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  1. still waiting for a response....
  2. Surely this must be fake news. After all, it is only mid autumn in the northern hemisphere... It’s snowing so much in Canada that crops can’t get harvested UK weather forecast: Britain set for COLDEST Halloween in 100 years as HEAVY SNOW hits Ice and snow will blanket parts of Britain this week as temperatures plunge to -3C ahead of freezing cold Halloween
  3. Sellers may need to wait until the Shanghai stock market picks up again, so buyers can provide sufficient collateral on the loan applications. link link2
  4. spot the rising sea levels
  5. After reviewing this list of dissidents, it makes me think that every scientist who wants to argue for or against global warming caused by human activity, should also provide a signed declaration of interest, stating if they're deriving any income from grants on climate research. The correlation could make interest reading.
  6. Such concern for tax payers monies. Not feeling well today?
  7. Not bitter at all. Let private enterprise do the R&D. The winner makes $squillions. Same as with the internal combustion engine.
  8. If you have to wait 15min to refill, I bet that people will soon be pissed off to say the least. My 2ltr diesel has a comfortable range of over 400km/refill. But what they won't tell you is how the government will replace the tax revenues they earn on fossil fuels. Right now it looks great not to pay for the high petrol prices. But once when they become common, you can bet your life they will be taxed (my guess is a hefty mileage based tax). Nothing also said regarding the infrastructure to generate enough electricity to power thousands of electric cars & trucks.
  9. Everything You Need to Know About Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  10. Just weather... Alberta hit by biggest October snow in 104 years
  11. Yes we did. The cost of renewables was part of the reason, not all of it, but it added to the cost. Renewables mean higher costs
  12. Car running costs 2018 ... and you haven't answered my question yet!