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  1. One day, I'd like to do a tour of the Marco Polo route. Not sure if the Mrs would be interested, unless it included comfortable accommodation! :-(
  2. Did nonrecourse mortgages cause the mortgage crisis? It looks to me as if Australian banks are 'safe' from the riskiest borrowers with a high LVR (80%+) via compulsory mortgage insurance: link1 link2
  3. Not quite true: Everything You Need to Know About Recourse & Non-Recourse Loans
  4. If you dislike heavily congested places, avoid Saigon & Hanoi. Stick to the Vietnamese country side. Similar for what I saw of Cambodia. Laos is a must. Also liked malaysian Borneo.
  5. They'll have to invent a crypto currency that the police forces cannot track. It will then propagate like wildfire.
  6. Emigrate to the highlands of PNG. :-)
  7. and this is a case of police, life & health insurance companies' wet dream! DNA of every baby born in California is stored
  8. Someone fell badly for the sales spruiking link