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  1. yeah its smoked now. shame, that was some of my best quality money
  2. gold in aud is clawing back up as the dollar folds,. i had to part with an oz, to grab a newer car a coupla weeks ago, 1460 i got now its 1560 or so, will i ever get that oz back?
  3. Thanks SC, I've been lurking. praying for gold to take off. today it hit 1110 ! only took a massive world panicstill up $20 a day, and nothing is actually broke yet. you would think being all in I would feel more secure
  4. what you see on the canvas is creativity, the art is getting $40 mill+ for that crap
  5. watched the one on school recording, didnt know we had school lunches out here
  6. yeah thats why i said 0.1%, its an increase but it doesnt actually upset the markets. and yeah on a %2 rate, its still an increase of %5 on repayments, which is a sizable increase.
  7. prediction for the FED rate increase, i say 0.1% or ten basis points, " see we raised rates "
  8. so $400 usd gold would make AUD what, 30c usd. i better get moar gold
  9. his view on gold seems plausible, that its a hedge against gov. not inflation. being fixed to USD i see the AUD floting judt like gold, and not really changing except in respect to USD values,. ie when we where back at 1 to 1 dollar exchange gold was what 1700 now its 1550 ish at 0.75 . seems not quite the same gold has fallen more in aud than USD . on a differnt point i trade 1 oz of gold to platinum even with our margin adn %10 GST i got it as a str8 trade.
  10. they are offerwed a long frugal life under the EU, or a short frugal life under the drachma . either way life will suck for them.
  11. I traded 1 oz gold bar, for a 1 oz Plat coin, the other day. one day that plat coin will be worth 2 oz gold
  12. my guess is rates stay flat
  13. so on 1 mil it would be $500. sh*t gimme $1 mill i can only have in a bank i wont complain about it.
  14. yeah my complaint if i was a greek voter would be that " we voted you guys in cuz " we didnt want to be f*cked over any more , not to grab our f*cken pensions "
  15. Greek short-term default risk jumped over 300bps today putting the odds of a restructuring at 50-50 within the next year as the warnings we issued last week with regard Greece's imminent default on its IMF loan loom. Seeking to reassure its lenders (and avoid yet more capital flight), Reuters reports the Greek government said it was "exploring solutions," including delaying payments to suppliers or try to raise up to 3 billion euros by borrowing from state entities such as pension funds. We are sure the Greek people will be enthused when they find out what the 'radical left' has in store for their funds...