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  1. I think it depends which show he's most recently watched on Fox
  2. Clown, Johnny Cash and The Who combined. Nothing not to like.
  3. Mal: "Snowy hydro - this was the result of the vision of the people that won the Second World War, that defended our freedoms - saved us. And they came home and they built this. There are big dreams in these mountains blah blah blah..." Have you ever heard a bigger load of wank in your life? I almost puked. I hereby announce a feasibility study... Not that I'm agin such a project, conveniently dragged out, just that it is the base politics that I despise. And the purple prose is appalling...
  4. It will be interesting to see how Malcolm reacts to Jay Weatherills' plan for SA. Initial reactions of legal action aren't encouraging. The feds have no plan at all and have sat back for six months and offered nothing but ideological bollocks to the debate. This is after 10 years of indigence over a energy policy by both major parties. The calls for a price on carbon are coming from all quarters now. The feds have been caught flat footed by the SA government. The SA policy may be flawed for not being part of a national solution but at least they have a policy. The take home message for both majors is stop dicking around with energy security lest it be taken out your hands...
  5. Can a party of protest support an unpopular incumbent with a preference deal? Apparently the answer is no. Admiring Putin can't have helped either. Gotta say I am pleased that she got whacked. The US brand of populism doesn't seem to apply here yet. Ashby needs to resign.
  6. Cue comments about the WA election being fought on "state based" issues. Partly true but no way a swing of the magnitude recorded has no federal implications.
  7. Can't see it. He's about as popular as a fart at a funeral. I don't know why Turnbull is confused as to why his ratings are headed south? He knows what the big issues are and he knows what the majority want done. Housing affordability - get rid of the tax breaks Climate change and energy - Quarantine some natural gas and go large on renewables (and research how they could be engineered to support base load long term) Pass gay marriage legislation He does this and his popularity may become large enough that the 70% of moderates in his party would support him against the dickheads.
  8. Scomo is cooking up some goodies for renters in the budget by all accounts. It will no doubt end up a damp squib if I know scomo.
  9. Another use case for data matching? Don't take an extended holiday.
  10. I haven't seen this issue since the upgrade. Have you cleared your browser cache etc?
  11. I'd be surprised if it's a simple port scan. There's online sites that'll do that for you at no cost using nmap. More likely they scan ports and send requests to discover software versions then see if the version has any exploits. Metasploit has good tool for this. They should if they are worth their salt be checking the owasp top ten web vulnerabilities as well. Though these are likely integrated into pen testing tools.
  12. There is a bit of that. I'm not seeing anyone first hand doing any data science really well. I've been to a couple of conferences of late though and there are a few examples of useful analytic systems. Telstra use real time streaming of log data from a various sources and have intrusion detection alerts based on machine learning 'patterns'. Anything out of pattern raises an alert. Apparently they busted a bunch of their developers going around the proxy server direct to the web. I think it's probably useful for marketing companies targeting advertising. I think it was Walmart that pitched some baby product at some girl in the states. Her dad saw the pitch and went down to Walmart to complain. The girl was pregnant and Walmart knew before the family based on search activity. The Centrelink robodebt debacle illustrates the limitations of the data matching side. Especially when false positives cause people a lot of angst. They don't have much fuzzy logic ability so if clients don't enter their employers business name identically on both ATO and Centrelink systems they get pinged for overpayments. Risk based systems like operational decision making can benefit I suspect.
  13. OR you could look at retraining in areas which are currently (or futurely) in demand. I'm personally keen on a masters in data science. I'm working on somebody else paying for it from a permanent position. A masters from ANU with them footing the bill. If push come to shove I'll pay for it myself. IT security and data science are the vogue areas ATM
  14. As long as you come back to be our ninja. Australia and NZ will forgive you.
  15. Maybe this is why he left the party