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  1. Is that all Siberia? Looks nice.
  2. I can't believe this hasn't got more attention.
  3. In other media Tate's reported as 'going to sue'. The only Sueing he will be doing is going to Susan his hairdresser. Poor little darling didn't pay attention in grade ten legal studies. Dead man walking.
  4. "We're powering forward" - pointless political advertising starting. Ops, I mean informing the public. Smells like an election on the way. One way for Mal to make it to the next election is to call it before he get's knifed. Worked well for little hitler.
  5. I'm watching an American show with a new character who is Australian. Who is the actress with a terrible Australian accent? Google tells me she is actually Australian and graduated with honours from Home and Away.
  6. Is your belly getting bigger?
  7. The snipping has begun!
  8. Hawke, Howard, Keating and Abbott (when he quits) all get defined benefits. Tony will get over $300k pa. Many of our former PMs continue to make a contribution to public life and I think we should fund that. Howards bill seems excessive. IMO we fund their travel to 'greater good' events, not a chauffeured car to coles.
  9. Upper middle bogan. Great oz comedy. Terrible acting, but I think it's supposed to be that way. Piss take on Australian bogans/toffs. Disjointed. USA comedy set in a legal pot shop. Starring Kathy Bates.
  10. Chinese. Japanese and American seem to be the food choices.
  11. They seem to allow smoking everywhere. I've emailed the clinic to see if smoking is allowed.
  12. I hate the cold so I'm moving to Nome. There seems to be more bars than people. Eating is very expensive. But I will get to eat reindeer. I can always get in my Kayak during summer and pop over to the USSR to get some Rubles just to piss off the locals. How do I set up a begging website? Umm.. I need an excuse. That's it. Im setting up a gay bar in Nome.
  13. They've removed the former PMs costs from the article. Howard racked up $90k in three months. I don't want our former pms to be poor but $360k in a year on cars and planes is just making fun of us.
  14. Might be ok under the rules but smells like a bucket of prawns left in the sun for a few days. Fatty knows how to work the system. Why are we paying for a SA senator to go to a Fred Nile rally in Sydney? Why isn't the IPEA investigating this? This guy's nearly 80 and he's still sucking on mummy's tit!
  15. Make you smell. I think they mean smile.