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  1. Friday Satanism then.
  2. Well then
  3. For the bats
  4. Banana is a Chinese term for a Chinese person who has adopted western ways. As in yellow on outside white inside. It is meant to be an insult, to shame them for rejecting Chinese culture. Iranian metal...another example for your thesis. I'm happy to be your PHD supervisor ;-)
  5. Ugly! Just shows how much of a teenage goth chic you are. He makes bats swoon. Something about bone structure.
  6. Many legs
  7. Hope.
  8. From the grave...
  9. Well it certainly leaves a (6 foot) impression.
  10. I just remembered another...good old Micah.
  11. Good song, but this is the version I first heard and so it is always the benchmark for me.
  12. Well a grave digging theme would be novel, but perhaps a little niche. See what I did there?
  13. Better?
  14. Promising band cut short in its prime.