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  1. A happy ending. He is getting quality time to chill out. Salim Mehajer argues with judge from wintry cell in state’s coldest prison
  2. Time for Mr Medved to top up on rubles.
  3. Ask Canadians why they migrated to Australia and chances are that most of them will mention avoiding the cold Canadian winters. That certainly has been my experience.
  4. Spent some time and the nearby Lamington NP, at Bina Burra. Nice spot.
  5. I'll have to ride my bike at dusk during the summer to avoid melting! I had a look at Noosaville, I could park the car next to the river and cast a fishing line like many were doing. I'd have to take a beach umbrella during the summer to stop frying. But that lifestyle would consume a lot of my time. :-)
  6. I've got kids and I doubt the Mrs would like to move O'seas, though I expect our kids to do so at some stage, even if for a period of time. Been visiting a friend in the Sunshine coast. Quite nice and slower pace than Sydney. Should get change from selling my house, which would help. Not sure if I would like the summer there, just like I'd hate to spend a winter in Tassie. I like to spend time outdoors, so weather/temps like the spring and autumn in Sydney are ideal for me.
  7. I'm at the stage/age where I don't particularly care about what anybody else thinks and just want to give work the flick and get on with a life more aligned with what I want!