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  1. Of course. Love to hear from you how all the articles on current weather around the world I've posted, including the one about the last 2 years cooling event is consistent with the warming religion we're supposed to blindly accept? I'm sure our farmers whose crop is being devastated by cold & drought want to hear your explanation as to where the water evaporation leading to rain has gone, which you would expect from a warm climate like in the tropics? Feel free to go all the way and also explain how the 'best' available scientific predictions as far back as 1989 that I have posted could get it so wrong, which was used as reason for the major overhaul in energy source changes? Do tell by all means? We'll added it to the transcript to be reviewed in 5 years. Tor, please don't hold back either. That 5 year review of fact vs BS should be a hoot!
  2. Has anybody posted an explanation as to how this is consistent with global warming ... and summer is barely finished? Snow is falling in Alberta, the biggest round is still ahead
  3. Oz snow: One of the best seasons this century was the drought and cold weather mentioned predicted by Armstrong/Socrates (and the Indigo Jones site) or the myriad of globull warming expert scientists? Could that 'last two years' comment possibly be related to this article I posted before? Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place?
  4. So how should we score this other grand prediction on globull warming? U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked It really justifies the $squillions wasted wisely spent on unreliable, expensive forms of electricity generation!
  5. Some of those famines nicely coincide with periods of low sunspots. But that is purely coincidental as such weather cannot occur as part of a natural cycle, but only due to actions of humans, even if it occurred a few centuries ago! The Deadliest Famines Ever
  6. The difference between BS ideology and accurate forecasting: January ’19 ASX East wheat contract prices surge
  7. Where is the rising trend? Australia Average Temperature
  8. NASA - Sea levels from 1870 Interesting graph, shame is doesn't go further back. So are we to assume that the rising trend was caused by human activity as far back as 1870? Who in their right mind can believe that? What hard evidence is there that economic activity and population in the 19th century would have been sufficient to alter sea levels. Shame that graph doesn't go back further. Perhaps it would have shown that neanderthals burning wood fires to keep warm were the source of rising sea levels!
  9. Blasphemy appearing on mainstream news, the religion is being questioned! To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here
  10. Forgot to add that I would love to see South Australia go 100% renewables and see what happens. Right now they're surviving mostly on gas strangely enough, despite their 'glowing' green credentials! Live Supply & Demand
  11. I doubt they would refuse. The missiles could be purchased together with their nuclear subs which can launch them, ready made, off the shelf. Probably cheaper than the R&D we've been paying for failures.
  12. Does this sound awfully familiar? California Climate Policies Facing Revolt from Civil-Rights Groups
  13. The article states: Why? Why can't Australia buy already functioning nuclear missile systems from the US?
  14. But of course, what else could it be: How Climate Change Is Impacting Global Hunger certainly not the effects of population growth, cyclical effects of low sun spots, political instability, etc.
  15. The added costs will need to be paid by someone ... consumers eventually. Telstra's power bill shock: Energy costs jumped by $200m in two years
  16. That also classifies as defence spending. Instead of those expensive customised French subs, it probably would have been cheaper to wait until drone subs are available (with nuclear warheads) or just buy the fit for purpose nuclear subs from the US. Also totally agree - that approach is not going to happen here.
  17. You will find similar was said about the coming ice age and eugenics that I mentioned earlier. The Nazis formed an entire ideology around eugenics - all scientific tests show that the germanic race is superior. Climate change will go down as yet another fine example of mass pyschology and how the sheeple can be manipulated. I'd be surprised if within 10 years 'climate change' doesn't quietly disappear to save face.
  18. The latest scare mongering from the 'unbiased' Washington Post: Climate change is real. Welcome to the new normal. Now let's compare to the weather in 1926: Miami-Dade County 1926 Hurricane
  19. Outback NT Rural Report I'll bet on Indigo's forecast over the globull warming one:
  20. Another climate change prediction from 2004 that will be declared as false. Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us So $squillions spent on this BS predictions and we have people still believing the unadulterated BS!
  21. If renewables are now cheaper as some claim, then what is the concern about abandoning the RET? It would stand on its own if it was cost competitive.
  22. Defence spending is never an option as you never know what the other side will do. You only have to read world history to know that. What has been the cost of moving from the cheap, reliable fossil fuels to renewables - $squillions around the world. All the carbon limitations have forced industry & consumers to bear expensive changes to support what is an unreliable technology that is not as cost efficient. I'm totally agnostic as to how power is generated. I'd be quite happy for all subsidies & limitations to be removed and let the cheapest and reliable energy source(s) win. What could be fairer than that?
  23. So overall not change in size? Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017
  24. For EVs to fully replace oil burners, they need fast charging, range and ability to charge in the middle of nowhere. Scottish battery ‘breakthrough’ could charge electric cars in seconds