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  1. Thanks for putting in the effort to maintain this thread, Zaph - much appreciated. Its always interesting to pop in and see how your sample have tracked over time. Just wondering - are all of your listings from the same RE? Or just simply in the same area?
  2. I pronounce it 'eye-la'. What's the correct way? Amazing experiences, great journalling. Exceedingly jealous
  3. Mish's penultimate warning sign - check. http://www.simplesustainable.com/topic/2498-mish-on-the-warning-signs/
  4. 'Contractors at state's IT agency bringing home a Premier salary' Linky Comments are interesting. This one sums up my thoughts quite nicely:
  5. Ad is from an online offer site: www.ouffer.com (Google is your friend )
  6. ... which makes it even more frustrating that the Age/SMH have opted against allowing comments on the 'article'
  7. Without ice. Always. Water is fine ... 'good' in fact, as it can open up the smoky/peaty deliciousness (as Tor mentioned above), but ice - or even iced water - closes them.
  8. A generous sibling has kindly given me three bottles of Johnnie Blue over the years - generally as a result of surplus duty free allocation The last one came shortly after my discovery of peat, and I struggled with the notion of suggesting that perhaps, next time, they could buy me three Laphroaigs instead - and keep the change.
  9. That was my exact reaction to my first taste of Islay goodness about six years ago. And my second taste, and third, etc. All other whiskies now pale in comparison. Quite timely to this discussion, I received a 'Friends of Laphroaig' email overnight (thanks to Mrs Ponder's regular Fathers' Day gifts, I'm now steward of a few plots - and plan to head over in 2015 for their bicentennary to collect my 'rent'). Included was news of two new batches: Anyone tasted anything fancier than their 10yo?
  10. Gold.
  11. That was my first thought, too. Then I thought that it was a bit too serious a subject for a prank. Too bad taste, too callous - too potentially traumatic. Then I remembered that I was reading the Herald Sun.
  12. I imagine that its because a nuclear disaster has a greater potential impact on the general public, rather than 'only' the plant workers. For coal miners - and nuclear techs - its an occupational hazard. But if a coal mine collapses, there's little danger that the locals are likely to start glowing in the dark or that the local environment/ecosystem will be damaged for decades.
  13. Those who gave NaNoWriMo a shot last year (Max? Urchin? Ummester?) and even those who were interested, but failed to commit (myself) might like to take a look at Script Frenzy.
  14. Electric hedge trimmers are awesome. We have a ten-foot tall ivy bush (bush? vine? plant? wtvr) growing on our side fence, to which I had pretty-much admitted defeat. But then the father-in-law gave me one of these a couple of years ago, and it was GAME ON. Personally, I like to hang from the top step of a ladder swashbuckler-style, and take one handed swipes at the green monster with shouts of 'Yarr' and 'Avast'.