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  1. I would be fair to say that nothing major happened in 2017!
  2. Just How Fast Can Things Freeze?
  3. The UN is using climate change as a tool not an issue
  4. Underwater Volcanoes Contribute to Warming Deep Water Dormant/Extinct Volcano Erupts for First Time in Recorded History
  5. The expect the theory of man made global warming to be proven as accurate as the global freezing theory of the 1970's. We know that the Globull Warming forecasts have already proven BS, hence the change in name of theory to now 'Climate Change', as if climate never changes. My money is on Armstrong/Socrates' forecast to be proven correct rather than 'Climate Change'/Globull Warming or whatever its next incarnation will be.
  6. He wouldn't be the only politician to qualify for that title. It can also apply to many in the public service.
  7. Blasphemy slowly creeping into the MSM 2017 was Australia’s third hottest year but global temperatures dropped slightly
  8. Extreme Volatility in Weather – Part of Climate Change? Snow in the Sahara Desert – 3rd Time in 37 years
  9. Tax changes send Chinese buyers offshore
  10. The US, middle east & even asia are freezing Bangladesh experiences record-breaking low temperature
  11. Snowstorm blankets Sahara in white
  12. With such a 'heat wave', how come everybody else in the photo is all rugged up? Did you ask your polish princess to remove that jacked she is carrying just for the photo by any chance? The guy looking at her on the left seems a bit puzzled at the dress wear.
  13. I just hope I'm alive to witness that 'light bulb' moment when the truth is acknowledged. Bitter Cold Is “Exactly What We Should Expect” From Global Warming, Says Al Gore
  14. I was just agreeing with Medved. I'd like to see you walking in a T-shirt during the polish winter which is fed by cold currents from Siberia.