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  1. Can I? What about you find you find the mythical photos?
  2. Not long - next election at best
  3. No link then? Heavy snow in Greece or the Balkans? Does 2cm in one spot in Greece in the last 7 days count as heavy? Is this the heavy snow? Wow.
  4. This one perhaps?
  5. Not entirely sure what to make of this. Bad effects. General weirdness. Retro influences. File under strange. Almost like what gen z think life was like as gen x. no one actually believed dr who was real did they?
  6. Bought time I say. Music being one of the three great pleasures in life. So I'll kick off, My likes are extensive. Started liking punk (pistols, skids, iggy pop, public image ltd, joy division) graduated to manchester beat (stone roses, insiral carpets, blur, smiths, the the, ride) and then everything jazz classical, opera, techno. Australian music (chris wilson, paul kelly, deb conway (including do re mi), go-betweens, necks, nick cave, dirty three, john butler,saints, ed kuepper) eclectic (squarepusher, orbital, art of noise, ) heavy side ( alice in chains, metallica, Anyway point is most things besides gangsta rap and recent r & b. but do lie grand master flash, spearhead, massive attack, disposable heroes of hypocrisy and the like. Play: bagpipes First concert: Kevin Borich express and Mi-sex Glen hotel eight mile plains First album: the cure seventeen seconds.
  7. Barnaby. I was close enough to egg him and I missed my chance. I thought Manilla was on a big margin? I hope you're right about swivel-eyed Roberts and Clive for that matter. Roberts because he has the most punchable face in Australia and Clive because if he wins, every billionaire in the country will be splashing the cash to further their own agenda. Thin end of the wedge. Lambie just annoys me because she's a bogan. Still in a democracy someone has to represent bogans I guess. Vale Bob. I grew up with a vision for Oz which I didn't think would regress. Turns out you have to keep fighting your entire life.
  8. Who you calling stupid, stupid? The BBC report didn't say the heavy snow was in Greece. The Alps maybe? Can you show me a link where it shows that there was actually any heavy snow in Greece in the past couple of days? Or even the last month? As soon as I saw the ALLCAPS I knew it was another article from the Express. Do your homework or you'll keep looking like a knob.
  9. Well one guy as opposed to to the department but do carry on...
  10. Sorry. 100000 FHB per year apparently. The scheme is capped at 10000 so 10% of FHB get the right to have a 95% mortgage. My understanding is that the LMI is covered by the gov and a guarantee to reimburse 20% to the banks in the event of default. As it's a brain fart a bit more detail would be of benefit. The NZ scheme on which this is based caps the income levels of recipients at around 30% lower. My own hitlist is quite long
  11. Same places different day. See how easy it is to display "evidence" using headlines about weather? Those looking for spring might find it in Russia near the Arctic Circle. Temperatures there, Norman said, were in the mid 80s on Sunday. UK weather: Britain to bask in above average sunshine before cold spell Get ready for a warm May but winter could still pack a punch
  12. Looks to me like they are about to get some more funding. That's gotta burn? I guess the populace have been fooled?
  13. You're funny. He claims the results of warming as the results of cooling with no supporting evidence and you actually post support for his nonsense.
  14. How long will Scomo remain? Hopefully about 5 more sleeps. First home buyers policy giving 10% of FHB a LMV of 95%. Subsidy from the party of the free market. In my experience Bill, every time you subsidise something, it always pushes the price up
  15. So the more convincing argument won?
  16. Lovely - I liked the movie
  17. Thanks for the link. I guess it means you support the science?
  18. We'll see after the election how much support your views have. How so? The articles are based on the ratio of records broken on the warm side of 2:1. If there wasn't data to back up the claims it would be pretty easy to debunk them.
  19. Do you think that image covers the globe? I'm bored with you. Your views are irrelevant . You have presented no evidence to support your ludicrous claims You are alone. But good luck with your populist conspiracy theories...