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  1. 5-8%? Where? Lets ask the Spaniards, Americans and Irish shall we about RE risk?
  2. As an investor Housing is running at at about 25x earnings (4% yield). They are aren't chasing yield they are speculating on capital growth. No one in their right mind would borrow 90% to invest in a company 25x earnings.
  3. Median household income is $1200 a week. To pay half in a mortgage, $600 a week gets you a $445,000 loan @ 5.00% (25years). Where is the money going to come from? PS Each 1% (100bps) rise in interest rates adds approx $62 a week in repayments (at the start).
  4. Not long to go now...
  5. Sure looks like a bubble. Based on these charts and commonsense, the only way to keep the bubble inflated is to facilitate more household debt which is now at stratospheric highs. How are the vested interests going to get folks to borrow more when wages and employment growth are stagnant? When a household earns $1200 a week and a $400K loan is $600 a week how are the ponzi rapers going to get Baz and Betty to borrow $500K increasing their repayments to $$750 a week? The housing boom bubble came from easy credit and a willingness to submerge into debt peonage. How are they going to get the peons to go deeper under without wages blowout which ain't gonna happen? How?
  6. This headline caught me this morning for being so obvious and logical The Trouble With Asset Bubbles: If You Stop Pumping, They Pop They all do. Pop, that is. Census 2011. Median Aussie household weekly income is $1,234 A $400,000 loan takes half of that. So do we spend the rest on a bigger mortgage? Food? If we don't spend on retail, unemployment rises and the snake eats its tail. Wages growth is stalling so if mortgages grow by 20% to feed the beast (boom, boom) what gets cut in spending? Its over. No blood from stone and the boomers will panic. Burn baby burn. I have no sympathy anymore.
  7. ...financially burn you f*ckers. You deserve it for being stupid and believing this crap. And they will.
  8. Indeed 9 news Brisbane just told me amongst one of its lead items that house prices are going to boom with 37% (big RED numbers across screen)of auction visitors feeling that the economy is on the up and 46% (big RED numbers across screen)of auction enquiries being first home buyers. An interviewed real estate agent confirmed the truth. Just 10 minutes ago its all good boom, boom, boom.
  9. Peter Schiff predicted the GFC Thats the USA. We inflated the bubble and KRudd lured more victims. We are different according to Auntie's resident tosser. No says tosser ...All backed by a housing bubble
  10. Abbott could well be Australia's José Zapatero or Bertie Ahern. Unfortunately the bumbling f*cks in opposition. are incapable of picking up the pieces with KRudd present and megalomaniac Shorten in the mix.
  11. +1 Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite (Every nation gets the government it deserves) - Joseph de Maistre 1811
  12. I like Bob Shiller's quote today... "for the long-term buyer, the fact that [prices] are going up now doesn't mean anything for where it will when you sell."
  13. I believe one is not to associate oneself or identify oneself as an employee before bagging or criticising, and yes forums count. Its wrong in so many ways but thats the rules they generate.
  14. Oh boy.