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  1. did mr pauk & mr nomads stalking & trolling on "new bubblepedia" forum bring thisforum down ? possible we shall consdier this is end of "bubble pedia" forum !
  2. Macro's business forum gets so "fed up" with Australia Property forum trollls.. they launched this big "legal fight" & sueing mr axle brotan for the slanders ! http://www.talkfinan....html#post37425 http://australianpro...m/topic/9326077 http://bubblepedia.n..._desc&forumId=7
  3. This is 20 pc "discount" from asking price.. or "last sale" price ?
  4. infact this shall be considered "old news" & already reported on talk finance forum !
  5. It shall never be condisered to young to leap on to this property ladder !
  6. no no no ! australiapropertyforum shall be considered "bear" forum.. infact there is only 4.7 bulls posting in this australiapropertyforum in one day !
  7. IMHO this shall be considred 100 pc big breaking news ! "macro business" site getting attack by australia proeprty forum site & this gets reveal in APF forum is owned by jonathan chancelor.. from the "property observer" ! chancelor is "long time enemy" of macro business lewellyn smith ! Eek !
  8. About his "dow 40 000" call ?
  9. Eek ! Blog wars: Australian Property Forum vs. Macrobusiness I thought this was rather amusing. Australian Property Forum, which is an online site where bulls and bears debate housing, has a post up attacking Macrobusiness, which is a blog established by David Llewellyn-smith. David, who seems like an old-school gentleman, is keen to try to commercialise his blog. I told him last week that he should get some more diversified content if he wants to lift its credibility. Australian Property Forum have picked up on this: they've noted, as I had, that Macrobusiness provides an outlet for super-spruikers of shares while maintaining its relentless war against all things bricks-and-mortar. David himself writes under the pseudonym "Houses and Holes". While David has no education or professional background in economics/finance, he has some journalistic credentials. After starting life as a ski instructor in Canada (a dream I never pursued!), he founded the Diplomat Magazine and helped Ross Garnaut write the book, The Great Crash. I don't normally read what he writes given his handyman, or mass-market, approach, but every once in a while there is a useful post by a specialist over at his blog (eg, this contribution by Cameron Murray on the CPI construction). Anywho, here is Australian Property Forum's critique of Macrobusiness, which will probably stir up some discontent (or maybe they will just try to ignore it):
  10. I shall consider this is correct thread for posting my "curry recipe" .. or I shall start a new thread for this ?
  11. Fairfax & Mr demografix demanded bubblepedia topics to be deleted ! more facts here..
  12. please explain this.. link please ? thks !
  13. infact there is more information here about this.. 10 pc is maximum allowed to quote ! very soon shall I post for you my "beef curry" recipe.. IMHO you shall like this a lot.. in fact I shall 100 pc guarantee this !
  14. possible msm is taking "actions" against property forums quoting "copyright" news.. please consider.. thanks !
  15. No.. Only Fools & Horses !