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  1. IMO, next move should be back to 6-6.5%
  2. Still tracking well for a target of 6.9%
  3. The report is by Ifo Institute for Economic Research, which funded by the German government. Electric Vehicles are not a Panacea for Climate Change
  4. But it is really 'cool sh!t' as somebody says, which makes it all worthwhile... link
  5. zaph's forecast is getting close to materialising.
  6. The mild winter (and now spring) predicted that never was: Snowiest Winter on Record in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Chicago sees biggest snowfall this late in the season in more than 50 years Record-breaking snow season breaks Sierra Nevada drought and on the other side of the world... Why such rainy, cold weather in the Middle East this spring? all consistent with the 2001 forecast by the IPCC who said 'Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms'!
  7. A year old article, but most likely still relevant Are solar and wind finally cheaper than fossil fuels? Not a chance
  8. Looks like NASA is not drinking the globull warming kool aid any more: Cold weather to grip WORLD as solar minimum to DEEPEN, NASA says just what those 2 dissidents have been predicting for a long time.
  9. Another thread from GHPC that is worth keeping. IMO, his economic history knowledge and cycle work makes compulsive reading. link From his latest article:
  10. Sure. But that is also related to China's 'high standard' of environmental standards. I don't think using the latest technological standards is of high priority.
  11. Now that the winter in the US is officially over, time to recap on that prediction from the Dept of Settled Science... Winter 2018: What will the US winter be like this year? Shock MAP shows WARM winter ahead
  12. Well Socrates is so far very much on the money (and so is the snake oil salesman). That mild northern winter has rolled into a mild spring Global Warming Hits London and the birds agree Cold weather takes toll on smaller species in UK birdwatch
  13. Must be a cycle that scientists go through over time ... rinse & repeat
  14. The snake oil salesman has provided more fine examples
  15. Twice in 100 years. Is warming at 5x? April snow accumulates in Charlotte, NC, for only 2nd time in more than 100 years
  16. Really. If I'm alive in 20 years and this blog is still going, we'll review that forecast. Whilst the trend may be rising, there are some big dips along the way. The high of 1929 was not surpassed until the 1950s.
  17. They homogenised the polar vortex in record time! Using raw data seems to give a different graph.