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  1. Permanently low interest rates for Uncle Sam?
  2. I don't know what has caused the yields to plummet? Perhaps big parties have a lot of fear about the US economy and are buying T-Bills as they are about the safest investment in terms of guaranteeing that the capital will be safe, since the government will print the cash if necessary! I too have been expecting a rally in the $US index, but it has failed to hold every time it was looking like a base was forming. Right now, it will have to rise above 77 before I'm convinced of a serious rally.
  3. It looks like the market is going to take Ben to task and keep dumping the $US until he is forced to defend it. I can't see the $US going straight to zero. It would not surprise me if Ben is forced to raise interest rates sometime in 2010 to defend the $US. A rally will occur. Just have to wait until a bottom holds.
  4. The $US index is failing to hold ... yet again. Every time it looks like a rally is about to start, it fails. This is what seems to be powering the stock markets, commodities and largely gold as well, though The Precious is in a bull market irrespective. PS: This forum only allows 300Kb attachments. Can it be increased to something like 2mb like GHPC?
  5. It was a 211Kb JPG file.
  6. It got down to almost 2:1 when things fell apart on the ASX. You may have to wait a couple of years before you get your 1:1 again. But it seems a fair long term target: ASX/Gold in $A ratio Edit: I've had to add a link to the chart as attaching to my posting failed???
  7. If I was earning $US, from a long term perspective, I'd say that gold would be a safe bet. Perhaps you could do better out of the stock market if you were good at timing it, but whilst I'm expecting a bounce in the $US, on a longer term basis I think it is more inclined to drop to new lows, probably related to the mindless size of the US deficit. Looks like a temporary visit for me as GHPC is operational. I thought it was gone this time but it isn't. I don't have the time to read lots of forums and there seem to be some smart posters at GHPC, though a lot of f'wits as well. If it gets too much, I might consider moving again.
  8. US housing back to long term 2-3x median income levels