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  1. They already did default but it was called a haircut
  2. 440 gone from Ford VIC plants http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/ford-sacks-440-victorian-workers-from-geelong-and-broadmeadows-plants/story-fndo3ewo-1226427801418
  3. Last I read the amount in the FHOG Savings accounts was little to nothing.... Sorry - can't find source at the moment. Could even be on a post here somewhere. I wouldn't worry about it affecting the market
  4. He just smugly laughs it off every time he is asked on QandA
  5. http://admin.depreciator.com.au/estimator/location.aspx Good little estimator. And another http://www.bmtqs.com.au/TaxDepreciationCalculator.aspx?source=slide bit of a black art?
  6. Retirement at age 47?....hmmm
  7. My bad, I totally miss read your statement.
  8. I can show you evidence if you like, I was there last year during the riots. Yet half the population
  9. I agree, it's kind of crappy reporting, but it's a graph over 12 months. not hard to guess it.
  10. You can't leverage rent.
  11. A bit of opinion about the recession as opposed to the facts, but the base stories are good.
  12. At least until the next election (or spill) it seems!
  13. More coming in the next couple of months
  14. Even a stopped clock is right once (or twice) a day.