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  1. For anyone interested, uBank has moved it's 12month TD rate to 6.81% as of this morning.
  2. Just got off the phone with uBank. The guy hadn't been informed of any potential rise in their TD rates, but had also heard nothing about Westpac's 6.8%. He said he'd pass the info to his manager, and without being able to guarantee it, he expected that once Westpac's deal had been verified, uBank's rates would probably move as the culture there is to be as competitive as possible/market leader. uBank's current 12mth TD is 5.71% so it would be quite a shift.
  3. Hey everyone, Good to see so many of the GHPC crowd over here. For the QLDers amongst us, please read on regarding a requirement the State Gov't is pushing through, spearheaded by Anna Bligh's husband, which will cause headaches for sellers in the new year. The only media outlet in Brisbane that has picked this story up to the best of my knowledge is Michael Smith, the Drive announcer on 4BC. No mention of it on either the Courier Mail or brisbanetimes websites, or anywhere else as far as I can see. Anyone who has a property for sale in Queensland from 1st January, 2010 will have to fill in this form: http://media.mytalk....declaration.pdf, and make it available to all prospective buyers. There are 4 sections: Energy, Water, Access & Safety. Have a look at some of the questions .... WATER W5 Internal tapware is minimum 3-star WELS>> (or AAA) rated (max 9 L/min) in: ___ out of ___ basin/s ___ out of ___ kitchen sink/s ___ out of ___ laundry trough/s ENERGY (Does the house have) 1) No air-conditioning or 2) fixed evaporative air-conditioners or 3) ___ of ___ air-conditioners are energy efficient (minimum 2.9 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or 4-star rated) ACCESS Does at least one accessible toilet have: • space around the toilet being at least 1200 mm x 1850 mm • grab rails And on and on it goes. The form even requires that the seller to calculate the kg's of greenhouse gas emissions the house creates from electricity use each year. I would think most seller's response to this would be "f*&k that, no way would I fill that out". Which is fair enough, if they're happy to wear on the spot fines as follows: Not preparing a declaration - $2,000 fine for the seller. Not displaying a declaration at inspection - $2,000 fine for the seller, and $10,000 fine for the agent. Not providing a declaration on request - $2,000 fine for the seller, and $10,000 for the agent. These offences are offences of strict liability – like a traffic offence – there are no mitigating circumstances. Get detected – and you're done. Also, the Sustainability Declaration doesn’t just apply to the house. It covers the shed, garages, carports, fences, masts, antennas, retaining walls, Bali huts, pergolas, and gazebos – any structure on the land. Plus, the legislation specifically sets out the following: “Where the buyer incurs a loss or expense as a result of a false or misleading declaration, the seller of the building is liable to compensate the buyer for any loss or expense. A compensation claim may be made through a court.” Which means that a buyer could look at a declaration which as an example might state that the annual electricity bill is $1000. Then if the buyer gets a bill for $1500 the following year, they *could* attempt to hit the seller up for compensation. And with "no win, no fee" lawyers around these days, why wouldn't you try? It's quite incredible that this hasn't been picked up to any degree by the MSM (as far as I've seen). For more info, see the following links (which I have used to put this post together): http://media.mytalk....declaration.pdf