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  1. Who knows. Perhaps in this area of Brisbane.
  2. I've noticed an uptick in my area recently. More old listings being sold and new ones selling quickly. Not yet sure if there has been an increase in prices though.
  3. I'm not so sure. The coalition is very against any dole welfare - they prefer welfare for churches, businesses and 'families'. They'd rather take a mean spirited approach to dole bludgers than a pragmatic one. They'd rather spend money hiring church businesses to make dole recipients jump through hoops than give it to them. They have started a campaign of demonising dole recipients in the media. They've also started a review of Job Active to make it more efficient - AKA more punitive. Having said that, there is pressure from almost every interest group to increase the dole. I think we will see some pathetic increase in the dole linked to more 'mutual obligation' before the next election that will punish dole recipients but look like an increase.
  4. Car to share?
  5. NBN update... They upgraded the net here. It's now around 20, so around twice as fast as before. But it just cuts out completely for a few minutes a few times a day.
  6. You are either poorly educated, a nut job or both. Please tell me you haven't bred?
  7. There's only one poster on this site, two if you count Tor in a drunken stupor, that I think would run into himself and it's not Cobran. I just don't understand his anti science zeal.
  8. Irrefutable proof of climate change - Cobran style
  9. The debate is done, actually there was no debate. Rates are being lowered. Why didn't ScoMo take this to the election? He could have got another couple of seats. Anyway... I always thought the deeming rate used by centrelink was the min amount of income assumed on fin assets by centrelink. So if you were getting a 5 or 10% return on financial assets that's what Centrelink counted as income for determining pensions etc. NOT so. The deeming rate is the max amount of assumed income on fin assets. So if gran has cash at the bank earning 2% centrelink count 3% return as income and if gran owns shares in the bank and gets 5% return they still only count 3% as income in determining her pension
  10. Roberts has been quite since his election.
  11. Sorry no citation. I read an article recently that said 5g is safer for brain frying than older tech.
  12. We'll ride the tax credit cheques for the next year.
  13. United States of Americans love to quote restaurant prices by the weight. What's that? Four prawns? A dozen USAn shrimp I guess.
  14. or or
  15. Hey Cobran Do you want to buy a rental property in the snow with me?