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  1. Flat bottom girls they make the woking world go round.
  2. The suburban economy will return to normal once pubs, casinos and pokies open. Tourism will remain in trouble. It's a real intersection between border regulations and the survival of big tourism in Australia.
  3. In Brisbane I would have long ago. Not sure what the current rules are though. The restaurants and pubs here are packed to the now permitted 10 people.
  4. The poor are out spending their stimulus job keeper and seeker payments, et al. A lot of working poor and welfare recipients have had a large jump in income. I had to go to a large shopping Centre in a low so area at 3.30pm yesterday and 9am today. It was like xmas yesterday and at 9 this morning it looked like a busy saturday.
  5. i just went to an auction in the next street. at previous auctions the auctioneer is very clear when he is making a vendor bid. at this one the auctioneer (who sounded more like a race caller) did not make it clear at all. what are others experiences? there was clearly only one bidder who opened at 480 and bid against the vendor to get to 560 where it stopped. the auctioneer went to the vendor and then the bidder was ushered inside. a while later they all appeared, the bidder said he was biding 590, the auctioneer said reserve had been met, the house was on the market - and of course no one bid any more. sold for 590. would you bid against yourself? crazy!
  6. Free granny flat anyone?
  7. Watch the video in the link. Trump is just entertaining.
  8. Everyone has their handout for a hand out ATM. I'm going to give a swift kick in the Kant to the next company I see panhandling.
  9. Everyone has their handout for a hand out ATM. I'm going to give a swift kick in the Kant to the next company I see panhandling.
  10. I don't have a doubt that USA people would believe that. Stupid and insular.
  11. For the small investor what else is there?
  12. The banking crisis has begun. NAB raising capital. ANZ suspending (nicer term than not paying) dividends.
  13. Don't really know, but it will be local. City by city and burb by burb. I suspect that areas with lots of students and share houses will have less demand as tenants typically have jobs that have been very affected (eg bars). These tenants also have a greater ability to move back to the parents or bunch up than families. Tenancy laws are a state matter. Morrison would like to think he is king but it's up to the states. Check out your state rules. Queensland has passed it's laws, which don't seem dramatically different to current laws. Commentary I read said that LLs would be issuing eviction notices, even if they had no intent of evicting so they could claim lost rent on their LLs insurance policies. Congrats on the new job.
  14. Horse face, AKA Peta Cretin has been in the media burning Mal and promoting her lover.
  15. You're welcome. I have tickets to see Greenday in November, but I suspect that will be cancelled. Most of the shops near me have installed plastic shields at their counters. The main woman at the bottleshop paid for hers out of her own pocket and it looks like it would break with a puff of wind. The tobacconist has installed a very elaborate shield that looks like it's bulletproof. The chemist won't accept cash and it's all self service now.
  16. Re is local and it may happen in your area. But probably won't
  17. Trump is taking crazy to a new level. Rambling press conferences, desire for 2 hour daily radio shows, his name on checks, TV ratings of rallies, ops, I mean press conferences more important than the health of his nation etc. With usual outright lies. So far tenants have been given a pass. It takes a lot of time to foreclose on a property, which is where drops will come from. Give it 12 months till you get a 20% drop. That's if you can get your hands on any flour. Most supplies in my Woolies have returned to normal - toilet paper in abundance. There is no flour, sugar or frozen veggies.
  18. Panicky or jittery is a good description. I'm a smoker so I cough more than the average person. If I clear my throat people look at me like I'm the grim reaper. A cough and people scatter. I see fear in people's eyes. I sense people think that someone who coughs once 10 metres away from them is going to cause them to drop dead in the next isle at the supermarket.
  19. Starts quite good. The spread of the virus in China and its origins are questionable. The end descends into USA propaganda vs Chinese propaganda.
  20. Anyone Else seen nutty behaviour? I witnessed two this week. On the way to the newsagent I pass woolies which has a bunch of oldies milling around waiting for the exclusive shopping period these days. One morning there were two old women in a verbal altercation. One calmly saying 'The hospital said I can go out as long as I wear this mask'. The other was keeping her distance and was shouting incomprehensibly. The manager was busily moving the trolleys near by. I guess in the age of social distancing trolley ramming has replaced hair pulling and scratching in a cat fight. The other was at the supermarket check out next to the line I was in. One guy's groceries had mostly all been scanned and the guy behind him started loading his stuff onto the conveyor. The first guy brandished a roll of glad wrap and started yelling get back, back, back. The world is going insane.
  21. Not sure. They were to get a cruise north. My dad complained that they had to fly economy.
  22. I visited the folks yesterday after they served their sentence in home detention. No contact from authorities during that time. Thanks for asking - they are fine. They set off on an intended cruise from Mauritius, the Seychelles, middle east and terminating in Venice before this thing got serious. They spent a few days in Mauritius then got on the boat, to be kicked off an hour later. Being English war kids they know how to act in a crisis. The multitude of other elderly Australians complained that a taxi fare would, or would not be covered by the tour operator are stranded there. M&D jumped in a cab and made it on an flight home with one hour to spare.
  23. My parents are on day 10 of self isolation after an anti holiday and returning from os. Not a peep from Authorities. No one knocking on the door, or calling to ensure they are isolating or that they have enough food so they don't need to break quarantine. QLD are taking people to hotels for 14 days of isolation now. No more 'self' in isolation.