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  1. I think we're discounting that Cobran doesn't want to be found... The effort versus reward just isn't there.
  2. Nail -> head sol. Interagency co-operation is a bit of a myth. If I can use an analogy. (Sorry tor) Like children competing for their parents affection, agencies are competing for budget, so are reluctant to cede credit for any other agency for their own success in preventing baddies doing bad. We already share data and the prevention of badness is largely based on the skills that different agencies can bring to bear on the analysis of the data. I guess the argument could be made that efficiencies can be gained through centralisation of the effort. However, competition also provides the benefit of different approaches to the analysis. If increased communication between silos is the objective then I think that can be achieved without amalgamation. It does also seem that there is an ever widening focus on having access to the content of messages rather than simply the metadata. The letters content versus the addresses. I find this concerning.
  3. I'm sweaty thinking about getting killed. It's fair to say that there is a lot of fantasy on my part emulating US films where people being dicks cop some serious retribution. In my experience, reproaching bad behaviour (most recently with my bogan neighbours that were drunk doing burnouts in their front yard and messing up ms clowns washing on the line) was not fruitless. In spite of politely asking initially that they cease and desist I was challenged to a fight. Three against one. In my fantasy I dealt with the villains mercilessly. What actually happened was I declined the offer and walked away after re-emphasising my point. Being abused all the way back home. Sounds like a loss but after one subsequent burnout on the road in front of my house eighteen months ago there have been no further incursions. Given that I lack the skills that your training provides this is probably the best outcome that I could have hoped for. Your kind offer offer of accomodation would no doubt require a balancing the relative costs of hotel versus hospital in Nagoya. Ms clown informs me she is opting for the latter.
  4. I'm about to become part of a homeland security mega dept! Just to keep the right wing rump happy. Still, the amount of work connecting the systems of six+ agencies should keep me employed until retirement. :-)
  5. Running the Whitehouse like a family business. You could cut the sense of entitlement with a knife. There was a classic but of logic in an interview last week. If Putin had hacked you, he's so good that you wouldn't know you'd been hacked. Therefore the fact that we know we were hacked probably means it wasn't Putin...
  6. Congrats on becoming a sensei! When can we expect you to open your dojo?
  7. It is school hols. I'll organise a search party in the morning.
  8. Starting to get interesting now...
  9. How widespread are conservative views? Not very I think. Maybe popular among the base but they're a minority. Abbot is hell bent on destroying Malcolm. And not afraid of a Pyrrhic victory.
  10. Comey testimony will be a dud. There is nothing which can't be dismissed as being "taken out of context" in a court. I'm starting to get annoyed by a media which is constantly allowing trump to set the days agenda to whatever he wants it to be through twitter. FFS the word covfefe or whatever is endlessly analysed and commented on in social media. Who gives a sh*t? It takes his actual decisions off the front page. He must be giggling away in the white house. The whole deal is good for selling papers so the media love it and will keep reporting/analysing this sh*te forever. And falling into his trap. Willingly. The line between entertainment and news is irrevocably blurred. In the mean time the prick getting away with murder.
  11. Wasted wanderers...
  12. There is a load of frothing at the mouth from the left wing commentariat about impeachment. It ain't gonna happen on what has been shown so far (as much as I'd want it to). The man child is safe for now. Watch his RP compadres for any change in status.
  13. Which begs the question why are we cutting funds to CSIRO and increasing fees for uni students? A rail line between Brisbane and Melbourne smells like a dud. I haven't seen any cost benefit analysis. Yet it is being couched as 'good' debt. Investment in education is seen as recurring and therefore bad debt. Stinks of ideology to me.
  14. Meh. I'm battling for 6k on a TD of 250k so I'll take a risk free 6k. As long as it's not means tested of course. I doubt it applies to me this time either as I'm in a defined benefit scheme and am already salary sacrificing at the maximum allowed. Ms clown is maybe the only one that can take full advantage. I seem to recall that Morrison was talking remembering the renters? I can't see where that has actually happened. Scott Morrison says budget will remember the renters
  15. Scomo has always been ridiculous. When he gets replaced? At the earliest opportunity. Trouble is who would replace him?