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  1. This is a cover, but I do like it.
  2. Universities are no longer places for academics.
  3. Everyone benefits (except the students, academic staff and the nation). Moral hazards abound. FFS.
  4. Impeccable timing "A crackdown on inept teachers in public schools has led to nearly 30 teachers resigning or being sacked in the past two years." 30 teachers over 2 years doesn't seem to be a big change to me. "defined under-performing teachers as those who struggled to manage students’ behaviour, failed to set tests or homework, did not provide classroom routine or were unable to deal effectively with queries from parents." Not my definition. The above looks like control, conform and report. What about teach, inspire and grow.
  5. I would be proud to be their parent.
  6. Sorry for absence. I have found some new music. This chap has been on constant play, but come to thinking, I may have already posted it here.
  7. Just this year alone, I have corrected the grammar on a teacher's feedback on my No 1 son's homework and corrected the calculated percentage grade on No 2 son's poor maths test result. In both cases the teacher had requested a parent sign to acknowledge that we had seen the poor result. Either poor teachers or poor parenting is to blame. I guess we can only blame ourselves for the names we give our children. I do sympathise with the concern about the quality of teachers-to-be that are being allowed into universities. Mother-in-law was a school teacher from a time when that was the accepted place for the very brightest women. She is well read, still curious (at 83) and a big believer in the value of education. My sister and brother-in-law both went through teacher training in 80s. Both above average at school, but not top 20%. All reports are that they are very talented teachers trying hard to ignore the latest trends in educashun coming out of the Dept of Education. Nowadays a Bachelor of Education is all about social justice, post modernism and social engineering (I work at a university and have to deal with them). I think the challenges on non-conformists in schools is real. Creativity and imagination is a problem. I am certainly seeing it with my two boys. Actually being a boy can be a pathology needing medication. Teacher wants No 2 son medicated for adhd. He is in lowest maths class. Regarded as unremarkable for English. We just received Naplan results. He is in the top little triangle for both ie ~ 3 years above year level. But we all know Naplan is flawed and can be very stressful and doesn't measure a student's real worth and is just one data point etc. Ok I've started to vent... One problem we see is the teachers our sons have experienced (not all teachers) were never above average themselves and certainly not well above, so they don't seem to know what it looks like. Boys get sport prizes (not academic). Girls must be neat and get academic prizes. For all the social justice fight against gender roles they seem to be big on pigeonholing gender identities.
  8. I am willing to follow every one of Swaize's commandments, I just don't know how to remain 30.
  9. Working in a university I have, over the last 6 months and on several separate occasions, had to come up against the 3rd rate intellectual nonsense that is post-modernism. The post-modernists have infiltrated the Bachelor of Educations taught around the country, not to mention the humanities. This has corrupted how kids are being taught in school and in particular how science is being taught in high school (which s what I care about). Now they are taking over the leadership of universities and are starting to hollow out Bachelor of Science or Engineering programs with vacuous subjects. If you haven't been exposed to what post-modernism is, like me until about 6 months ago, you should. From what I gather it is the belief that no knowledge is better than any other, with the implication that my crazy beliefs are just as relevant as your scientific-based evidence/data etc. They see everything, all human interactions, in terms of power struggles -- who has it and who is doesn't. I have also discovered this Canadian Professor who seems to be trying to figure stuff out in his own mind, and has copped a lot of flack for it. Most recently he gave this talk, see video, in which he lays down the gauntlet. It is full of good stuff: government funding of unis, AI, a new basis for studying the humanities and a call to arms to starve the post-modernists. All of this may seem over the top if you haven't been exposed to it....but as I say this is highly relevant to what I see wrong in my own university.