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  1. I've read it all. According to a real estate agent properties on main roads are very desirable and sell for a premium - article in the local rag.
  2. Dude where's my car?
  3. Ipswich, Logan and now Fraser Coast...
  4. Tony's on the wrecking warpath again. He's the best chance the Liberal/National/LNP/Country party has of winning the next election. He's a good campaigner. But then who replaces him after a year?
  5. He should have given the Ipswich mayor a call...
  6. There's a bit of BS in each story. " it's rumoured, has just arrived back from the Philippines with his third Filipino wife " - That is just not possible. You're only permitted to import two wives. One at a time, although with the rise of Islam that may have changed.
  7. Old slops running dating agencies in Thailand. The first guy is a real catch - not. Some sort of defined benefit super scheme. A comfortable life till he dies (which looks like about a year) and she ends up with nothing. No house, no assets, nothing. Pass. Seems like an expensive shag.
  8. A vein is a vehicle.
  9. How long till American English is certified as a separate language? Core - a vehicle Bursy - busy Obderded - observed.
  10. A gift to all with high LVR. Investors included. Probably not a material change. I think the writer of the article may be a little confused. That's one hell of a hike.
  11. Still listed on REA, but not on one of my regular walks so not sure if it's still available or the lazy ass agent hasn't taken down the listing. A couple of new rental listings that have been up for several weeks: 4bed, 1 bath, 4 car (if you count the dodgy sail area outside the garage as a twin carpark). 420pw. Renovated kitchen, pool, bathroom 70's original. Well presented. Guess what? - no inspections. Vacant for weeks - address on application if you want to squat. 3,1,1 400pw. No opens. Vacant for a couple of weeks, but the listing says available 31/5.
  12. Can't read the link = paywalled. Sunnybank. Your post seems to be police divisions not suburbs, so pretty much the whole of Brisbane. I'm guessing I'm in South Brisbane or Logan. I heard some cars pull up so poked my head out to see 5 cop cars pull up. I scurried back inside pronto thinking something serious was going down. Weird to see so many cops going door to door like it was a manhunt for jack the ripper or something.
  13. It's not a 457, it's a 458, totally different. Saw through that con straight away. I'm usually very good at seeing through policy that is just smoke and mirrors but this one conned me.
  14. B&E. The cops weren't happy when I told them that was not possible as criminals wouldn't need to break anything to enter as the doors are never locked.