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  1. The average loss per negatively geared investa is S11k?? That is astonishing. Seems like a lot of hassle to save yourself 3 or 4 grand a year in tax. But I guess its kinda like buying a powerball ticket, one day you might be rich.
  2. Like I said, the problem is people without the intellectual capacity to do so are the ones trying to have the debate. But OK you win. Define terms incorrectly, bash down those straw men and let the status quo keep on trucking.
  3. Spunds like a fun dinner, sitting around with boomers discussing their property portfolio's
  4. That's probably because I didn't give one. My point (which you missed and will probably miss again) is your definition - "It is the very definition of capitalism, namely to use whatever resources you have at your disposal to maximise profits. Mining advertisements here, funding lobby groups and stocking the FED in the US, it's all from the same playbook" - is not one most defenders of the free market would consider accurate.
  5. What rubbish. Mis-define something then argue against your own bastardised definition. This is basically what the capitalism/socialsim thing has become in the modern "intellectual" world. And this quoted post demonstrates it perfectly.
  6. Free marketers see the GFC as a failusre of socialism While our socialist brothers see it as a failure of capitalism. Both are wrong, but neither let the facts get in the way of their opinions.
  7. Why?
  8. Anyone know much about the gypsy cabs in new york?? I cant remember when or where, but i read about them. Apparently cabs became cheaper and more efficient when people started using their own cars as cabs in dangerous suburbs where the real taxicabs would not go. This was not a problem until the gypsy cabs started picking up fares in the "nicer" suburbs where the real cabs were operating. People in these nice suburbs were quite willing to get in these dodgier cabs with people from the slums if it saved them money. At this point it became a problem and the taxi companies started kicking up a fuss, hence the death of the gypsy cab. Cant let the evil entrepreneur to fun around in the land of the free.
  9. I wonder if this works on sea water
  10. I have no doubt - that of the people who go to the trouble of commenting on articles, re: the removal of the grant, many would have a good understanding of the effects of the grant. However I imagine that when most people click onto a "news" website a tiny percentage would read any article with "first home owner grant" in the headline, few of these would read past the first paragraph, and a miniscule percentage of these would then go to the trouble of commenting. My point is, these comments in no way reflect the opinion of the average aussie on the issue.
  11. Sometimes I think some of you guys have no interaction with the wildebeast at all. After reading this I asked 2 of my staff what they thought about my "idea" that the FHOG be removed and what they thought would happen. One said if it wasnt for the $7000 she would never have been able to get a deposit (she is 45 and recently bought the place she used to rent) so they should keep it or her kids would never get a deposit. The other who is a 51 year old renter said she hoped they increased it so she could one day buy a house (her husband got their place when they divorced 10 years ago). I don't think it is a fake at all, this is the honest opinion of Baz and Shaz Everyman.
  12. Hi guys Ive been overseas for 3 weeks, the wife has got some much deserved holiday time, so not sure what has been going on here. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. The great AK interviews Jim rickards
  13. Not sure if Keen should be comparing our bubble to the aspidistra. It's but a distant memory but I'm pretty sure no metter what the main character did to the aspidistra he couldn't kill it. Hope our bubble proves much more mortal.
  14. This is a better argument for buying a house then I have heard from any bull on any forum. Given the mental capabilities of most property NVESTAS I've met planning for unemployment may be a wise move.