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  1. The debate is done, actually there was no debate. Rates are being lowered. Why didn't ScoMo take this to the election? He could have got another couple of seats. Anyway... I always thought the deeming rate used by centrelink was the min amount of income assumed on fin assets by centrelink. So if you were getting a 5 or 10% return on financial assets that's what Centrelink counted as income for determining pensions etc. NOT so. The deeming rate is the max amount of assumed income on fin assets. So if gran has cash at the bank earning 2% centrelink count 3% return as income and if gran owns shares in the bank and gets 5% return they still only count 3% as income in determining her pension
  2. Roberts has been quite since his election.
  3. Sorry no citation. I read an article recently that said 5g is safer for brain frying than older tech.
  4. We'll ride the tax credit cheques for the next year.
  5. United States of Americans love to quote restaurant prices by the weight. What's that? Four prawns? A dozen USAn shrimp I guess.
  6. or or
  7. Hey Cobran Do you want to buy a rental property in the snow with me?
  8. "Not to mention snow making"
  10. It's been decades since I've skied. I probably wouldn't manage one beginners slope these days before I joined Tor in the bar for the rest of the day. The video in your link shows sludge, not snow - good for beginners. I wouldn't ski on that sludge either. A seven year high/low of any weather event in any area means bugger all. My eyes glaze over at these sort of posts by you. Globull warming doesn't really interest me that much but I do find your anti science posts intriguing. I'm more interested in reducing the burning of fossil fuels to reduce air borne fine particulate matter that cause cancer. A little. Shorten was shifty looking and Scomo a big cuddly teddy bear. That's why Scomo won. I hope Morrison gets some more clean energy happening. Industry is quite capable of generating the power but govt needs to build the batteries. Which is politically problematic when that means damning. eg - SEQ could raise the height of dams, build a quite a few more and use them as batteries for renewable generation.
  11. As qualified as the bogan from Logan
  12. I think Cobrans stance comes from an inability to understand research and data clouded by his no warming religion in an extremely complex issue. Smoking causes cancer? Cobran would say there is not enough proof if his religion said so. The gold standard of proof in medicine is a double blind (the person administering the drug/study, nor the patient knows what they are getting), cross over (swap the patient from placebo to active drug half way through without them knowing), placebo trial at multiple sites among multiple types (ethnicity, socioeconomics etc) of people repeated at least a few times. No double blind trials have taken place - therefore there is not enough proof smoking causes cancer in Cobran's world. Epidemiologists are fudging/homogenising/fibbing about rates of people getting HIV because the data is cleaned. The data is cleaned because notifiable communicable diseases must be notified to state health depts when a HIV diagnose is made. A doctor diagnoses HIV when they first treat a HIV+ person. So the one person may appear as two transmissions if they are treated in two states - the data is cleaned to make that only one transmission, not two. Cobran's religion would allow him to say the govt is deliberately understating HIV transmission. Keep up the fight Cobran.
  13. A key constraint on borrowing limits that was put in place during the property boom has been removed by the banking regulator. It's another move that may stimulate the soggy mortgage market. The changes could allow a household on an average income to borrow up to $77,000 extra from a bank, while an average full-time worker could borrow up to $66,000 more, figures from comparison website RateCity suggest. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) on Friday confirmed it would scrap a rule that has seen new mortgage customers assessed on their ability to manage repayments with 7.25 per cent interest rates. APRA said on Friday that instead of that interest rate "floor," it would require banks to test if customers could manage repayments with rates at least 2.5 percentage points above a loan's current rate.
  14. Those who derive income from interest are relatively few. Those saving for a purpose (eg buying a house) aren't really effected by low interest rates when what they are going to buy isn't going up in price. They don't spend the interest earned. Not many retirees in the spending phase hold enough in cash to be effected.
  15. GDP read comes out today. So if it's negative we're still three months away from the announcement of recession. Which would mean we are in recession now. The wild card is the tax cuts. Because they are retrospective. $1k in the pocket of most tax payers once it passes and a they do their tax return. That will keep us out of recession for 6 months. Any possible technical recession delayed till early next year.