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  1. "We're bringing in a canine dog." I'm glad they cleared that up, I thought they might bring in a feline dog.
  2. I'm watching a narco show on netflix in Columbia. The D.E.A. agents speak such terrible spanish they stick out like dogs balls, yet they think they are kicking goals.
  3. There's a property near me that is lowest for the area. Dumb arse LLs. They kicked out the tenants about 5 months ago. Sat vacant for 3 months. Then two months of renovations. Three cars at the joint ever day for at least 60 days. That's got to cost at least $100k. It would increase the value by $10k. I might make an offer on the place. I'll call mum and see if she has any schillings.
  4. What do you do if you're looking at buying a property in oz? You go to Rea dot com or domaine depending on what state you live in. They cost a fortune for the vendor to list. In Qld it's $1500 for 6 weeks listing and 150 for domaine. Probably the opposite in NSW.
  5. So you have no idea? Just a guess.
  6. What concept? The article is unclear.
  7. How much more time do they need? Another two years? AKA aint gonna happen. It was a terrible idea. To Australians holding shares (and in super) the corporate tax rate is mostly irrelevant (ATM - Labor might change that) due to franking. What a corporate tax cut means is a gift to foreigners. I hear you Mathias Conman. No one will do business in Australia because our corporate tax rate is higher than the USA. That is why in the last week I've had extreme difficulties getting a starbucks coffee, a Big Mac or purchasing an Iphone. Maybe Turnbull will call another DD and phuck up his chances of getting anything passed in the senate.
  8. The next move for the OCR is down!
  9. yes. no. yes no yes. I wonder what the red head got for her vote?
  10. Not a mention of the real tax cuts. Throw a $5 a week bone to the plebs and give the big companies a massive tax cut Personal income tax cuts worth billions of dollars are set to pass today, with One Nation confirming it will support the Federal Government's $144 billion package and Centre Alliance conditionally backing it.$144-billion-income-tax-cuts/9892890
  11. I would stab Flintstone if I had a knife. The man deserves to be in the ground.
  12. You must be younger than me. At 17 a mobile phone would have fitted in a suitcase, just. I learned the truth at 17 My parents, and to a greater degree my grand parents thought the same. Home phones were for emergencies. Life was meant for beauty queens.
  13. We all played the game. When we did... Inventing lovers on the phone... Ugly girls like me, at 17