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  1. Farmers. WTF would they know?
  2. Why bother getting facts at all when you can just spam a topic with google alert results.
  3. That was an awesome response. I'll personally start speaking with some more farmers.
  4. Ouch - a thirty year old article from the New York Times... Try this one. Or this one I could go on.
  5. You do understand what a tipping point is? You clearly don't understand the 30 year lag time in CO2 production...
  6. Yup - it's all looking pretty good. How to play Connect Four with Theresa May
  7. Is this what you actually believe? Or are you taking the piss?
  8. Really. So the murdoch press interviews local farmers prior to publication. Is that what you're claiming?
  9. So you trust the data supplied to the "agrarian news". Who supplies that data?
  10. That's horsesh*t. As usual. Do you accept the temperature measurements by the vast numbers of people that measure them or not? You're already using them as evidence anyway via your articles. A simple yes or no will suffice.
  11. Speaking of accountability, you've brushed past the point on the trustworthiness of data sources. You use my sources as does Armstrong whilst simultaneously trying to discredit them. That doesn't make any sense even in your alternate reality. Swaize made a post on the Armstrong thread regarding evidence based decision making. I must admit it gave me a good gut laugh. You responded without any irony. Blithely ignoring that evidence is required as part of any debate. And here you are again posting some ancient news article with no relevance to the debate at hand. Brushing sh*t under the carpet in exactly the same fashion as you accuse your opponents. But I guess that is what Trump supporters do. Bait and switch, bait and switch. All good in the climate change denial whack-a-mole game. It's always cold somewhere right?
  12. You left out the gerrymandering. Still, I'll take a punt. I generally try to keep optimistic. Obama won remember.
  13. 5% truth from the most honest president in modern history.
  14. Hehe. Is that a prediction for the 2020? I'll wager on that.
  15. The US have withdrawn from the Paris agreements while the liar in chief is in charge. Here's a prediction for you. Once this clown is gone US will re-enter.