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  1. Chinese property buyers are GONE
  2. others are expected to follow in September
  3. This thread was started in 2011, when this house last sold in Townsville for $850K. Over 7 years later and it looks like it will sell with a >50% haircut.
  4. Yes, corrupt to accept the bribery from the chinese to sign up to their belt&road scheme. Same with all the other Asian countries. Their infrastructure loans are not free and if you don't meet payments, they confiscate (ie. takeover).
  5. Half price $1,050,000 Kallaroo, WA house sold by mortgagee
  6. Slowly turning into what the Japanese experienced here during the late 1980's As prices fall 15%, Harry Triguboff confirms Chinese apartment buyers lost their 10 percent deposits
  7. Looks like the new Malaysian government wants to investigate the corruption dealings with China Malaysia suspends $20b Chinese Belt and Road rail project
  8. I suspect they bring their own to control everything (as the chinese government likes to do) and avoid any language issues.
  9. I would use as they cover the whole country as is probably the most widely used site. Only problem is I think only agents can advertise, so a competing site would be required. If you're confident of selling your place, $1,500 is peanuts compared to the agent's commission.
  10. A simple search will give you the answer.
  11. Another in 3 charts... link
  12. As I understood it, selling online vs having an agent at your place bringing potential buyers.