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  1. It's like National/Liberal/LNP/CLP coalition is working for Labor.
  2. I'm not sure why I'm forced to have something I don't need or want. Actually I do - forcing everyone onto NBN was the only way it was going to be remotely viable.
  3. It's nation building!
  4. Lake batteries will solve the problem. We just need more dams and they're not pretty for politics.
  5. It wasn't a sarcastic good luck with that, it will never happen comment. How long till 5g is available to, say 50% of users, with I presume 4g back up on the one device? How long till devices are priced at similar levels to 4g ones? Perhaps for a mobile device, perhaps. For a home net connection 20g a month is nothing. I don't think that's particularly cheap. How long? I'd expect a couple of years. Then NBN will become faster and cheaper.
  6. So far its been good actually for what I want. I haven't noticed any difference to naked ADSL. Save the details, the govt did a great deal. They sold off the national telephony system. Then a decade or so later they said you can't use that system and created a new system. Come the mid 2020's they'll sell off the NBN. Rinse and repeat. There were some blindingly obvious problems with the whole idea of the NBN. I'm collecting the evidence for a ombudsman case. Why would I pay more for 50 when I can't get 25? Good luck!
  7. Mt BawBaw was evacuated due to fires and then a few days later they had snow. Clear evidence of global warming and cooling.
  8. I've run a few speed tests and they'be consistently been around 10. This evening it's down to 2
  9. Just OK. And it has to be a strongly rising market. Much like cars - better to buy near new and houses don't depreciate as fast as cars.
  10. Turns out the guy came, read the meter and left (seeing that it didn't need to be physically connected). Didn't bother to let me know though. Filipino call centre operators get my vote for the worst.
  11. Me I'd say. Unless the old tenant failed to have it 'disconnected'. In QLD, and for a long time, the power is only actually disconnected between residents rarely - after it's been vacant for a long time. The power company just come and do a reading. After a long period it is physically turned off. When inspecting the agent said the power had been disconnected. When I took possession I discovered that the trip switches had all just been turned off.
  12. Regardless of crashes and booms, here's a story of what not to do from the place I bought... Purchased by an SMSF ten years ago off the plan at a 'seminar' for ~$375k. I purchased from the SMSF for $310k. The beneficial owners 'needed' to sell to retire. The owners were lucky that they had tenants who looked after the place and didn't do much wear and tear. A paint job, new carpets, internal painting, and dishwasher to sell. They're down around $80k in capital. Over that period the SMSF would be down around another $80k in ongoing costs of rents over expenses. All up I estimate they've lost $160k. Don't buy new!!
  13. and it's priced accordingly.
  14. When I picked up the keys to my new place the new sales agent gave them to me. He said he recently worked for Telstra on something NBN and it is sh*t. The NBN installer guy has been the most reliable so far of everyone I've dealt with in this purchase/moving process. He was due to install today somewhere 1-5. He rang Friday saying he was in the area and could be there in ten minutes if suitable - it wasn't. He turned up 1.5 hrs early today. Ran a speed test at 3pm - 10 MBPS on the 25mbps plan. Fast enough for me, but a bit of a joke. The electricity was due to be connected today 8-1. They told me it had been disconnected so they would need to send someone out. Turns out the power was never actually disconnected. No one turned up. On the phone to Manilla or Mumbai tomorrow for a few hours to sort out. Thanks for the tips.
  15. For electricity, I did research and then called Iselect. They got me a slightly better price and the operator spoke English so I went with their option. Charlatans the lot of them. One of the electricity companies told me there is only one company that services your area. Which I believed as the retailer is not just a biller - they actually have to deliver the bottles to the house etc and very few houses in Brisbane have anything running on gas. Not so - there are many gas people. El gas told me they weren't supplying gas to the house previously - I would need to see who's name is on the bottles and get them to take them away and then they could deliver it and set up an account. One of the bottles is stamped ElGas and the other Origin. One is full. One empty. So I'm just going to use up the gas that is there before I arrange a new supply. the gas will only be used for hot water. I won't be using hot water for a month or so here so one cylinder might get me through winter.