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  1. Sure. As I said in my last post the cost for new build power stations is higher for coal. So if market forces are in play then we wouldn't choose coal, regardless of any other considerations. But again it is not that simple. If I owned a carriage maker back at the turn of the century and I knew that automobiles were being developed and I ignored new tech I'd be out of business. Business hasn't changed. Adapt or die. I'd turn your argument on its head. If we, who've signed up to Paris can't be arsed sticking to it then what authority do we have to demand change from others? China has massive problems with pollution. They need an alternative. If we grok the technology and solution first, because we have the drivers we can sell it to them. Actually, more likely they'd steal it, but either way it's a win.
  2. The mission statement of the Australian Signals Directorate is "Reveal their secrets. Protect our own". Doesn't specify who "they" are. Nor how successful ASD are in their efforts. I believe that we share most things with five eyes partners, but not all. The recent hack on the Australian Parliament (and parties) was undoubtedly a state actor and very likely China. It was quite sophisticated. There is little doubt that China are trying to get access to our intel. (and our five eyes partners)
  3. Yeah nah. If there wasn't a risk of stranded assets leaving the taxpayer on the hook, fossil fuels might be competitive. You are right to say that existing fossil fuels without any carbon price are competitive however the evidence supports the contention that new build coal plants versus renewables are not competitive. If we are letting market forces determine energy policy then let it roll. Negative externalities are always a part of business risk. CO2 emissions are a negative externality. We have signed up to the Paris agreement so how does the legislative risk look? Pretty high. That's why banks aren't lending for new coal projects. That's why the RBA have warned that CC is being factored into their models. That's why insurance companies have been factoring CC into their models and ceasing to insure high risk properties. All of these people have skin in the game too. Government policy is often used to influence behaviour. Smoking is discouraged using higher taxes. There are engineering problems that need to be solved to store energy for when the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow after a 40% renewable generation figure. The existing infrastructure can cope up until that point. It doesn't matter if you agree with the facts - they exist anyway. They don't require your belief.
  4. No they didn't introduce barriers to alternatives because the British gave James Watt a monopoly by act of parliament on steam power in 1775. To what alternatives do you refer? Title: "An Act for vesting in James Watt, Engineer...the sole Use and Property of certain Steam Engines...of his Invention...throughout his Majesty's Dominions for a limited time" Date : 1775 Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/PU/1/1775/15G3n83 Description : The first steam engine had been invented as early as 1698, by the English engineer Thomas Savery, and was developed and improved in the early 18th century by Thomas Newcomen. These engines were not very efficient and were only used in mines. It was not until James Watt and Matthew Boulton developed a vastly improved version by 1778 that the steam engine could be put to a wider variety of uses.
  5. An Australian f*ckwit murdered 50 kiwis. My sincere condolences. It shouldn’t have happened. I hope he receives the justice he deserves.
  6. Warmer winters are happening. "Decrease" is the operative word. The IPCC didn't say snow would cease altogether. Have you evidence of more snow with warmer winters? It's actually possible as snow requires more moisture in the atmosphere and temperatures below zero. Warmer winters will increase moisture in the atmosphere.
  7. "But that's because NOAA fake their data" says Cobran... Well what does the Russian BOM say? They must be part of the conspiracy too.
  8. Which bit? The cold days? Or the days later temperatures above zero "many times warmer than usual"? Your link doesn't back your argument and neither does the data. 202 heat records broken versus 21 cold records broken in January. Lowest Minimum Daily records Lowest Maximum Daily records Highest Maximum Daily records Highest Minimum Daily records
  9. What was the snake oil guy's forecast? Oh that's right he doesn't make any. He just sits back and critiques the BOMs. FYI it was 40.2 degrees in Archerfield in Brisbane for the first time ever in March. So the full extent of the heat didn't quite make it all the way to Brisbane Airport. The standard the BOM are held to is nothing less than one hundred percent accuracy everywhere? If they don't achieve this then they are liars? It's a deliberate campaign to mislead the public? Take off your tin foil hat brother. The BOM don't make the claim that they are 100% accurate, they publish the accuracy of their forecasts, so where does this clown get this idea. Simple, he made it up. It was still hot regardless so snake boy makes up some sh*t based upon some other sh*t to pretend it wasn't hot at all. And he sh*ts on about the BOM fabricating data! Wow, just wow.
  10. I'm sure I don't. The BOM is very good at what? I still have no idea what you are talking about. Do you have a point you'd like to make?
  11. FactCheck: do other countries subsidise their car industry more than we do? Who builds the roads?
  12. And apparently neither do you
  13. I have no clue what you are talking about
  14. I think it's using thermometers
  15. They do seem hell bent on losing. I'm not sure whether it's an attempt to clear the moderates out of the party or simple delusion.
  16. Queensland heat records for March broken as state's south-east soars above 40C Enough scandalous time-wasting on climate change. Let's get back to the facts Personally, I hope Barnaby and the Queensland Nats keep talking right up until the election.
  17. Considering the maximum on the 6th Feb was 50 degrees, do you you think I was referring to celsius?
  18. On the 6th March the minimum says 24 degrees. No homogenisation has occurred.
  19. What a band. Thank you queensland.
  20. Bought time I say. Music being one of the three great pleasures in life. So I'll kick off, My likes are extensive. Started liking punk (pistols, skids, iggy pop, public image ltd, joy division) graduated to manchester beat (stone roses, insiral carpets, blur, smiths, the the, ride) and then everything jazz classical, opera, techno. Australian music (chris wilson, paul kelly, deb conway (including do re mi), go-betweens, necks, nick cave, dirty three, john butler,saints, ed kuepper) eclectic (squarepusher, orbital, art of noise, ) heavy side ( alice in chains, metallica, Anyway point is most things besides gangsta rap and recent r & b. but do lie grand master flash, spearhead, massive attack, disposable heroes of hypocrisy and the like. Play: bagpipes First concert: Kevin Borich express and Mi-sex Glen hotel eight mile plains First album: the cure seventeen seconds.
  21. Suffering from cold weather are they?
  22. You mean along with the other umpteen thousands of spots that have been shown to you? And now that normal spring weather has returned you're hypothesis is what? You're a joke.
  23. Here you go chief. Here’s what NOAA said about snow 4 years ago.
  24. Yes, I do remember him never answering any questions and simply repeating more nonsense and ignoring evidence. He is incapable of refuting it, so he simply ignores it. I suppose this shows that he realises his own limitations. Doesn’t understand science. Doesn’t understand agriculture. Wrong about everything, all the time. He won’t even accept that a warm spell in winter caused peaches to bloom early. He still can’t distinguish between weather and climate. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for him to put up any evidence what he claims the IPCC reports have said.
  25. Nope, I watched the whole thing with a feeling of glee that you would be so dumb to raise an example that supports my argument rather than yours. The average date for last frost in Alabama is March 20. Frost this time of year is normal. Did your video say at any point that frost was unusual? In 2017 80% of the peach crop was wiped out by frost after another warm spell causing an early bloom. NOAA predicted the warming winter causing issues back then. Peach farmers started reconsidering their views on climate change back then too. Feb 6-7 saw warm records broken again for winter - causing an early bloom. Try looking at the weather data rather than behaving like a petulant child.