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  1. Try explaining to somebody under 30 that interest rates also rise.
  2. The left and their false promises... Riot police attack protesters demonstrating against electronic home auctions
  3. London House Prices Drop at the Fastest Pace Since 2009
  4. Wait til the next election is announced.
  5. Brave man that flies to Siberia during winter and with Cattleflot to boot!
  6. They still look very expensive compared to Ollolai
  7. That was a huge spike for the week. IMO, it needs to break above 2% to confirm a rate rise.
  8. They will probably have to takeover government pension schemes as they go bankrupt from being forced to buy 'safe' government bonds, paying next to nothing in yield.
  9. Not sure. But I presume Ok. Just avoid high impact forms of exercise like jogging, jumping, squash, etc
  10. 5 years is a very myopic approach to viewing long term cycles.
  11. Yes, the Japanese got burned on RE at home and abroad like Australia, where they were buying in bulk like the Chinese currently are. I'm expecting a similar outcome for the chinese. The global economy can easily shrink if trade barriers rise and foreign RE buyers are slugged with high taxes.