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  1. I doubt three years data would be long enough to draw a theory on climate whatever happened. In addition, you need a global picture rather than a continent or hemisphere. Even during cold snaps the temperatures in the rest of the northern hemisphere are higher than usual. See the map above. Cold snaps in the northern hemisphere are largely due to the Arctic Oscillation. The link has a short simple explanation.
  2. It's not really about how low a particular temperature is in a location. It's about the frequency of record cold weather versus record hot weather events globally. If there were three times as many record cold weather events as record hot weather events occurring over time (as there currently is the case with hot vs cold) you could argue the theory was debunked.
  3. Says who? Is that your own theory or just gut feeling? Here's what the IPCC report says. The facts seem to fit precisely with the theory we're being lambasted with.
  4. This is now a reheated story of a reheated story (pardon the double pun) I'm going to have to write a recursive bot program to deal with it when it inevitably raises it's ugly head again.
  5. I've made the point about weather versus climate to you before. If a cold snap in the states disproves global warming then a heatwave in Oz proves it right? Nobody has ever said that winter won't be cold anymore due to global warming. The temperature records are falling at about three to one on the warm side. If we're going to start claiming weather as representative of climate change, however wrong that is, I'll have a lot more headlines to post than you! Here's a map of the global temperatures on the 28th December. Can you spot the flaw in your assertion?
  6. We (Australia) have become vastly more interested in outgoing travellers since that guy used his brothers passport to go fight for ISIS. We are in the process of honing biometric scanning to ensure that that situation doesn't happen again. That is why outgoing passengers now pass through "smart gates". A lot of cash also gets smuggled so persons of interest can expect a lot more scrutiny on the way out.
  7. SSM passed and now law. Not a single amendment got up. A good day.
  8. Is there a result yet?
  9. Scomos pushing for super to be available for FHB. When the future is being raided you know they are getting desperate. They will stop at nothing. I'm with medved. Enjoy your life and hedge against what you can. I haven't read the article yet but will do so in a soberer moment.
  10. "Traditional" == austere? It does seem that the Japanese sacrifice individualism for the collective good. I wouldn't write off the post-apocalyptic wasteland style. Though I suspect a strict edo period resort could also work. With you as Tokugawa.
  11. Turns out not as many as claimed - here at least. The great conservative "silent majority" turns out to be a bit of a myth. Almost two thirds voted yes to gay marriage. Restored my faith in the country as it happens. I hope it emboldens Mal. But apparently the religious conservatives have hijacked the party branches in NSW and decide on candidates preselections nowadays. I'm OK with this as long as the constituents are aware of this. The Libs will eventually relegate themselves into obscurity. Time for a new party of the "middle"?
  12. I think Alexander will win the seat. The Turnbull government is on the nose but he personally isn't responsible and seems reasonably moderate.
  13. Diversity is the key to avoiding property pain Good grief. This is Labors fault and nothing to do with my own greed.
  14. I long to be happy. Can't avoid gas costs in Canberra in winter. It is required to thaw ms clown and myself out. Plus cooking with gas is a must.
  15. Not sure. Having been involved and witnessed more than my share of ego driven pub fights it generally begins with q: What you looking at? a: a deadsh*t? q: well don't just stand there? a: you ain't worth it mate q: f*ck off wanker a: you wanna go champ? q: I'll kick the sh*t out of you a: come on then? punch thrown. It's on.