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  1. More from the vault of history on climate change. You can trust the prediction of scientific experts! The dissidents say it is part of an ongoing cycle. Hard to decide who to trust!
  2. Al went for the most extreme prediction like a good shrill to get the most attention and sure enough he got egg on his face. But the sheeple fell for the merchant of panic ... and still do.
  3. No need to chase it up. Here is the video, it is only 2:48 minutes long. You can even fast forward it to the 2:00 minute mark and listen to his comments where he is quoting an expert where the (ever so accurate) model predicts a 75% chance of ice totally disappearing during 'some of the summer months within 5 years'.
  4. This is what one of your gods said on this date 10 years ago: link He is the one that should have given his right hand a rest! But sheeple like yourself love it blindly. I wouldn't give a flying f@ck about your delusions, but everybody has to pay for the BS, with no exception.
  5. Gold Coast apartment tower Spirit in limbo as Forise scrambles for a partner
  6. More gems from the vault of history. Climate experts and their theories...
  7. But is the drought caused by the globull warming spouted by the IPCC or the opposite as forecasted by the dissenters? Those winter frosts on both hemispheres are providing clues.
  8. Why bother with getting actual facts from people on the ground when you can get unbelievable forecasts from the IPCC?
  9. What a BS response - is that the best you can do? A simple Yes or No is all that is required - not the usual obfuscation.
  10. Have you checked that forecast against the actual temps in Sydney so far? I guess not. Is that farmers' anecdotes or real facts from people watching what is happening to their own yields every day? BTW - a simple answer to a simple question is still outstanding?
  11. That a fact? So why keep changing the figure beyond the level stated in 1988? It is now 30 years later and we're supposed to be doomed ... yet life goes on?!
  12. Do go on. It highlights the BS of the predictions and the gullibility of sheeple who fall for it. Here is a flashback from the 1960's: From the archive, 12 June 1962: The ice age cometh But of course this time is different as scientists/climatologists have a full understanding of the earth's climate and how it evolves.
  13. More shifting targets... Past The Tipping Point