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  1. How is that any different from any other political party?
  2. Prediction is off to a good start Snow flies in north with first winter storm Boston Cold Weather Record Breaks One Held More Than a Century Britain is colder than Russian Arctic as three-week freeze arrives with -7C cold and England's first snow
  3. Another thread from GHPC that is worth keeping. IMO, his economic history knowledge and cycle work makes compulsive reading. link From his latest article:
  4. Swaize's investment in Ethereum only rose a meagre 16% overnight!
  5. Dow from the A$ Viewpoint
  6. Buy a dacha until local prices are more reasonable. The country air will help relax the Mrs. :-)
  7. The last bear that needs to fold before the market finally turns!
  8. Just got a love letter from my energy retailer. Another round of large hikes in prices announced, effective January 1st. It is the second large hike in 12 months. Most 'impressive' for a country that should have one of the lowest energy prices in the world!
  9. I've 'randomly' been selected to have my luggage tested for explosives at time of departure a number of consecutive times. Considering I don't fly all that often, I began to feel persecuted! Hasn't happened last couple of times I've flown.
  10. You might find that most airports are concerned about what you have in your luggage or within your body at time of departure. This includes explosives, smuggling of wildlife, drugs, etc. They may not advertise it, but I'm fairly certain checks are done covertly using technology and sniffer dogs.
  11. I'll believe it when margin calls start making the front page news link
  12. If this forum (or I) disappear, it should not be much of a concern as AK now tends to post his graphs at this website.
  13. Here is another one that can be measured probably in 12 months: High-End Real Estate Starting to Enter Crash Mode It might explain the rise in crypto & equities.
  14. Careful how you spend your profits! Restaurant-goer has Bitcoins stolen over unsecured public wireless network
  15. How to keep the building boom go forever! :-) link It is similar to their policy with cars where old bombs are not allowed. IMO, the building standards in Australia are bad enough that houses need to be rebuilt/rennovated at about the same period of time.