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  1. Money can't buy you love. Palmer won't get a senate spot. Not sure about other states. Early election coverage doesn't cover the senate enough. Green said Palmer spent $1500 per successful lower house vote; at least he'll get $2.50 per vote from the AEC,
  2. Shifty has admitted defeat and will resign as Labor leader. At least Tony A butt is gone. But the other right wingers seem to be holding on. Watch the coalition lurch to right now or Dutton will knife another PM.
  3. I think throwing a shoe would be more appropriate for that man. 3 odd percent from memory. Anyway he's set for a fourth term Long live Bob!
  4. I guess we'll get the detail after the scheme has started, most likely towards the end. For some reason Barnaby will get in easily. I'd like to see that mean spirited bloke go too. The member for Manila hasn't been targeted by the left so he'll be fine. Not sure why - he is an easy target. It's certain Roberts won't get in. Perhaps one phony senator, most likely from WA will just scrape in. If one nation get's any seats, they won't hold them by the next election. Clive will get in. Perhaps another one or two senators. Most likely no lower house seats. I think he's good for the right and will mostly be asleep or absent from parliament. Back by popular demand. But no other Katter's. His family, ops party, have their hands full in QLD state seats. Likely to get returned. Pretty harmless. Who? Not a chance. Good chance of getting in due to Tasmania's small population. It's pretty easy to get a senate spot in Tas.
  5. I just hope we get rid of the far right. Mutton, A butt, Anning, Corey and friends. It's a hard election to call with uncle Clive's massive presidential style campaign spending. I don't understand this statement. I'd like more details from both parties on this policy. Will the govt just pick up the LMI premium? Or will they run their own 'insurance'. Either way the cost just doubled.
  7. I'd imagine Clive has better snacks at his events.
  8. Pauline loses it on ACA
  9. Look at these two losers wearing tracksuits to go to golf and collect public money.
  10. I'm off on my unicorn to Argentina to get some water. Not dirty down low, just stupid.
  11. There's a 4 bed McMansion slut that was for sale forever near my folks and is now listed on real for rent by the room($150pw) FF. I presume that includes bills. The OOs have been trying to sell it for a year. Every agent in the area (and some not in the area) have tried to sell it. There's nothing wrong with it; the owners just want too much - the agent who sold my last house told me the owners approached him to list and he turned them down because they have unrealistic expectations. The owners even had a go at selling it themselves.
  12. from my post on the second page (2011)... This place is up for lease again for $675pw for the house and GF. So no rental growth in 7+ years. It would probably sell for another 100-150k now.
  13. What are peoples thoughts on the Labor EV policy? Given Australia's power mostly still comes from fossil fuels, what's the environmental point? Is it less polluting to burn coal to charge a car than put petrol in it?
  14. There's nothing low enough for this man. He's accused the ALP candidate of using her disability as an excuse for not living in the electorate. She has one leg and uses a wheelchair. It's pretty difficult to find housing that suits a wheelchair.
  15. Apathetic. That man is evil!