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  1. Went to a pub in Canberra on Saturday night. 20 people per area was the law. We had 40. Social distancing was for other people. One fire lit inside and the other out. It was freezing so folks just gathered. Though fair enough this was pissed people. It's how I expect the laws will be respected at work. There's going to be the insistent that have to be at a meeting and violate the lift recommendations. Others who are just stupid. It's going to be a sh*t fight.
  2. It does make you question how bad the forecasted economic downturn will actually be? The debt has been ratcheted up for sure - but given the 60 billion underspend maybe it's a V rather than a U after all? If the rally in banks shares this week is indicative then maybe.
  3. I wonder if anyone has pointed out that being fat isn't contagious. Let alone that it seems to be a merkin' birth right. The bit about the preppers is hilarious. Contrarians no doubt.
  4. Prediction: Queue the revisionists that knew way back when that the country should never have gone into lockdown. That the damage to the economy is due to a lefty conspiracy to achieve one world government. It's time to free the country! They are coming very soon. Once they have opened their own bunkers and ensured their own safety - they will be letting you know what's what.
  5. Did he do it in his usual bored monotone? He's usually pissed off when he can't unload on some poor bastard.
  6. You won't get help during a bushfire. But a housing crisis - watch the manna rain down from the heavens...
  7. If he is actually taking it? I doubt it. He has bought some stocks and hopes to make a profit. Probably. People are now wargaming the options that this creature has for disrupting the elections if it looks like he's going to lose. Refuse to hand over power - delegitimise the results Call a state of emergency to prevent polling booths opening in inner city areas of swing states due to the second wave of infections Postpone or cancel the election Something else He is already threatening to withhold federal funding to states which expand postal voting! This sort of conspiracy used to be outside of my own credulity. It couldn't happen. Until it could.
  8. Bingo! Faced with an appalling US coronavirus death toll, the right denies the figures
  9. Dire predictions from CBA under a worst case scenario. 30 percent drop in house prices I always wonder whether these articles a more of a call to government for an assistance package than anything else?
  10. I’d have to have a wok. It steams, bbqs, fry’s, deep fry’s and if you strap it to your back it acts as a shield. If David Carradine didn’t carry one he should have.
  11. There's now loads of talk about a reopening of everything. My own workplace has just spent a fortune on a complete office refurbishment. The whole refurb was to encourage hot desking and limiting the work space to a much smaller footprint in cube world than I currently enjoy. Smaller desks, smaller cubes. More open plan. No blame attached. This design was in play way before this malarky. But it does pose an extra challenge in terms of returning to "work from work". There's no way that everybody can go back at once. Even queues for the lifts would expose weaknesses in the whole social distancing requirements. At some point though - the leap has to be made. I guess we're in a better position than the US as the hiatus has been used to strengthen the ICU responses and other sensible measures. All around me people seem to be accepting of this. Personally, I never want to go back. I think I get more done at home.
  12. Too easy. Just claim the deaths are fake news.
  13. Vale - Millie Small
  14. Nah. I love the idea of killing people with love but the sums don't tie out. $159,000 gross with $15000 p/a rent leaves 144K. Insurance, energy bills, staff costs leave me with bupkis. Plus the founder was murdered by his own son! I would certainly eat at a twelve seat diner - especially one that had the same heritage as the Cosmos. Until now - it's a six seater at best. Having said all this - there has to be a market (once we are past this) for a mythical diner with large portions and cheap prices and enough cholesterol to clog five men that will live in the memory of future generations? I think I'll call it StaringClowns diner. If I do it right I'll be responsible for more deaths than Corona. Totes coronary.
  15. I watched AK tonight. He had an instructive chart of the share account activity ramping up since March. Hoards of dudes pouring in and trying to pick the bottom. There is a load of cash just lying around. I'm not trying to say I'm smarter than the rest by any means. But that amount of speculation must be warping the market to degree and inflating the market on some falsish optimism. I know the market is based on the future rather than the current but even so... Trump seems to have abandoned any semblance of virus containment and gone all in on a healthier share market to boost his election chances. God help America.