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  1. Another thread from GHPC that is worth keeping. IMO, his economic history knowledge and cycle work makes compulsive reading. link From his latest article:
  2. Warm Temperatures Mean Lower Inflation, To a Point I guess if the global alarmists are correct, then yields will go into endless negative yields forever. But if it is just another cycle that has been going on for millennia, then sometime after 2019, many will be wearing a lot of egg on their faces!
  3. He must be feeling unloved by now 'What are we doing here?': Court throws out Salim Mehajer's appeal in minutes
  4. For those outside Sydney, this guy was all over the news for a very extravagant wedding. I guess we now know how he makes his money. link
  5. This could be interesting! Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity
  6. If Kim launches those missiles on Guam, it will qualify as NK striking first.
  7. My views are not fringe, just not always PC. I don't mind being an independent thinker rather than a member of the gullible herd. I also don't mind agreeing with the handing out of bitter medicine of that is the correct treatment.
  8. You might find that steel melted in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, near the blast zone. Your tinfoil hat is not going to save you either.
  9. China has already stated that they will take a neutral stand if there is was. Both Russia and China approved the latest UN sanctions, meaning they're cutting lose their unruly child. Kim cannot lose or be seen as weak as otherwise he is likely to be deposed. He does not care about his people. So he would have no problem starting a nuclear war if it means saving his neck.
  10. So you're going to keep waiting until NK has a nuclear power on par with China and Russia? Absolutely 'brilliant' approach! China would not go to war with the US over the NK. They have too much to lose financially. Probably the same with Russia, though the stupid US Congress is trying their hardest to provoke one.
  11. Detente only works with rational leadership. Kim has everything to lose and does not particularly care who gets killed, including his own people. Seoul will get hit with Kim's massive artillery, but that always was the case. Now they have a nuclear device to deal with as well from Kim when he is backed against a wall. Australia is not a target yet due to NK's technology not advanced far enough. But it would be if the missile range was there. As an ally of the US, we would be a target. I think many here need to re-learn their history of what happens when you negotiate with a despot.
  12. They should have attacked & removed the Kim dynasty before they developed nuclear warheads. No previous US president did much. It may well end up having to be Trump who has to do the dirty work, under much worse circumstances. The longer that dynasty is allowed to fester. the worse it will be as their nuclear missile technology can only improve, and that means even Australia could be a target.
  13. Those legal fees must be hurting. Lidcombe palace: Salim Mehajer’s flashy home up for rent
  14. Truly amazing how the rich & powerful find the 'right' doctor to help get them off the hook - Bond, Skase, Palmer...
  15. That 'diversification' does not generate anywhere near as much income as keeping a corpse alive for another year or two. The 'diversification' is just extra cream on the cake at the last possible end.
  16. I think this sums up well the current situation for first home owners in Sydney - live in the central coast and waste around 4 hours/day commuting to/from Sydney link
  17. My father died of cancer. I wouldn't wish the last 6 months of his life on my worst enemies. He certainly wanted out well before his natural 'expiry date'.
  18. The aged retirement business has a vested interest in keeping the aged alive - there is no money to be earned from the dead!