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  1. What were those silly scientists thinking at the time? There is no money to be made with such conclusions... National Geographic article from 1967 - Sunspots control Earth's climate, not CO2
  2. No problems. Anything to highlight the BS predictions from shrills we've had shoved down our throat, naturally proved incorrect.
  3. So what were the Aborigines burning to cause such climate change? After all, it is humans that are causing such event as we're being told by the Dept of Settled Science Study suggests 1500-year-long 'mega drought' killed off original Australians Must surely be more fake news from the Murdoch press!
  4. Climate Change – the Elections Issue Germany’s New Green Deal Has Failed – Energiewende
  5. I think the British Labor party should make this part of their policies for the next election and let the electorate vote on it... Labour discusses plans to bring in a 10-hour week and slash pay by 75 per cent under a radical scheme to tackle climate change
  6. Another little gem of a prediction from 2012, found in the vault of history... Enjoy snow now . . . by 2020, it'll be gone Considering it is 2019 and the ski fields opened early due to the early snowfalls, what are the chances of zero snow next year?!! That good professor must be funded by the Dept of Settled Science.
  7. It sums up the immature technology perfectly. It requires perennial government subsidies to survive/compete. Home solar panel installations fall by 94% as subsidies cut
  8. like when somebody criticises Scientology ... the zealots come after you This scientist proved climate change isn’t causing extreme weather — so politicians attacked
  9. Here is your next scare campaign from the shrills Climate change doomsday report predicts end of human civilisation
  10. I hope Al Gore is staying in an expensive, taxpayer funded boat in FNQ, keeping himself warm with fossil fuel powered energy. Otherwise he may be facing a real Inconvenient Truth. Queensland freezes as mercury plummets below zero
  11. Accepting facts is not a religion. Blind faith is!
  12. The mild spring continues in yet another buttf*ck place Montreal is Set To Break A 122-Year Cold Weather Record Today
  13. So early in the season and buttf*ck places popping up everywhere... Heavy rain, gale-force winds, heavy snow cut off Blue Mountains, force ferry closures Snow falls in Queensland's southern tip as icy winds arrive
  14. Until proven otherwise, I'm with 5G technology being Ok. BTW, have you received communications from your Dept of Settled Science as to why we're getting so much of the ever disappearing white powdery stuff, almost 20 years after they projected otherwise?
  15. I don't blindly jump on any wagon blindly. I let a trend of facts speak for themselves, with history as any guidance where possible. If the facts don't match the theory, the theory is wrong and not the other way around. Otherwise, I'd be a religious zealot, which you seem to fit the bill rather well.
  16. The shrill is back: Al Gore to Hold Australian Climate Change Event to Discourage Australians From Mining Coal his timing is again impeccable: Qld shivers through first winter morning
  17. buttf*ck place identified across the ditch Motorists left stranded in freezing temperatures as winter batters NZ
  18. Tenants like the high density, because a unit is cheaper to rent than a house. I'm yet to find too many people who like congested Meriton Valleys per se. They all want space from their neighbours and a backyard to raise their kids, which has now become unaffordable.
  19. QLD - Beautiful one day, struck by globull warming the next! Southern Queensland towns record coldest May morning I've got a friend who lives in the Sunshine Coast and it is 'unusually' cold there as well. The mild winter is kicking in...
  20. We can now officially add Ballarat as a designated local buttf*ck place: Melbourne hit by coldest May day since 2000 as snow hits Ballarat
  21. Thanks. The All Ords closed 6489 today. So that is another rise of 400 points (6%) before you buy the All Ords. I guess that is the downside of monthly trades. Still, a 75% strike rate is good.
  22. In terms of frying your brains with high emissions?
  23. Close to summer in the northern hemisphere and more buttf*ck places getting dumped with the ever disappearing white powder SNOW IN MAY? Unusual weather has Mt. Charleston prepping for a snowy Memorial Day and our mild spring is finishing off nicely: Antarctic air blast to drop temperatures even further and bring up to 40cm of snow Canberra shivers through coldest May day in 19 years We should collect the extinct snow and send it to the Dept of Settled Science and request and explanation on why there so much of it! and not to be outdone, the shrills have started yet another scare campaign: Rising seas threaten Australia’s major airports – and it may be happening faster than we think The shrills have become clever. Their forecasts now use dates long into the future when everybody will be long dead to confirm they were wrong. Much better than the < 30 years forecasts where they've ended up wearing egg on their face for false predictions.
  24. A couple of years after all the Telcos and their resellers are flogging 5G plans, the prices will be the same as current 4G ones, but for much faster speeds. Those where 5G is available will not pay $0.02 for NBN. Just watch how they'll have to drop the NBN plans to be competitive. That's $50b+ that could have been much better spent.