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  1. It's not that much different from the libs policy. Probably slightly more aggressive. There are a number of things that need solving for it to work. An increase in renewable energy generation. Places to power up as regular as service stations. Faster recharging of batteries Longer distance travel - though this is related to the previous point. I don't have the sums to compare the CO2 from petrol versus the equivalent coal burning CO2 emissions. It's a valid question and I will see if there's any data when I get a chance. No one likes waiting the five minutes for the guy in front at the petrol station to fill up, pay and leave. Let alone when they decide to clean their windscreen at the pump. Slow charging batteries and someone hogging the machine would require a new etiquette to be developed which if ignored would justify homicide IMHO. Given that most vehicle use is in cities and most Oz people live in cities and travel less than the current range for fully electric vehicles then this would be less of a problem. Also hybrid vehicles can overcome this to a certain extent. So a 50% target is achievable. Also fast rail. I have a ute and I don't expect that my use of it will be banned in the near future. I believe that electric SUVs already exist. I would buy an electric ute that had the same capability.
  2. He's a maggot. I almost hoped he'd win the leadership challenge against Turncoat. It would have put this election result beyond doubt*. As it stands Morrison has a half a chance. *That is if he hadn't declared elections illegal and himself dictator for life
  3. I missed zoidberg's performance. How's the mood in SEQ? I hoping to see the back of Dutton.
  4. So a half page blog with selection of 9 weather stations from the Japanese BOM trumps a major scientific report now. Why not the Canadian BOM? Must have taken him ages to find those cherries to pick! Turns out Pierre Gosselin the author has a bet on climate change Pierre seems to have gone quiet on the subject in the last few years after crowing earlier I had to go here to check the current state of play (very slow loading for some reason but worth the wait) Short of an asteroid strike he's done his (and his supporters) dough. But it's not too late for you to get in on the action. Get some skin in the game.
  5. Canada warming at twice the global rate, climate report finds Just like Russia...
  6. I can't tell you where the dow will be in three months but it would be fairly safe to say that it will be higher than today in 20 years.
  7. The image is unreadable (blurred) on my machine. The rest of his posts are vague.
  8. TBH I'm less interested in specific weather forecasts in favour of longer term trends. And the science has already acknowledged that solar activity accounts for about +/-15% of temperature changes. I'm not sure how you can claim that Russia hasn't had milder winters when they have had double the warming of the rest of the planet. The odd cold snap don't change that and the Russian BOM states this quite clearly. Global warming and Climate change are two different terms. One didn't replace the other. They mean different things.
  9. Not the US at the moment I agree. Not yet anyway. And maybe not for a few years. A change of government is required. Japan on the other hand seems to be withdrawing support for new thermal coal projects faster than expected. Japan to oppose new or expanded coal-fired power plants in blow to Australian exports
  10. So a cold front lights your candle? What about my Russia post? It's cold in Canberry tonight. Might even need to turn on the heater before Anzac day. OMG. Winters coming. How are those sunspots coming along? Did snake boy predict the cyclones?
  11. I'm happy for you to keep playing to my strengths...
  12. China is a net exporter. They won't be applying sanctions. Sanctions will be applied against them.
  13. China are the world leader in renewable energy development They haven't gone 100% for renewables for the same reasons we haven't, because it requires significant re-engineering of the grid. When sanctions start appearing against countries who have not met their emissions targets the comparative advantage will belong to whom?
  14. Sure. As I said in my last post the cost for new build power stations is higher for coal. So if market forces are in play then we wouldn't choose coal, regardless of any other considerations. But again it is not that simple. If I owned a carriage maker back at the turn of the century and I knew that automobiles were being developed and I ignored new tech I'd be out of business. Business hasn't changed. Adapt or die. I'd turn your argument on its head. If we, who've signed up to Paris can't be arsed sticking to it then what authority do we have to demand change from others? China has massive problems with pollution. They need an alternative. If we grok the technology and solution first, because we have the drivers we can sell it to them. Actually, more likely they'd steal it, but either way it's a win.
  15. The mission statement of the Australian Signals Directorate is "Reveal their secrets. Protect our own". Doesn't specify who "they" are. Nor how successful ASD are in their efforts. I believe that we share most things with five eyes partners, but not all. The recent hack on the Australian Parliament (and parties) was undoubtedly a state actor and very likely China. It was quite sophisticated. There is little doubt that China are trying to get access to our intel. (and our five eyes partners)