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  1. Kids pick up languages easily. If Mrs Medved speaks Mandarin she should just speak to the kids in it and they will pick it up. It's a crime that we don't pass on the language to our kids. My friend (Ed) is of Norwegian descent. Dad Norwegian, mum Aussie - spent their first few years in Norway. Mum speaks Norwegian. When they came back to Australia his brother was struggling at school and the teachers told them to stop speaking Norwegian at home. Ed could have spoken fluent Norwegian but can't because of the teacher's advice. Turned out the brother was an idiot.
  2. I don't like it. I have it on good advice that she's wearing a G-string to tomorrows sitting.
  3. 12 weeks and still nothing.
  4. A track is a vehicle.
  5. Why is Queensland authorising ads for federal gay marriage? This whole thing is a sham.
  6. USA'ans call a ute a pick up. That's fine. But tonight I herd them call a ute a peak up.
  7. 57 fake id's and he gets a 900 fine!!
  8. It's trashy and a 5-minute show gets stretched out to 30. It's good fun watching the dumb phucks try to smuggle crap over the border. 1. Me no speak English 2. The second defence is to just say nothing. Saying nothing is usually a wise move. It's amazing how many people can suddenly speak English when a fine is issued.
  9. When I enrolled to vote I didn't in roll for a survey. I don't believe the AEC handing over my details to the ABS is legal.
  10. The plune is an aircraft
  11. I just read a write up on the show. Roxburgh hasn't aged horribly in the last few years. It's all makeup.
  12. She has a permanently flowing creek that empties into the Brisbane river. Will that do? If I haven't posted for a while and you see a burning body floating down the Brisbane river on the news that will be me.
  13. No, but when I saw the ads I was expecting new episodes of
  14. In Rake he was the sexy older guy. In Blue Murder he looks old old old -