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  1. My parents are on day 10 of self isolation after an anti holiday and returning from os. Not a peep from Authorities. No one knocking on the door, or calling to ensure they are isolating or that they have enough food so they don't need to break quarantine. QLD are taking people to hotels for 14 days of isolation now. No more 'self' in isolation.
  2. That's a sad but amusing story.
  3. I heard brothels have been ordered to close. I'm investing in blow up doll manufacturers and porn companies.
  4. Some of the govt initiative announced today are good. But for most detail is lacking. More will come to light. So giving unemployed a survivable income, by doubling the dole is good. Waiting for the #@^ notations. But how will this help the economy if the govt shuts everything down? $100k for small businesses to keep people employed. Sounds Ok until you read the find fine print. It's a rebate of income tax collected for employees. A lot of employers employee casual staff on limited hours, on min wage who pay no income tax. This one is a big spin
  5. There's a problem with research that is pumped out so quickly. Normal drug research is guided by a team of experts and takes months to design. Is then peer reviewed and once published torn to shreds (or not by the specific research/medical community). Then repeated, rinse and repeat and finally accepted or not as some/best treatment. I've seen two news articles in the last few days, so to be treated with scepticism. A Chinese and an Australian study into lopinavir/ritonavir treatment. One concluded the treatment was effective and one not. Perhaps different testing techniques. Perhaps different response of races - drugs in experiment do have different efficacy in different populations. More questions than answers.
  6. The answer is complicated. The solutions more so - if antiretroviral drugs are effective against treatment or prevention of Covid 19. The patents have expired on these two antiretroviral drugs. They are manufactured as generics in a number of countries or in combination with other in patent drugs by the original patent holders in first world countries (and the USA). HIV medicine is incredibly complex and expensive. Does lopinavir/ritonavir, a relatively cheap treatment cure, prevent or stop transmission of c19? What if we chuck in another 4 classes of very expensive drugs that do a better job or act as a prophylaxis? In the short term I would only invest in drug companies that provide symptom treatment and promises of cure. Gilead comes to mind.
  7. I suspect this thing is bigger than being reported. I now live in a townhouse, so if the 9 or so close townhouses turn their tv up or play slightly loud music i'm aware. 3 of those households are emitting hacking coughs. Guess what? 2 stop coughing during the day meaning they are going to work. The share TH of taxi drivers are continuing to work and potentially be very infectious. Perhaps they have all just taken up smoking! The bank run will commence sometime next week.
  8. lopinavir/ritonavir are antiretroviral medications used in the treatment of HIV. In Australia they are section 100 drugs - highly specialised, that require additional GP training. They are also VERY expensive, although PBS subsidised. Community pharmacy's only stock them on special request. So it's not like everyone will be able to immediately pop down to their GP and get a script. So if the research shows they are effective then, 1. All GPs will require additional training. 2. Drug companies will have to dramatically ramp up production. 3. Govts/people will have to be willing to pay $1000+ per patient per month for treatment. That's all going to take at least 6 months.
  9. Sorry? to hear about the divorce and unemployment. I've lived through cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes. Locals know that you need enough food (that doesn't require cooking) to last a couple of weeks and that electricity will be cut. But people unfamiliar with calamitous situations panic. We lived on the hopital grid so always got power back quickly. During one cyclone I saw two tourists fighting over the last leg of lamb at coles. Terrified that the restaurants would be closed. After some further questioning I determined they were going to cook the lamb with a hairdryer, carve it with a teaspoon and serve it in a coffee cup. Madness!
  10. I saw a woman at an indoor shopping centre with a face mask, hair net and umbrella. This morning I heard a woman yelling outside my local woolies that she going to smash that f##ing c##nts head in if he tries to limit what I can buy again. They should close the border with Logan.
  11. This man is a cheat, thief and liar. Jail for him!!
  12. What a disgrace that SloMo has not been charged, or at least investigated for assaulting that woman in the bush fires. Forcibly grabbing a hand and shaking it is assault; There is no discussion. Morrison assaulted that woman. Maybe we should stand around and sing Hellsong's more serious assaults.
  13. Humphrey B Bear, our PM looks scared. He won't see the year out. Action on the climate emergency is difficult, politically in Australia. The fires are the perfect time for SloMo to seize the day.
  14. Burning fossil fuels is not a sensible idea.
  15. Who knows. Perhaps in this area of Brisbane.