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  1. Thanks for the weather forecasts chief. But you're still just a boring little tit. When/if you say something which is actually interesting I'll respond. Carry on.
  2. AFP raids on the media. It appears we've come full circle.
  3. I'm an atheist. A trend of facts eh? You wouldn't know a fact if it punched you in the face. So which side are you on chief?
  4. Will you be jumping on this anti-science bandwagon as well?
  5. Well that's because you're a bloody fool. And you're a liar when you pitch two frosty mornings as something extraordinary when weighed against the mean temp of 1.5 above the average. Normal is it?
  6. I doubt that two frosty mornings outweigh a mean temperature 1.5 degrees above average for the state.
  7. Can I? What about you find you find the mythical photos?
  8. No link then? Heavy snow in Greece or the Balkans? Does 2cm in one spot in Greece in the last 7 days count as heavy? Is this the heavy snow? Wow.
  9. This one perhaps?
  10. Not entirely sure what to make of this. Bad effects. General weirdness. Retro influences. File under strange. Almost like what gen z think life was like as gen x. no one actually believed dr who was real did they?
  11. Barnaby. I was close enough to egg him and I missed my chance. I thought Manilla was on a big margin? I hope you're right about swivel-eyed Roberts and Clive for that matter. Roberts because he has the most punchable face in Australia and Clive because if he wins, every billionaire in the country will be splashing the cash to further their own agenda. Thin end of the wedge. Lambie just annoys me because she's a bogan. Still in a democracy someone has to represent bogans I guess. Vale Bob. I grew up with a vision for Oz which I didn't think would regress. Turns out you have to keep fighting your entire life.