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  1. No. Warming can be measured in seconds, minutes, years but the effect of man should be judged in decades or centurys. You seem to just find the coldest reports to show man has no effect on climate and ignore equally histrionic reports that this is the warmest x in y. What is your academic/science/research experience and background? You seem to have a poor apprehension of science and research. You often
  2. I doubt the author is a farmer. She's so hippy she probably doesn't eat the eggs of her pet chooks. I'd say she does OK on overcast days since she's been off the grid for 3 months and says her battery never drops below 3/4 full. As I said it's about having enough battery storage to see through the un-sunny days. Solar produces around 25% capacity in overcast times and 10% in severely overcast times. Even on a day that we describe as not sunny solar would produce a decent amount.
  3. Of course. I think my scenario for rural areas would also make power more reliable for them. I'm sure that when storms etc knock out power lines rural areas are the last to have them fixed.
  4. Not necessarily. One just needs to get the balance of panels and batteries right. In cities 'hydro batteries' (I'm sure there's a more refined term for it) could be an answer. eg - Brisbane has two major dams service it. One feeds into the other. Solar/wind generated power could be used to pump water from the lower dam to the higher one when the sun shines and hydro generated power as the water flows from higher to lower produce power when the sun don't shine. Disregarding 'greeness', Solar/wind and batteries is worth investigating for rural/remote areas to replace hundreds of ks of poles and lines servicing only a few houses.
  5. It was certainly part of a political solution to make it look like the govt had solved a problem that didn't really exist. I think it will have financial and reliability benefits in use in small towns and rural and remote areas. One big battery in a small town of a few thousand all in a few sq k area powered by solar or wind. Home based batteries for houses that are a few, or tens of ks apart. No need for laying of, or upkeep of poles and lines.
  6. I don't read your posts. I'd suggest no one else does. You're a crank. Your opinion does not matter.
  7. Have you been to church today?
  8. Every credible record I've seen has solar as a low source of power. Keep digging. Eventually you'll find something to fit your religion.
  9. When selling my house agents told me the extra foreign owner stamp duty is turning off the Chinese. In QLD that's an extra 7%, bringing duty on purchases of $1m+ to 12.75%! I believe Canada, or at least parts have a similar higher duty for foreigners to.
  10. I don't know if they still match the introductory deals. 7 years ago I had an employee who had some cash with CBA in an online saver account and when the introductory period expired she would ring them and they would match the best intro rate currently offered for another x period. A lot of work.
  11. Thanks. The best I could find was 3.1% for 4 months and then rubbish - HSBC. The application for the account was absurd - wanting to know my employer, how much I earnt etc. Those fields had to be completed to open the account. I thought, stuff it I'll go with the runner up, Citi, at 3.05, but couldn't get the bonus rate because I've had an online saver with them before. Ubank, the bronze place offered 2.87 for 4 months - or a difference in interest of around $16pw. So I swallowed my indignation and went with HSBC. I answered none of your business to each text field that wasn't a drop down box. Funny think is if I had 0 income I was unable to open an account. A minimum income of double digits was required.