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  1. Hi staringclown - can you add me to the list of survivors who will repopulate the forum after any apocalypse.
  2. Like Medved said demolish the existing dwelling then it's now a valid foreign purchase because it will require a new build. I don't know if there are any time limits on how long you can park your money there before having to build or if you can hold and sell to another foreign entity. A farcical but possible outcome would be established inner suburbs with good schools becoming entirely vacant blocks! Would a land tax mitigate this?
  3. In the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I've heard that RE agents are advising that $20k or $30k to demolish an existing dwelling is a good idea allow foreign bidders/purchasers. So the consequence of recent (feeble) attempts to mitigate the impact of foreign buyers on the residential property market is to visibly reduce housing stock. I assume this loophole was clear in any briefings to reassure RE lobbyists. There is a simple solution - no residential home ownership by non citizens. Foreigners here to study or work for a period can easily rent from numerous local investors.
  4. Currently the license holders are rarely driving, it's investors and other rent seekers. The license/plate prices are, like house prices, driven by the availability of credit. I drove in the distant past and one way to fix the system would be to make the plates owner operated, a named individual not a business entity. That is, a person can only hold one plate and must drive a certain amount and can have drivers working for them at other times. If the number of plates are limited this could find a different price to the current speculation. I don't know how this might work as the current system is totally gamed and abused. The current drivers are probably in the same category as 7/11 workers shown on Four Corners, being abused by their own ethnic connections, and (the owners and drivers) are undermining opportunities and conditions for people who want to work within normal minimum wage and other legislated standards.
  5. Here's a simple set of rules that could lead to less odious use of allowances. 1. Plan, book and pay for travel from either personal, private or party funds. 2. submit claim for payment of travel and include all public, private and personal events attended (with justification for the portion claimed). 3. claim is reviewed by 3 random voters from their electorate and an appropriate portion is refunded. (eg. 1 ribbon cutting, one party fund raiser and visiting new hospital, looks like 2/3 refund but electorate might think it's ok and refund 100% or say that since there is a fundraiser and they would be there anyway there should be no public support for travel - who know how it would go) This would allow direct judgement by their constituents and also have possible benefit of more prudent spending because of the risk that it would be their own money that was being used. Is this how the tax office makes a judgement on taxpayer claims?
  6. I would expect 50 investigators to produce several prosecutions each! Did the investigators leave their offices? Surely they could do the sort of data matching that can catch out welfare cheats and tax evasion, and apply it to both the buyers and the agents and agencies that are enablers of the fraudulent transactions. I wonder what sort of records for RE transactions this would need? Here's an unconfirmed anecdote. My friends friends wife works as a receptionist at a Melbourne RE agency and previously at another agency for a couple of years. A recently house buyer comes into the office and the receptionist recognises her from previous agency and remarks that she must like the area as this is her third house. Buyer emphatically denies this and states that she has not bought a house before. Receptionist later check with previous agency and finds that the name of the purchaser of the other properties has a slightly different spelling or word order, however some other details are identical. It is clearly the same buyer, whether it is legal or not is another question. An untrained individual who is observant and involved in the market can find a couple of suspicious transactions on a Monday morning, maybe the investigators need her as their team leader!
  7. HI Swaize I'm not a trader, but in Australia how exactly would I go long interest rates or short European bonds? What would I buy?
  8. As this has no details about the location or type of property it is likely that it is just a made up question. I am assuming it's in Australia, not in a collapsing European or other economy. However, I thought this might apply to buying the student accommodation or hotel/serviced apartments type places where you have ongoing fees but limited opportunities to find or keep occupants and cannot move in yourself.
  9. Hi Zaph We have a dishlex global 300 bought around 2000 or 2001 (late bronze age I believe) which stopped working last year, repair costs were going to be more than any cheap new dishwasher. I got an almost identical rarely used dishlex global 500 for $100 on gumtree to replace it. Might be worth looking into if you're able to install it yourself.
  10. I assume some here like the IT Crowd. One of the actors is in this Not always safe for work or children, but funny. Seasons greetings.
  11. Even though I probably don't agree with any of her policies, I am starting to think that the real problem is career politicians and the parties, probably been reading too much Armstrong! My current view is any independent or lunatic fringe candidate is likely to represent citizens and non-corporate interests better than any completely captured ALP, LNP or Green Apparatchik.
  12. I actually remember the Very Fast Train proposal from the late 80s early 90s. I think travel times were not that outrageous for Melb CBD to Syd CBD travel, however the proposed fares were pretty similar. I imagine the numbers were generated by the same people who run airport car parks and price them at taxi fare prices. A major issue then was that the developers wanted to capture all of the increase in land value either side of the train line for a large distance for years afterwards, I don't think it was commercially (or kickback) viable without this. I don't remember a plan for the developers to buy the properties along the route at (then) current market prices and then sell at market price after building the railway, that would have shown some faith in their ideas!
  13. I certainly used them when having a coffee or lunch by myself. What I do notice is that lots of people bring a tablet for their child to use at a restaurant. It annoys me when my relatives give the kids a device at a family event, especially at a restaurant. There are usually cousins and older relatives like me that the kids can interact with and it just seems rude. I do let the kids (including mine) use their devices and show stuff for a short period then It's 'grumpy uncle steveno' until the things are put away. I know that kids can be annoying and demanding sometimes but I think they are missing out on good socialisation and hearing some great stories by not interacting with everyone.
  14. I don't see him providing accommodation, he's more of a parasite, without him the same amount of housing would be produced as he doesn't build anything. His contribution is to speculate and so change the prices for ownership and renting. If he (and other speculators/easy credit/foreign capital) wasn't involved then the price equilibrium would be somewhere else.
  15. I remembered seeing something a while ago so I searched separatist and came up with from December 2012, he has a map of Europe and mentions (in his Yoda like way) that the Scottish referendum is on the way in 2014 and that there are lots of separatist movements in the EU. Does he predict a yes vote for separation? You could read it that way. It was the map I had remembered!