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  1. All too familiar European Power Grid in Serious Trouble
  2. The unquestionable modern standards.. Temperatures At BWI In Baltimore Were Reported Too Warm With Dirty Sensor AKA cooking the data
  3. If these records are correct: U.S. state temperature extremes then so would this observation: 1 US state temperature heat record after 1995, but 6 US state cold records set
  4. The article below is quite old and probably reflects when I looked at this matter in any detail: However, many retirees or soon to be retired are often advised to change their super allocation from growth and more towards a conservative, capital guaranteed/stable assets.
  5. With ZIRP, they have now killed a significant section of the demand as those who derive income from interest have lost their purchasing power. We're lucky that super funds are not compelled by law to invest in govt bonds, unlike the US. I can see why Armstrong if expecting a pension crisis there. I don't understand why they allow immigration whilst the unemployment rate is above the RBA's preferred level. Wages will not be rising whilst the supply of Labor rises above the demand.
  6. BTW, since it is an acknowledged fact that the Dept of Settled Science has fudged homogenised data previously, what faith can anybody have that they are not doing it again? Hard for crooks to play straight!
  7. Correct, my typo'. But I still expect the arctic will still be there in 2122, along with the latest generation of shrills calling for its demise.
  8. Those articles tell you it is something that has happened before. They were concerned about globull warming of the artic in 1922 and the artic is still there and I expect it will also be there in 2122!
  9. The drought, clear skies and frost is consistent with the solar minimum forecast by the two dissidents. Lowest temp in 35 years and globull warming theory is another matter.
  10. A bit of history from that neck of the woods, with some lovely old articles.
  11. Do you think he knows the difference between drought caused by a solar minima vs globull warming? Do you think he has been just reading the 'unbiased' media reports without doing a bit of digging? Perhaps he should talk to these other farmers who are encountering the 'F' word predicted by the dissidents: Severe frosts and plummeting temperatures hit NSW growers during drought
  12. In less than 12 years crematoriums will be redundant as we will burn to ashes whenever the sun shines! We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN
  13. Australia Lowers Rate to Historic Low of 1%
  14. Just wait until the next round of data homogenisation by the Dept of Settled Science. Then it will be back on track for globull warming to the moon!
  15. Has someone check on the recent health of those academics? They haven't accidentally been run over whilst crossing the road, accidentally ingested some novichok or pollonium?
  16. Just weather... UK weather: Heatwave shock end as icy Greenland winds send temperatures plummeting
  17. Looks like farmers in Buttf@ck Central are not having a good time... Over 37,000 Head of Cattle Die from Global Warming in Montana? and this may ensure that European history repeats. High unemployment and Merkelstan will explode European Car Manufacturers Heading into a Crisis?
  18. Consistent with a solar minimum ... and will get worse. link
  19. Since it was published on 30-June-1989, now is a good time to review the forecast vs reality, 30 years later... U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked 'F'
  20. The shrills need to ask Google to 'homogenise' search results. Can't have these appearing: Extraordinary Heat in France - 30/08/1930 France Sweltering The Dept of Settled Science seems to be sloppy at ensuring group think
  21. Mexico - Beautiful one day, a buttf@ck place the next... Five FEET of hail swamps Mexican city leaving cars damaged and turning roads into rivers of ice
  22. IMO, The Precious is looking strong as all currencies are having a devaluation race with Trump's $US.
  23. I wonder what happened to wulfgar. He was insightful when it came to gold.