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  1. Working in a university I have, over the last 6 months and on several separate occasions, had to come up against the 3rd rate intellectual nonsense that is post-modernism. The post-modernists have infiltrated the Bachelor of Educations taught around the country, not to mention the humanities. This has corrupted how kids are being taught in school and in particular how science is being taught in high school (which s what I care about). Now they are taking over the leadership of universities and are starting to hollow out Bachelor of Science or Engineering programs with vacuous subjects. If you haven't been exposed to what post-modernism is, like me until about 6 months ago, you should. From what I gather it is the belief that no knowledge is better than any other, with the implication that my crazy beliefs are just as relevant as your scientific-based evidence/data etc. They see everything, all human interactions, in terms of power struggles -- who has it and who is doesn't. I have also discovered this Canadian Professor who seems to be trying to figure stuff out in his own mind, and has copped a lot of flack for it. Most recently he gave this talk, see video, in which he lays down the gauntlet. It is full of good stuff: government funding of unis, AI, a new basis for studying the humanities and a call to arms to starve the post-modernists. All of this may seem over the top if you haven't been exposed to it....but as I say this is highly relevant to what I see wrong in my own university.
  2. I was going to put this in the music thread, until I saw this under housing.
  3. I read once that the more senior/powerful one is in an organisation, the more writing errors one can get away with making. Clearly one gets too busy/important for proof treading. I am waiting for my level of seniority to match my writing. An inverse Peter principle perhaps?
  4. That's not a duet. A quadret?
  5. Can feel a duet thread coming up.
  6. Nice clown song, clown.
  7. No more Alan Vega of Suicide as of 16th July.
  8. I am pleased with the election so far. The pollies and the papers describe it as a disaster, chaos and a recipe for instability. I see it as a way to dilute dumb ideas. No leadership is better than bad leadership. This all assumes the libs don't have the numbers to form a senate majority with the nutters.
  9. I couldn't find any Trumpets to convince either way. I spent the week in the hills of Montana surrounded by scientists (and bears). No one would admit to supporting him. They all seemed quite reasonable folk.
  10. Here I sit at Sydney airport waiting to get on flight to USA, USA, USA.
  11. I think you have articulated the issues well. I don't think the mindset is to screw the employer. Rather one part-time job should not restrict another part-time job, even if it is in the same area. The main conflict is over secrecy. The knowledge that telling the first employer will likely cause employee grief. If the employer took a more pragmatic view, as you have done for your contractors, then there would be no conflict or secrecy. There is a grey area in that the past tutoring has built experience, that makes my friend a better tutor. But there are no physical or intellectual tools that can be easily defined that have been taken.