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  1. Hey S&S, I might be the only one hanging on this... my statement for FSHA gov. contribution arrived in the mail today. Apparenlty I have been paid $850 for 2008-9 effective 18 October. I am guessing it went into my account Monday, but won't be able to check online until I get a new password again. Excitement plus. Fingers crossed they decide they love savers and up all the limits. Its possible.
  2. You so don't want to run into me at the Taxi rank.
  3. It's the weather, not rate rises. It's too hot to attend auctions and open houses.
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Recycle was always meant to be the last resort, but consumerism doesn't work if we are all reducing our consumption, and reusing what we already have. Gotta think of the productive retail industry.
  5. marketing, meh Kind of like financial experts You make it sound like this 'would' be the only swindle going... If there is a massive scam here, I hope something more impressive is uncovered than this.
  6. Maybe I am 'programmed' as you say, considering my personality type I doubt that. I have never really understood the science enough to believe that the imbalances would definitely lead warming as opposed to other (possibly worse) consequences. There just doesn't seem to be enough 'depth' in this scandal to shock me at all. The motives for the perversion of science seem to be quite innocuous.
  7. Artie, I still don't understand why Climategate matters so much. Academic fraud and misleading results happens all the time. It doesn't necessarily prove Climate Science wrong, just indicates there are more questions, some research papers are invalid and some acadmics aren't ethical. It reads as just another scandal to me, not the disproving of Global Warming.
  8. That's true for interest rate shoppers. But it might also encourage some exits in home sales when people realise they can't afford their mortgage. Okay I made myself laugh with that train of thought. btw not laughing at any double talk, this is a serious discussion
  9. It makes sense for the credit card companies though... why would they spend money setting up a card and account for you when there is no chance of a return? And every loan you take up counts as debt, plus with credit cards the actual balance on the card doesn't count, only the limit. Home loan however, I don't think they would mind receiving a big exit fee. HSBC customer hellp used to call whenever I made a big withdrawal. All they ever said was: "yeah that's understandable, we can't match that, remember us for future banking." If only men were so understanding
  10. this made me giggle: "Nevertheless repeatedly switching for an extra 0.1% or 0.2% might be doing one more harm than good. For example, for someone saving for a loan wanting to use their consistent savings record to bolster their application, it’s probably not going to help if you present a bundle of statements from diffrent banks showing you switch constantly." "juicedpixels on 01/12/2009 - 13:11 ¶ Don’t just assume people save to take out a loan." Maybe I need more coffee, I was ready to read an explanation of the "banking ether", where you lose you money for a day or more and the interest. Not about showing loyalty to banks
  11. unless you're a big earner of course
  12. Haven't you had a hard time getting tradies to-date? Are you intending to build somewhere less remote?
  13. The tiny number of accounts is a bit scary. Who knows when the government might sweep us under the carpet. Customer hellp wasn't great at the time, but that's normal. Financially, I would have been much better off with the status quo: keeping a sh*t after school job and buying in my home town... rather leaving, studying and saving.
  14. RE, having a family, rural existence and actual goals makes your apples even more different to my oranges. My only debt was HECs, and I had to pay it off quick to remove that shadow from my psyche. At the moment I am owed money and I hate being the lender too. Its really important to me that my interest earnings cover my rent because I am not in the ponzi scheme. Every % counts. Interest free debt, definitely the only way to go I don't know what this emoticon is meant to convey, but it seems to be going. SG, you could probably aim a little higher... the 75K limit should move higher in 25 years with the indexation they are applying.
  15. I wonder how much he costs? Can't be too expensive. He must be trolling the net for fun too, surely