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  1. That's not a duet. A quadret?
  2. Can feel a duet thread coming up.
  3. Nice clown song, clown.
  4. No more Alan Vega of Suicide as of 16th July.
  5. I am pleased with the election so far. The pollies and the papers describe it as a disaster, chaos and a recipe for instability. I see it as a way to dilute dumb ideas. No leadership is better than bad leadership. This all assumes the libs don't have the numbers to form a senate majority with the nutters.
  6. I couldn't find any Trumpets to convince either way. I spent the week in the hills of Montana surrounded by scientists (and bears). No one would admit to supporting him. They all seemed quite reasonable folk.
  7. Here I sit at Sydney airport waiting to get on flight to USA, USA, USA.
  8. I think you have articulated the issues well. I don't think the mindset is to screw the employer. Rather one part-time job should not restrict another part-time job, even if it is in the same area. The main conflict is over secrecy. The knowledge that telling the first employer will likely cause employee grief. If the employer took a more pragmatic view, as you have done for your contractors, then there would be no conflict or secrecy. There is a grey area in that the past tutoring has built experience, that makes my friend a better tutor. But there are no physical or intellectual tools that can be easily defined that have been taken.
  9. Thanks. This case seem to be relevant Tutoring is my friend's calling, and they need to do as much as they can before dementia sets in.
  10. Lick your rats. I have assumed that those on the conservative side of politics are driven by fear and anxiety, whereas those on the left are more open to new things. I suspected that conspiracy believers tended to be also driven by fear and anxiety, hence the stereotpye of the right wing conspiracy nutter in the hills of Montana. The environment movement seems to also be driven by fear, but they are also embracing change. I need to go rethink my stereotypes. It probably should include love and sentimentality.
  11. I know how you all like to chew the gristle on modern day ethical issues. How about this one? A friend *ahem* of mine has a number of part-time jobs, one of which is tutoring school kids. This tutoring job is at a real business i.e. they have their own building, advertising, logo etc. It is a small business, say 10 tutors on the books. Recently the business owner has written up an employment contract that forbids tutors from working as tutors privately on their own time. Can they own your time like that? I understand that they don't want tutors stealing business, especially making arrangements with existing students to meet privately outside the business premises. However in the case of my friend, they tutor kids in the neighbourhood who would never otherwise be going to the tutoring business and were not contacted via the business. Does the business owner have this right? I guess an equivalent is an employee in an accounting firm doing private paid accounting for friends on the weekend.