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  1. Why should I worry. I do not have control over cycles that have occurred in earth for millenia. I adjust to them rather be a dumb member of the sheeple who would rather follow incorrect forecasts for 30 years. BTW, you still have failed to answer my question regarding what happens if Armstrong's forecasts materialises?
  2. How often does it hail in Saudi Arabia? Didn't know it was limited in monitoring extreme & unusual weather events. Looks like the general news provides a more comprehensive picture.
  3. Try it using Google. It highlights how limited NOAA's search functionality is.
  4. The article quote Havre, MT. The closest on your list based on number of years Grosby & Kalisper. Whilst in the same state, they're not in the vicinity. Also what did you search on? Their general search as per string I used (and posted above) was useless.
  5. Unlike the globull warming scientists being paid mostly from tax payers monies with nothing lost after 3 decades of questionable forecasts, I'll be putting my own skin in the game, based on this forecast.
  6. Another record for 100+ years Record-breaking snowstorm hits Rockies, heaviest October snow in Montana since 1914 The above was published 6 weeks ago and a search of NOAA's site using 'snow montana october 2018' displayed nothing that I could find related to that event. BTW, the Kiwis in the southern hemisphere are getting some 'unusually cold pool of air'
  7. Let's see if any records are broken... Storms, rain and even SNOW: Extreme weather to lash parts of Australia while the east coast bathes in glorious 32C sunshine
  8. So it is that NOAA: link1 Former NOAA Scientist Confirms Colleagues Manipulated Climate Records I'm yet to find a source that gives complete, independent raw historical data in a manner that I get for stocks. Your sources are questionable to me and probably applies to other climate data, whether published by the the globull warming crowd or skeptics.
  9. The first event is 1 month old, the second is 2 months old. Where is the reliability of all data being included?
  10. I was using the Axios site. So unless available, it has limited data. Regarding the NOAA site, I searched on 'saudi arabia hail' to find reference to this event. Found nothing. I also tried to find reference to this event in Canada by searching on 'alberta snow 2018'. Found nothing. NOAA's search also does not allow sorting of data in chronological order.
  11. Did a search on 'record snow falls' - got absolute nothing. Why?
  12. Using this record I posted earlier today, where is it, I could not find it?
  13. Nope. Let's go back to that Mongolian article, the fact (as in by looking at the rings) showed that events that were conveniently attributed to man-made globull warming had in fact previously occurred long ago. Then we get this little gem: In other words, the scientists' climate models predict that we're on a one way, man-made rising trend until we burn alive. But there is a litany of those models generating incorrect forecasts over the last 30 years, which I have posted ad nauseam.
  14. That report was published in 2014. This statement is being tested extensively at the moment and not even winter yet in the northern hemisphere: as I've posted it is not just recent records being broken, but some which are 100+ years old.