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  1. More shifting targets... Past The Tipping Point
  2. From the vault of history. Note the dates... U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend
  3. That household debt graph is a gold medal Australia could do without,
  4. You can even enter a postcode to see how prices have changed House of cards
  5. dissenters to the left, dissenters to the right... The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare
  6. This meeting is to get your approval signature for the document. Alternatively, you can email your approval in advance. and from your own ABC that good lefties consider unquestionable (and naturally totally 'unbiased'): Frost damage dashes farmers' hopes of record harvest, as Perth shivers through chilly night So where do you get your trusted data from? I know - organisations funded by governments (ie. tax payers monies), who have been wrong in their forecasts for at least 30 years and who have a major financial vested interest in keeping the 'dream alive' as it maintains their revenue streams.
  7. Well SC, here is another prediction from somebody with skin in the game. Care to bet against him/it? Weather Channel Declares November Coldest in 50 years very clear, precise forecast - not 100+ years from now like the BS by groups with track records worse than a broken clock, knowing that everybody will be long dead and their atrocious forecasting long forgotten.
  8. When they publish loss of yield in grains due to frosts for specific areas, they get their facts from local markets/farmers. Where else would they get such data - the local branch of the Labor party?!!
  9. I thought you'd like that. But you can also search and get different scores: Trump Promise Tracker Like the reports out of the IPCC, best taken with a grain of salt and follow those with the most accuracy, usually those with skin in the game who get punished rather than rewarded for incompetence.
  10. Bureau ... and local farmers.
  11. If you are talking about the global measurements and their conclusions and you want a simple yes or no, then on balance the answer is no. Reason being that from time to time you get somebody who finds holes in their conclusions/data, like the article I published on this thread earlier where they found an report about rising seas (from memory) to be incorrect. I treat a lot of the reports & measurements from the IPCC with skepticism. Agrarian news with data from local farmers, I'm more confident about. Yes, that would apply to records for heating & cold. But from the news, I'm monitoring an overall change in trend to the downside in temperatures, which does reflect the forecasts made by the two dissenters I tend to find more accurate than anything coming out of the IPCC.
  12. These new laws should make it easier to buy RE in QLD as landlords will quickly start adding to the supply: Queensland's rental laws set for major reform after public calls for price caps, flexible pet rules Queensland tenancy laws going to the dogs those that can't afford to buy will find reduced supply.
  13. You want a fine example of bait & switch, here is one: Why Global Warming Can Mean Harsher Winter Weather If it is hot, it is caused by global warming, if it is freezing, it is caused by global warming. A tennis player suffers from heat stroke, it is caused by global warming. It is a catch all excuse. That's why it is good to see the predictions from 20-30 years ago. Remember there is no prediction made by the IPCC/UN about frost & low soft commodity yields caused global cooling ... until closer to the time when they're re-work the theory to fit it in and claim it was predictable.
  14. How history repeats/rhymes. Here is another little from the past: But to prove it, we need this: The Role of Sunspots and Solar Winds in Climate Change What will happen if governments are conned into implementing full scale globull warming policies and nothing changes to the climate? Who will be held accountable for the $squillions wasted? Will those scientists on the government teat, who promote globull warming, be sacked for incompetence and required to return monies? I guess not ... it will be quietly brushed under the carpet and everybody told to move on by the UN/IPCC.
  15. Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises Trump could be the most honest president in modern history
  16. Why did the US not elect pay-to-play via the Clinton Foundation Hillary? It is obvious to anybody who doesn't have an extreme left bias!
  17. Correct. Like UN agreements often are.
  18. That depends on who wins the 2024 Presidential election.
  19. except for some major key countries that make all the difference - China (except for HK, Macau), the US and Russia
  20. From the bureau. Some farmers provide their own readings to the agrarian news.
  21. Well, what a lovely graph that is ... of a mere 18 years. So how long are the cycles of expansion & contraction? Did you not read that article from 1952 I posted a few days ago. If that trend would have continued, ice would have been gone long ago and it didn't. NASA's report published a few days ago states that their predictions are not going to plan. Looking forward to their update around late Feb when the winter is in full swing. This is like their famous prediction in the year 2000 of snow will become rare to now 50 year records of snow cover being broken.