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  1. Hi chaps. The 1M Sydney 2020 article was in the Sunday Telegraph today. Interestingly, it was on the same page (page 11) as another article by Nick Gardner from The Economist magazine .. "Australian housing is overvalued by 50% making it the third most overpriced property market in the world", etc.
  2. Great article Sean. Also, concur much with your (highlighted) above.
  3. Hi All; As you probably know or suspect, GHPC is compromised and most likely permanently so. Probably consa has sold out to the interests that have been trying to bring it down for some time. OK - well, that's their bussiness. Only problem is, that GHPC ranked fairly high in the google enquiry stakes. Consequently, a very prominent source of Australian house price discussion has been removed form the public domain, which, of course, was the initial intention of those who have brought it down. OK - well, that's their bussiness. However, others, as concerned citizens, and possessed of some degree of morality, need to consider restoring the balance and putting house price crash / bubble / boom / doom information up there again, and readily available to any enquirer. So is this forum it ? Which is it ? So many have sprung up, that a coordinated effort needs to be made by trusted long term members of GHPC to pick one, and promote it / use it to the effect that it gains prominence. I don't care which, but we need to do something to counter this fowl deed that has been done by the industry interests. RumpledElf, this forum seems to work fine, but allow me to give you some suggestions / observations. - I googled house price crash / australian house prices, and variations of that theme, and this forum did not come up once, in any of the 100 results. We are hardly going to expose information to the broader public in this way. Don't take this as a critisism, (or the following) but it's the reality of the situation. - Appearance; it does not appear as a bussiness minded forum, and would not appeal to bussiness types. Images of engorged capsicums and cucumbers are of no great interest to savvy housing types, keen to gain info / insight into the Australian housing market. DO NOT get me wrong here, RE - I appluad your sustainability mentality - I'm an avid organic veggie grower myself (and have said so for years on GHPC) - I spend an average of 2 hours or more every morning doing my veggies. But most bussiness types who turned up here would think you all a bunch of watermelons and not come again. - OK - unrelated, here's another tip. PM's thru the (you know what) are very likely to be seriously compromised. That it for now. Keep the end goal in mind - mine is to bring active, prominemt housing price discussion back into the public domain. Please fell free to PM me, anyone.