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  1. How to keep the building boom go forever! :-) link It is similar to their policy with cars where old bombs are not allowed. IMO, the building standards in Australia are bad enough that houses need to be rebuilt/rennovated at about the same period of time.
  2. Imagine what will happen when a major RE bubble bursts link
  3. They tried the ABC star who lasted 1 term. Perhaps this is a repeat.
  4. Merkelstan will come undone!
  5. So what are those 'certain conditions'? Prechter and Nenner (certainly the former from reading his material) has proven to be a broken clock.
  6. No sure if this is going to fix the problem when some MP's are unaware that they could hold dual citizenship, especially somebody in a situation like Nola Marino. Citizenship crisis: Government strikes deal with Labor requiring MPs to disclose status within 3 weeks
  7. Here is a prediction that Socrates can be measured on by the middle of next year The Clear & Present Danger of a Global Cooling not Warming
  8. If true, this is absolute insanity and justification for changing the laws. Even auditors would struggle to keep up with all possible breaches. Citizenship crisis: Turnbull government MP Nola Marino may be an Italian citizen by marriage
  9. He works for the Russians - sound the alarm bells! How I sold out to the Putin-Soros-Murdoch conspiracy to destroy Western civilization
  10. So he considered himself a worthwhile charity - nothing unusual for politicians.
  11. Short of changing the constitution (unlikely), an independent audit of winning candidates is the only other serious option. To avoid embarrassment, electoral candidates should voluntarily get checked before the election.
  12. All sides are quaking in their boots Labor MP Justine Keay admits she was British at time of 2016 election
  13. .