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  1. Your man Martin Mlynczak already said we were entering grand solar minimum... I didn't disagree. The global temperature will warm less because of it but it will still warm.
  2. As zaph said - yes it is consistent. It's global warming. Not just "a little bit of the globe that you cherry pick" warming. Persistent shift of the Arctic polar vortex towards the Eurasian continent in recent decades
  3. He has now. From my own rabid mindset, I think it shows that scientists are pretty good at slapping down other scientist's errors. So when you publish results they'd better be mathematically correct because there is a lot of scrutiny applied. It's got to be embarrassing for Ralph though. Still, at least he admits his errors and corrects them.
  4. Nope. Well, only if you choose to completely misrepresent his work. He is measuring the impact of the sun on the thermosphere and is more interested on its effects upon satellites. No one has ever denied the sun impacts the earths temperature. The solar cycle is estimated to have an impact of +/-0.18C Mlynczak made similar observations in 2009. In spite of this influence the climate is still warming during this period.
  5. Yep. I’ve lived in the UK and from what I remember it definitely gets cold in winter. It even snows sometimes. Doesnt make those sensationalist express articles you keep posting any more true. Heres why it varies.
  6. What, space weather? Probably not. Is this? Martin Mlynczak says carbon dioxide (CO2) is the leading contribution to climate change from anthropogenic activities.
  7. It sure is repetitive. I thought with such a dire warning that the UK met office would have similar grave forecast. Nope. Here's a similarly apocalyptic article from the express from 2016 upon the imminent arrival of some standard UK winter weather. January 2016 was actually warmer than the long term average Arctic SNOWBOMB to smash into Britain: Coldest winter in 58 YEARS now just days away I expect this repeat article will prove to be equally bollocks like most of the weather headlines that you google and post.
  8. Bought time I say. Music being one of the three great pleasures in life. So I'll kick off, My likes are extensive. Started liking punk (pistols, skids, iggy pop, public image ltd, joy division) graduated to manchester beat (stone roses, insiral carpets, blur, smiths, the the, ride) and then everything jazz classical, opera, techno. Australian music (chris wilson, paul kelly, deb conway (including do re mi), go-betweens, necks, nick cave, dirty three, john butler,saints, ed kuepper) eclectic (squarepusher, orbital, art of noise, ) heavy side ( alice in chains, metallica, Anyway point is most things besides gangsta rap and recent r & b. but do lie grand master flash, spearhead, massive attack, disposable heroes of hypocrisy and the like. Play: bagpipes First concert: Kevin Borich express and Mi-sex Glen hotel eight mile plains First album: the cure seventeen seconds.
  9. Not long - next election at best
  10. Oh yeah. This is spring btw. Record heatwave in qld and nsw
  11. I'm counting on it. Bye bye libs. ...
  12. Except for this one
  13. Can you point me toward the prediction from the IPCC that said that winter would no longer be cold?
  14. Not necessarily But I guess it depends on what you think the predictions were? They don't seem to be in line with what you say they are.
  15. Hehe. If I know my dodgy china bank they don't care where the money comes from. It's tick a box time to satisfy Oz regulations. At least that's what the four corners report will say. We tried they'll say... 3.1% is awesome at the mo.
  16. How did I arrive at my conclusions? When I proposed using the satellite data as a measure of temperature you rejected the idea due to a giant conspiracy of climate scientists. I thought OK, how about using the data from the people that actually measure the temperatures using thermometers at weather stations. I think I first passed through the looking glass when you started arguing that temperatures couldn't be reliably measured using thermometers. This was a revelation to me. A conspiracy of such magnitude was unfathomable. The coordination required to engineer this conspiracy this big would be so complicated. Especially, the involvement of the conservative weather station operators. Surely they'd call out any fraudulent doctoring of their own reported data? Anyhow, I was now in Bizzaro world and so asked what measure you would accept? You came back with agricultural commodity prices as a surrogate measure of global cooling. Tor had already pointed out that these prices do not have a sole dependency on temperature and there are a bunch of other variables that affect these prices. Disease, pests, bad farmers, market manipulation, good farming, oversupply - more farming of a lucrative crop, storage of last years crop etc. So price is a really bad surrogate measure for climate change. It was about now that I considered I'd passed through Bizzaro world and entered Bat sh*t crazy world. I thought while I'm visiting I might as well come up with my own surrogate for measuring climate change. Here it is: Hedgehogs per square inch. Hear me out. Hedgehogs are tricky little bastards. They can hide easily in long grass. This means if I get out there and start measuring hedgehogs over a wide enough area then less hedgehog count means more grass. Clearly more grass means there must be less cows. Less cows means less bovine flatulence. Methane is a major greenhouse gas therefore less bovine flatulence means less methane and lower temperatures. So I'll start surveying hedgehogs and if I find less over the next few years then I'll concede that global warming isn't real.
  17. One point you don't seem to grasp is that once you dispute the very data gathering of temperature, you have assigned yourself to irrelevancy. You can no longer have a position in the debate. You've effectively stated that no-one knows what the global temperature is doing, least of all you, so you have relinquished all claims to any further argument on the subject. Checkmate old boy.
  18. Evidence please. I'm not the one that disputes every measure of temperature. That'd be you champ. And BTW, I'm not asking for bloggers opinions or some sh*t that you drag up from your denial site links from arseholes that don't have a clue what the f*ck they're talking about. Actual evidence of frost damage in both hemispheres if you please. Broad scale frost damage caused by global cooling across the world leading to massive crop damage as is your claim. I won't hold my breath. You're all over the shop trying to prove _something_. Try arguing with more than just hearsay.
  19. Hunt for the wilderpeople soundtrack. NZ are killing us in the movie stakes lately.
  20. So climate change is complex and to difficult to measure unless the measurement of temperature agrees with your world view? In which case all other variables can be discounted as having any influence?
  21. How are you going to know if it cooling or not? You don’t trust any measurements.
  22. My all time favourite...
  23. Easy. He's wrong. Tony Heller or Steve Goddard (his alter ego) has no qualifications in climate science, has never published a peer reviewed paper on any subject. He has a blog and a twitter account, that's it. He has routinely doctored charts and cherry picks data in an attempt to misinform. Even Anthony Watts from wattsupwiththat rejects his laughable fabrications. His most well known piece of bullsh*t was that the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSDIC) claims of shrinking ice were spurious. I guess he didn't expect them to respond. When they did, basically calling him a bonehead, he issued a retraction. Next...
  24. Happy! - netflix A truly bizarre show - Schlock violence mixed with some animation and a smidge of supernatural. My kind of show.
  25. What on earth will we argue about now that property is dropping?