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  1. Holy sheet! You got married? You in no way told us! Congrats! But even so, how do the poles like their chicken wings?
  2. Prediction: Trump has a vaccine in October.
  3. I had my second night out at a pub and bravely left my bubble. Immediately on arrival I was surrounded by people who seemingly had no interest in social distancing. A couple of beers in neither did I. I did what I usually do in such situations and found myself a complete stranger whose ears I could bash. A rather large chap. Arguably, threatening. The stranger was also out to bash my own so we got on like a house on fire. Bullsh*t was spoken. He was a poet. I never like to disagree with the claim that someone is a poet. What do I know? The qualifications are minimal. I've even toyed with the idea of claiming it myself. Except you sound like a massive wanker and you will no doubt be asked to recite a line or two. Which would most likely confirm the wanker point. So all night this other chap was there - and he was a bit annoying. Summing him up - womaniser, braggard, liar, slick bastard. He knew the stranger though. Long story short, As I was leaving three sheets to the wind, I said something to slick bastard about Trump. Mostly because I've lost all of the social graces since lockdown and in the dim recesses of my psyche remembered having a conversation on my previous visit to the same pub about brexit which may or may not have devolved into a shouting match with slick. Slick took umbrage. I called slick ironically a "f*cking clown" upon which slick went over to stranger whom I am now going to refer to as henchman. Henchman approached me for what I assumed was a damned good flogging. But I was wrong! Henchman wished me a good evening and confessed he never liked that clown anyway. We should meet again. Moral: If you're going to get sh*tfaced (and make a tool of yourself) in a room full of arseholes and express opinions contrary, then make sure to make friends with the scariest bastard in the pub first. Confucious wishes he'd said this.
  4. I like the idea of Caging it up but I wasn't really planning to leave Oz. Another reason not to invest. The 'opportunities' really need to be sighted. And even then I figured I'd just be a stranger in a strange land. One of the examples provided was a cement manufacturer. It was a subsidiary of a large European conglomerate. I could just easily as invest in that entity. As long as the tokens are limited in number - I'll give the stocks a burl. I need to get more than 1.5% return. I see a further decline when the stimulus runs out. I take your point however. Maybe the stimulus won't run out. For all of the talk that printing money causes runaway inflation I'm yet to see any evidence outside the oft cited Venezuela and Zimbabwe tales. MMT is proving more resilient a theory than first thought. The US has been running the printers hot for a decade. Where's the rampant inflation?
  5. 1. US is in turmoil. Other questions I think are relevant are: Why was he even there? Why was he armed and allowed to carry arms? Why does Trump get away with having the violence occur under his leadership yet project that the problem is owned by his opponent? 2. This was an announcible. It is designed to mollify and satisfy the press that Scomo is doing something. It may well be useless from a rational point of view. But that is hardly the point. If you need to defend against an attack that you aren't doing enough then going with Oxford Uni is a good call in Oz. Good white university. It's not like it's a real thing. It's a talking point. The real solution can be dealt with waaaay down the track.
  6. Oh yeah, he incites violence against his own people.
  7. New digital nomad schemes - Bermuda, Estonia, Czech Republic, Mexico and Portugal.
  8. God, I've missed a good Tor rant. Enlivens the spirit!
  9. Thanks for the response Turkey. My thoughts on the sovereign risk are in lock step. I posted because I wanted to get some idea of others thoughts. And to confirm my own prejudice. All of your arguments are valid. Though I do think that the same arguments could be made about Asia 10 years ago. That being said the same arguments about Asia have actually been proven correct! Cambodia is a case in point. Business success relies on greasing the right palms. If I was younger I might take a punt. I like the idea of spreading the risk exposure. I know Time Staermose personally. That doesn't mean he won't waltz off with my cash. Anyhow, back to the drawing board.
  10. A bit like Mengele. Lots of great experiments.
  11. This is the "they were old anyway - everyones got to die eventually" argument. They have no further economic value. They had it coming! I got nothing but opprobrium from wulfgar years ago from posting a soylent green post. It works when it's not you're gran, uncle or relo in general. The ultimate in economic rationalism.
  12. I watched the interview. Nothing I saw struck me as either partisan or duplicitous. Nor anything incongruous with Trump behaviour. Snopes isn't really required to validate the book. I'll loan you a copy.
  13. I'm curious mainly due to behavioural changes in the populace as well as improved treatment of the affected. Have you observed any of these factors at work? Otherwise it's herd immunity and f*ck the old.
  14. To what would you attribute the fall in death rate Anders?
  15. Does investing in Africa make sense? I have been sent this link. Africa has caught up with the 90's. Asia was in the same place not long ago. There is similar risk in terms of corruption and sovereign risk. ‘invest where it’s still 1981’ is the catch cry. This is the same people that bought you the sovereign man web site.