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  1. Merry Christmas <3 Strangejuice
  2. RE friend has told me a new wave of investors are buying .... failed investment properties from the last wave of investors. no new buyers or up graders.
  3. Calling Luci - The Rogue Apostrophes/Strangejuice
  4. It looks like they have green screened that one girl 20 times i cant tell anyone apart in this video its spooky
  5. I have never met anyone who pays 500-600 a week on rent. I do however know people who spend that much and more on a mortgage. Most people pay 250-400 a week.
  6. Lets hope some of these rissole frying dreamers didn't withdraw that equity before it disappeared and spend it on a sailboat
  7. Someone at Credit Susie saw BIS Shrapnel drop the ball yesterday and are there to jump in a scoop up some of that spruik revenue
  8. Thanks SC, unfortunately there is no "You guys" as this is a solo act pretending to be a band to be seen more favorably by record labels. Its generally a bit of experimenting or recording a tune i wake up with stuck in my head. The yelling bits, well just wanted to see what it would sound like. The videotaping i was driving to fremantle with my girlfriend and saw the back door to the New Division yard at the old jail was left open so we snuck in and taped that in 10 mins before anyone saw us. The green screen work i put green posterboard up in my spare room for the total cost of $21. This is all amateur production. All my albums i record in the spare bedroom. The video editing i do in the same room on Sony Vegas.
  9. The latest video from SJ / Rogue Apostrophes :)
  10. bloody good show
  11. I know a few tradies out of work getting desperate here in WA
  13. Another one, they have a new album out soon but this one is off the first album
  14. Rents in Perth are the same as they were a few years ago with hundred people turning up on open day, bidding wars and people paying 6 months rent in advance. Seen with my own eyes. I don't have an explanation other than what i was noticing and still noticing with all the for sales over the past couple of years is that they are already tenanted. Think the bulls jumped ship and sold their rentals, and the new buyers are finally moving in?