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  1. Comey testimony will be a dud. There is nothing which can't be dismissed as being "taken out of context" in a court. I'm starting to get annoyed by a media which is constantly allowing trump to set the days agenda to whatever he wants it to be through twitter. FFS the word covfefe or whatever is endlessly analysed and commented on in social media. Who gives a sh*t? It takes his actual decisions off the front page. He must be giggling away in the white house. The whole deal is good for selling papers so the media love it and will keep reporting/analysing this sh*te forever. And falling into his trap. Willingly. The line between entertainment and news is irrevocably blurred. In the mean time the prick getting away with murder.
  2. Wasted wanderers...
  3. There is a load of frothing at the mouth from the left wing commentariat about impeachment. It ain't gonna happen on what has been shown so far (as much as I'd want it to). The man child is safe for now. Watch his RP compadres for any change in status.
  4. Which begs the question why are we cutting funds to CSIRO and increasing fees for uni students? A rail line between Brisbane and Melbourne smells like a dud. I haven't seen any cost benefit analysis. Yet it is being couched as 'good' debt. Investment in education is seen as recurring and therefore bad debt. Stinks of ideology to me.
  5. Meh. I'm battling for 6k on a TD of 250k so I'll take a risk free 6k. As long as it's not means tested of course. I doubt it applies to me this time either as I'm in a defined benefit scheme and am already salary sacrificing at the maximum allowed. Ms clown is maybe the only one that can take full advantage. I seem to recall that Morrison was talking remembering the renters? I can't see where that has actually happened. Scott Morrison says budget will remember the renters
  6. Scomo has always been ridiculous. When he gets replaced? At the earliest opportunity. Trouble is who would replace him?
  7. Budget so far...
  8. Thank god there are better days ahead
  9. Tony asks too many questions. Virginia Trioli or the other morning show clown are much better behaved and will explain the governments point of view far better...
  10. Sydney band
  11. The next recession will be exacerbated by household debt. And you're correct that they will say "No-one could have seen this coming"
  12. They were pretty popular in the clown household. Especially after they changed them so that they didn't go into super after expiring. I likely won't be different this time. It requires substantial income to take full advantage of game said accounts. In the absense of _actually_ doing something about CGT discounts and NG they are a consolation prize for the base. You mean like this non-answer. The question was about NG yet the answer mentioned the term zero times. Q&A The truth is that 64% of the country have a vested interest in property prices forever rising. The concern is hand wringing.
  13. A good report on Four Corners last night. Everybody except the government now supports a carbon price to support investment in the sector. Even the bullsh*t "clean coal" requires a price signal to make investment viable. I saw a piece on small scale solar rooftop investment. This site uses a crowd funding model. The business (a bakery) uses more power (through refrigeration) when the power is being produced. The power costs for the business are reduced and the investors receive about 7% pa return. I still have a few questions regarding the capital return but just thought it was an interesting model for small scale investments in renewables. Another site here has more info
  14. Thanks zaph. So more correctly I should have said Income tax at top marginal rate compared to 0-25% cgt. Reward for hard work is a myth.
  15. I'm enjoying the visual mr m...