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  1. Ad for a townhouse. One large widow would come in handy as a housekeeper. Not sure what I would do with the other.
  2. Windmills and solar is cheapest. But you will want to burn a fossil.
  3. So you are a housewife?
  4. Wait and see. The Liberal/national/country et al coalition knows how to run up debt. They hold the record. At a time when it was not necessary. It's housewife economics to say a deficit is always bad. $3b? Humphrey drops that on lunch.
  5. I wouldn't place a bet. USA elections are as much about who can be bothered voting as who the people want. IMO HRC lost in 16 because enough people who supported her, or at least not Trump, didn't bother to vote. In 2020 I suspect equal people will be more motivated to turn up to vote for or against Trump. Depends on the Dem alternative. Depends on the colleges. Trump is useless at everything he's done, but is a superb grifter. Politics is the long con and Trump is the master of long cons. You can't con an honest (wo)man and apart from 'sh*t hole' countries the USA has most dishonest people. So I predict Trump will win the next election.
  6. The various agreements to reduce carbon emissions are routinely broken by the govts that agree to them.
  7. No. No huge Brisbane wide rally in in that time. This is not Melb/Syd. My burb increased more than the Brisbane wide median. Luck of where I wanted to live rather than a wise investment decision. It's late so I'm not going to look back over the figures but my buying was much better than renting. I'm probably up ~100k for buying over renting. I suspect the Brisbane wide average would be closer to break even and in some burbs and types of housing renting would be financially favourable to buying. If I'd sold 9 months early I would have got another 50k. If i'd purchased 9 months early I would have paid $50k less. A unit/townhouse/apartment (unit) in the area would have favoured renting. A lot of supply. I'm now looking at buying a unit in the area for less than the sale price 7 years ago. Probably around 15% less. There are a lot of units on the market in the area ATM and not a lot of demand.
  8. Ill bring the sauce. Oh wait, doesn't Anders live in one of the Stan's?
  9. You do know a 100 year event doesn't happen exactly every 100 years? It may happen every year for 5 years and not again for several hundred.
  10. Who doubled, or was it tripled the debt unnecessarily? Your sh*t coloured political glasses are coke thick. <Globuall warming is a sham. Libs/nats/CLP are good. Labor is bad. Greens are worse. > Should have gone to spec savers.
  11. There are certainly more people bearish on housing than recent past times. But I wouldn't say everyone, or even most. "Bricks and mortar" still hold a big place in people's hearts (most invest/decide with their hearts) - that's not just an Australian thing. So it should. Be alert, but not alarmed. IMO there is a correction, not a crash coming/happening. Some burbs, housing types, cities, states will bust, some correct, a few boom and most will just tread water.
  12. No. Warming can be measured in seconds, minutes, years but the effect of man should be judged in decades or centurys. You seem to just find the coldest reports to show man has no effect on climate and ignore equally histrionic reports that this is the warmest x in y. What is your academic/science/research experience and background? You seem to have a poor apprehension of science and research. You often