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  1. Well that took longer than I thought- What do you say Ron?
  2. Nice little sidestep there.. Linket The agreements also help debtors keep their house. "Debt agreements give many Australians in financial distress an alternative option to get back on their feet sooner than bankruptcy," federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said in a statement today.
  3. By 'National Economics Editor' Jessica Irvine "The pace of outstanding housing credit growth is the slowest on record. We have been forced to confront a fundamental truth about property: it is only worth what people can afford to pay for it. So expect prices to rise in line with incomes from here on in. The golden goose of property is well and truly plucked." Linket I also saw this while getting the link- spend your working life paying off a mortgage Take care with 40-year mortgages Linket
  4. Speaking of Stevie boy- he got a guernsey in the paper yesterdayLinket
  5. I was looking at some of the sales listed on the Melb clearances PDF at The Age- LinketWhen my eyes chance on $1 million for a place in Springvale (Vendor Bid), couldn't believe anything could be worth that much in Springers,so had to click the link to have a looksy- Linket but never mind that joint,how's the place next door! (& note the kick bag on the neighbours front porch)
  6. Vedelago's 2 bob in The Age: Linket "This year has ended better than last year ended but the market is still some way from performing with strength,'' REIV spokesman Robert Larocca said. ''The market isn't moving quickly, but it's laying a good foundation for next year.'' There's always next sport..
  7. Merry Xmas Mr Gerry JB Hi-Fi plans move into whitegoods "The strategy will pitch JB Hi-Fi more directly against Gerry Harvey’s retail operation, Harvey Norman, which has backed itself to remain the last man standing as rivals go out of business." Linket
  8. We've heard from your man before on this... Harvey warns of more failures in store HARVEY Norman executive chairman Gerry Harvey says industry conditions remain dire and he expects more retailers will go bust next year after the Christmas sales are over. ''There are more retailers currently under pressure than I've ever seen … I've been in retail 50 years,'' he told reporters after the company's annual meeting on Tuesday. His prediction comes less than a month after the collapse of discount chain operator Retail Adventures, which announced that 32 stores will close and 650 jobs go by the end of this month. More in the Linket
  9. Here is the continuation to your article Mr Medved from Zero- "This memo, more than any of the other spurious and speculative accusation about Buba's golden hoard, should disturb German citizens, and of course the Bundesbank (assuming it was not already aware of its contents), as the memo lays out, without any shadow of doubt, that the BOE and the Fed, effectively conspired to feed the Bundesbank due gold bars that were of substantially subpar quality on at least one occasion in the period during the Bretton-Woods semi-gold standard (which ended with Nixon in August 1971)." Linket
  10. What's with the socks?
  11. I'd be sending the peelers round for a visit if any of their lot bought anything- Linket
  12. AUSTRALIA'S budget surplus has evaporated and its mining investment boom has only two years to run, according to Deloitte Access Economics. The forecast marks a watershed in assessments of Australia's prospects, implying in the words of this morning's Access publication: ''The strong bit of Australia's two-speed economy won't stay strong for more than another two years or so''. Its report says the mining investment boom will slow more sharply than expected. ''Mining companies are making it clear the current spike in investment is due to decisions taken a while back, whereas we are getting few new mining mega-projects across the line,'' it says. ..Had to laugh, on the Iphone it had an ad for 'savvyapartments' in the middle of the article.. more at Linket
  13. I remember going to Bubblepedia when GHPC fell over, any other suggestions out there? Macrobusiness? Hobo Jo's? & Carlton have got up against Footscary despite fielding a injury depleted VFL team.. dogs are a rabble
  14. Had me wondering.. & nobody to ask wtf's going on either..
  15. The old 'underlying demand trick' chief! ''There's no reason for concern. The stock on the market tells you nothing about the fundamentals. It's underlying demand that matters. Melbourne's new homes market is in good shape,'' said HIA economist Andrew Harvey. Linket