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  1. My girlfriend is about to start renting an apartment and noticed one of the other places on the same floor was for sale so we went on the weekend for a stickybeak. The place was OK, but nothing flash. Didn't appear to have been renovated. One of the couples asked how much it would rent for. Without batting an eyelid the agent said $400 per week. This is for a 1 bedroom apartment. My girlfriend is paying $310 for the place two doors up the hall. Somehow I don't think prices are increasing at quite that rate and the friendly agent might be taking some liberties.
  2. Sell now or be priced in forever!!
  3. My friend used to get hair from all the local hairdressers - ended up getting quite a lot if I recall. As to test of time, I haven't actually been to their house for a while so can't really say. Last time I was there it was probably about 5 years old and no problems, but that is hardly ancient
  4. I was recently in Mongolia and the Ger (Mongolian word for Yurt) are very groovy. They can be incredibly warm in winter due to the felt and canvas walls, with a small fireplace. In summer they usually lift the felt walls to allow airflow in from the ground level that is then expelled through the central roof hole. I was quite amazed ant how little there is to them and yet how well structured they appear to be. If I was building a house and needed somewhere to stay on site I would probably go for one - way better than a caravan or tent
  5. I have a friend who built a house from straw bales. I helped with some of the wall raising and it was quite simple and really quite fun. As mentioned before, the tricky bit is getting the render correct. My recollection is that they used a mud render with human hair (sourced from a bunch of the local hairdresser's floors) mixed in - I think this is to help provide some binding structure to the render but I am not entirely sure. I remember talking to one of the experts that were there for the wall raising and they were saying the render has to be breathable so the interior walls do not turn to compost, and although cement style renders had been tried in different parts of the world, they did not provide enough breath-ability and caused issues in the end. The insulating properties are fantastic, Most of the thermal massing they have in their house consist of tiled floors on concrete that get the sun during winter months.
  6. To be fair, what do you expect from a company that has Craig James as the chief economist for one of their major subsidiaries