is Turnbull. If there is any doubt refer the matter to the high court Mal, you are not the chief justice of the High court and your legal 'advice' so far has been terrible. Have they engaged Dennis Denuto again? I had no choice in becoming an Australian citizen, and it was unwillingly. Being born in Australia to Australian citizens it was unwilling. My parents are dual citizens, so I also unwillingly (not unknown) became a dual citizen. Just enough time for the Liberal/Nationa/LNP/CLP coalition to stay in power. Years? - what a steaming pile of BS.