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  1. Which is worse, living in Canberra or 38 degrees @ 8pm? a bit of column A and bit of column B
  2. It's a cycle you say? Do you have a chart? What's the frequency? Every 120 years? Looks more like a trend to me...
  3. That response is up there with "Worse things happen at sea". I don't live in Russia. I live in Canberra. Where BTW it is still 38 degrees @ 8:00pm.
  4. Still, not as hot as Port Augusta @48.9 degrees And what's a few deaths somewhere else besides Sydney - sea breezes are awesome so if you don't want to die, move to the coast Fish aren't people so it's OK if they peg out
  5. Yeah, one swallow does not a summer make. It was maybe a perfect storm (pardon the pun) in terms of heat. Non-standard thermometer readings make it impossible to know. It's still weather (a single event) rather than a trend in weather records being broken on the high side. (climate) For example it's hot in Canberra at the mo. 37.6 @ 7:30pm with another three days forecast for 41 degrees. That's a heatwave but still weather. However, there is a stat - number of days per annum above 35 degrees which if shows a consistent increase over time, would infer a change in climate. I'm still waiting for those sunspots to kick in though. Cos f*ck my left boot it's hot.
  6. At least diamonds don't set off the metal detectors. And they're light weight.
  7. It turns out he's not keen on any debate. His rules for posting comment are: So to post a comment that comment must not conflict with the views posed in his echo chamber. Or else one would be banned presumably. Hard to lose an argument if you're not even prepared to have one.
  8. I'm not sure I understand the logic. One alleged temperature change from hotter to colder and the entire system is corrupt? What's the tweeters handle? I feel the need to go humiliate her.
  9. Leftards. That's funny. Well righties like fireworks too Surely Armstrong has a view on this cycle. Wealth gets concentrated and laws so unfair that the great unwashed rise up. Russia, France etc. Revolution is inevitable as the rich can't actually help themselves. That's what regulation is for. Granted, it generally only delays the process. The rich can hire lawyers to bypass regulation or get the rules changed. However, if one is lucky, one can avoid "interesting times" altogether. Solely a matter of when one is born. Personally, I'm sowing diamonds into my jacket.
  10. Very nice. Glad you're keeping cool. Leftists love a bit of bomb throwing.
  11. No, basically it wasn't...
  12. So tell me about the summer of 1972? You've lived in Sydney since when?
  13. Where's our sunspots C? Shouldn't they have an equal effect globully? Or they more of a northern hemisphere, winter thing?
  14. Meh, I wouldn't worry. The heat here is self evident. Even Cobran must be feeling it. Man I miss fireworks though. They banned them in the ACT since I moved here. It was the only place in Oz where they were still legal until nanny got to us. Getting bladdered and attempting to blow myself up was one of the few pleasures of living here. Scotland had them and I recall buying a biggest, fattest rocket for 20 pounds. All to celebrate the death of a catholic. There's something wrong with this country when we can't celebrate religious schisms.
  15. So you don't have air con?
  16. I am bound to say that the best porridge i have ever experienced was with Anders in Brissy. His delightful partner, I hadn't met met before, but Ms clown and I had the best time. We wanted to stay for lunch.
  17. shipping steel... Only because the truck drivers of this nation are the only ones with manners. 4000 K and a sincere thanks truckies. True professionals
  18. Bought time I say. Music being one of the three great pleasures in life. So I'll kick off, My likes are extensive. Started liking punk (pistols, skids, iggy pop, public image ltd, joy division) graduated to manchester beat (stone roses, insiral carpets, blur, smiths, the the, ride) and then everything jazz classical, opera, techno. Australian music (chris wilson, paul kelly, deb conway (including do re mi), go-betweens, necks, nick cave, dirty three, john butler,saints, ed kuepper) eclectic (squarepusher, orbital, art of noise, ) heavy side ( alice in chains, metallica, Anyway point is most things besides gangsta rap and recent r & b. but do lie grand master flash, spearhead, massive attack, disposable heroes of hypocrisy and the like. Play: bagpipes First concert: Kevin Borich express and Mi-sex Glen hotel eight mile plains First album: the cure seventeen seconds.
  19. BTW it's been kinda hot lately right?
  20. But ironically not efficient because they have to run 24x7x365.
  21. You don't think that coal power stations had setup costs? Coal fired power was all private? No government support? Try again.
  22. Farmers! Cobran loves anecdotal farmers evidence. Except Polish farmers of course that dispute his world view.
  23. Not one of the links proposed 100% renewable. What they did say was that 40% was possible with the current infrastructure. Anything above 40% requires reengineering of the infrastructure to incorporate more stored energy for when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine. Pumped hydro, molten salt solar etc.
  24. Reliability of renewable energy
  25. Not a disciple however?