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  1. I don't have to explain anything. I'm on the side that says it is all part of a cycle. Your side has to explain why all those globull warming prophecies have failed. Your side is the one that believes their science is unquestionable, yet so many scientists are questioning it. BTW, I missed this one. Looks like Bluff Knoll officially became a buttf@ck place during that 'mild autumn' we had: Why are we getting so much of that ever disappearing white powdery stuff? Is that infallible settled science wrong or should we now add the ABC to the list of known fascist publications?
  2. The snake oil salesman did indeed post on the 1/7/2019, specifically mentioning the 15 & 16th of this month.
  3. AndersB, since you live/lived in Sweden, which is close to Finland, do you know if their scientists are known fascists (along with ones from Japan)? I've looked up Science Daily and could not find any info about being a regular fake news or extreme right wing outlet. Are they? This paper was published late last month, which is making the rounds:
  4. The RBA only has a limited number of silver bullets left. link Housing credit sets another record low More home owners falling behind on mortgage as debt climbs Australians’ household debt nears highest worldwide
  5. SC, have a look at the latest report from the climate shrills Dept of Settled Science: L.A. Among 40 U.S. Cities Expected to Experience Abnormal Flooding Rates Due to Rising Seas, El Niño Now let's go back almost 100 years Global Warming: 1922 Is that hard evidence that history repeats or is Snopes now classified as a bona fide extreme right wing organisation?
  6. Looks like Fort Denison is excluded from those rising sea levels prediction by the Dept of Settled Science back in 2007 Rising Sea Levels – The Climate Debate Could be time to report the hydrographic surveyor to ASIO as an unstable right wing conspiracy theorist!
  7. That's a sh!tload of ever disappearing white powdery stuff in summer, in a buttf@ck place USA: Hinsdale County's emergency management begins preparing for flood risk Looks like the website is now officially run by a right wing conspiracy group.
  8. This link has Jennifer Marohasy's contact details. Why don't you drop her a line and tell her that her assertions of the BoM manipulating the data is nothing more than a right wing conspiracy. Feel free to publish the exchange. Looking forward to the outcome. You also haven't answered this inconveniences that are getting in the way of a good story:
  9. I base it on forecasts vs actuals. It is the ultimate acid test. If you would have bet money on your Dept of Settled Science's forecast, you'd be bankrupt, begging for money. If you had bet on the two dissidents' forecast, you'd get these actuals (and you favourite buttf@ck place as well): By the numbers: Midwestern US endures worst of polar vortex, all-time record lows broken Is the Accuweather site now a bona fide far right wing organisation?
  10. Here is your UN IPCC scientist. He is not qualified either? What about Jennifer Marohasy? But at the end of the day, the litmus test is their forecasts vs actual results. So why is snow so common and making records when almost 20 years ago it was stated that it would be ever disappearing? Maldives still above water, Polar bears still thriving? Should give it another 100-200 years to give the forecaster a better chance at being correct? But in the meantime, the 'F' word hits tropical Brazil, that looks like it has joined your list of buttf@ck places: ALL-TIME LOW TEMPERATURE RECORD FALLS IN BRAZIL In short:
  11. .
  12. and his qualifications in climate? Glad we saved a major bullett at the election
  13. More Insanity from the Climate Group without Supporting Evidence
  14. Who could have predicted this? Wool production, sheep numbers hit 100-year lows as widespread drought continues
  15. Isn't the consensus that we need to decarbonise? World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)
  16. Excuses, excuses, excuses ... endless excuses. BTW, my anti-science posts is nothing more that comparing forecasts vs actuals. If you can't handle the truth, then stick your head back in the sand.
  17. I have already posted about fudging of data where it has been made public. But here are some recaps: The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever . I like that hockey stick trick. Homogenise the past to make that stick look so much better! Fudging the Global Temperature Record Swiss Meteorologist Calls Media Claims Of Germany Extreme Heat “Complete Nonsense” ‘Weather Amnesia’ erases memories of the sweaty days of yore But at the end of the day all you need to do is compare the predictions from the Dept of Settled Science against the actuals. So why are frosts appearing when we're supposed to be melting?
  18. Is Mr Snowflake cluster melting because the actual evidence contradicts what the warming gurus' predicted? Perhaps you should take a summer skiing holiday in one of clown's favourite buttf@ck places: Skiing On The 4th Of July Now can you explain why there is so much of that ever disappearing white powdery stuff when your gurus predicted otherwise, almost 20 years ago? Or are you just still upset about the Federal election results?
  19. Are the thermometers on a rooftop like in France? Meanwhile, a bit further north: FREEZING TEMPERATURES IN JULY? RECORD HEAT MAKES WAY FOR FROST IN EASTERN NETHERLANDS Note that rude 'F' word being used and in summer: Consistent with the forecasts of the Dept of Settled Science or the two dissidents? But will anybody be held to account for all those taxpayers monies wasted?
  20. Norway now added to the list of summer buttf@ck places. Climate Change – Hail Storm in Mexico & Snow in Norway in July There is a point were no amount of homogenising will hide the truth.
  21. Will they homogenise this indiscretion? Even the 'F' word was mentioned during summer. Cold spell comes to Germany following heat wave
  22. He was never PC, so this was to be expected. Radical historian Geoffrey Blainey marvels over climate change debate