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  1. Dow now in a bear market. Fear outweighing greed. Leveraged economy now roosting chickens. Dudes fighting over sh*t in the shops. After 12 years of waiting. After the biggest short of them all. What's everybody buying? I've come in far too early with banks. Made some small gambits and lost. My plan is to keep buying on the way down as it ever was. Anyone have a different strategy? Any thoughts on where the bottom is? Any thoughts on the property market? Is this a 'U' or a 'V'? The irony is that when this forum finally ran down and the last bear gave up, the black swan appeared. You may have been right bears, but timing is everything. Now is your time.
  2. Nope. I closed the thread to you because you're this guy... Bye
  3. Well, to be fair he wouldn't be jailed just for climate change denial. He's met Trump and is trying on Trumpism for size. I'm not sure it will work here. I certainly hope not. I've been quiet for a few months now. The sheer ridiculousness of the rabbit hole that we have been dragged down by cobran20 is apparent to all. This is not meant to be a gloating post. But I'm still choking on smoke with 4 weeks left of summer. More a reset of the debate. Looking at you Anders. Adaptation and mitigation arguments in a vague concession to the reality don't seem to be cutting the mustard.
  5. Thank you both for your kind words. The thing I've always liked about our little forum is that I'm talking with humans.
  6. I unlocked it. thus is my super power. How big is the anthropogenic component? Big enough to change the outcome. What can be done about it? (Hint: global taxation is not the solution...) Why can't we have a campaign to plant a billion trees around the globe in 10 years? We just need a tree-roots [sic] campaign where 10 million people world-wide commit to planting 10 trees per year for the next decade. We need rain. And an absence of Bolsanaro Equally, why can't we have a market driven solution for a transition to non fossil fuel energy?
  7. The issue isn't ideological. Plenty of right wing governments accept the science. Other factors such as solar flares, moving of the poles, volcanic activity are in the model. If there's agreement on rising temperatures, then what? We fix it like we did with acid rain and the ozone hole. I'm not against people making a buck. In fact that is essential. Harnessing market forces to fix the problem is the way to go.
  8. Well you could always use your experience to make the world a better place... I lost my bestie last year. Cancer. Took a few months off in self pity. Now I feel like fighting again.
  9. This is a cracker. So is this.
  10. Yeah, what I was asking was whether you agreed with the proposition that temperatures were rising. If the rises weren't caused by humans then you must have some alternate theory? Mr M, I don't consider you as an irrational actor. Plus, I like your taste in music. I too am not after a soapbox. But after a month of choking on toxic smoke my patience for deniers is wearing thin.
  11. So the temperature is rising but humans have nothing to do with it?
  12. Anyone feeling positive about denial any more?
  13. And your grandchildren? How will they do?
  14. Even John Howard of all people...