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  1. That would have been my initial thought. But I read this article earlier this year, which provides substance to the claim: London house prices: south and west see some of biggest drops
  2. Any independent data to confirm/deny the article's claims? link
  3. Also trying to sell his existing home for the same price ... and to Chinese buyers that he was trying to stop whilst in power. No double-standards to be seen anywhere! Former treasurer Joe Hockey seeks Chinese buyer for his $8m Hunters Hill mansion
  4. Real Estate v Quantitative Easing
  5. I thought Armstrong is looking for stocks to correct again for a low in mid-march? That would line up with the forecast of a rally in gold around the same time. I'm not sure that gold is still considered the safe haven as in the past. It has lost its physical portability if you need to skip the country as happened around 75 years ago. Crypto seems to be the modern gold, but it also has its vulnerabilities.
  6. Breaking news... Tamworth fast food franchise Red Rooster has removed the 'S' on their store front sign to show solidarity with Barnaby Joyce.
  7. Back to normal transmission!
  8. Another in the long list of celebrities with more money than brains link