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  1. Yeah, I read this too. Seems like the entire process is more about shifting attitudes and bringing mindsets forward into a more educated environment. The Ponzi more or less preys on not only the greedy, but also the uneducated and we have plenty of those locally as well. The crime is though that not only does the government of the day not police it, but they actually aid the process as well.
  2. Open the front page of any newspaper for the last decade and you have RP Data figures plastered all over it with these figures... I don't think it's going to be any surprise to anyone in the country that house prices are up... I'm actually surprised this country hasn't devoted a damn national holiday to the subject, they're that euphoric over the figures in recent times!
  3. What the friggen hell does that have to do with what we were discussing? I'm talking about bloody housing help and you're talking about student loans?
  4. <mod edit> SHH argue in PM so the audience can hear the movie. <mod>
  5. Well before I had my balls caved in on the other thread by some immigrants who didn't like what I had to say (resulting in the thread locked without my own right to reply) I WAS going to mention that it's not a new discussion by any means. There's a number of sources online that detail the effects of this 'skilled worker importing' policy, but I think the best discussion I can find come from the government itself. Whilst the people in the other thread were too busy jumping up and down, pointing fingers at Firefly calling him a racist, they completely ignored the fact that this policy is acknowledged by the government itself as to having flow on negative effects and I quote : Whilst it's overall a positive spin, there's acknowledgement from the shadow that we should be training internally before going abroad, but we are NOT doing that! We are actually giving away MORE university positions to overseas students!!! Overseas student enrolments in Australia at record high The thing that gets MY goat is that if you dare express a negative opinion to what amounts to nothing more than short changing the youth of Australia to global markets you are immediately labelled xenophobic or racists, even when (as in the previos thread) said immigrants are telling the locals to GET A BETTER JOB OR GO WITHOUT! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this picture I ask you? How many people have we already imported and the government is just chasing MORE? We can go even further into the political debate looking at party politics - the difference between what their 'official' stance is and what their underlying sentiment is here on thewiki discussing the issue But it goes even further as the sentiment seems to be finally turning on how much of a rort it's become in recent times : Australia prepares to fine tune immigration policy NOW we're starting to get to the truth.... But the longer you folk out there keep kicking people like dear old xenophobic/racist firefly in the balls over the issue despite what the hell your so called elected leaders are admiting publically, it's continue to grow and be a problem down the line. The fact that immigrants are being knifed in the damn street by local Australian 'thugs' shows what happens when we just ignore the issue or put it in the too hard basket to discuss as per rules of social ettiquette and political correctness. I'm just sick to death of people crapping on about values and dancing around the very grey areas that are being taken advantage of. The country is being deliberately sold out from under our feet and the moment we stand up and get counted for our protest on the issue what's the response? You're a racist. What an absolute JOKE!
  6. Okay, if my talking about 1939 foreign politics is considered off topic... what a mother fark is all THIS crap since?
  7. Knowing our luck, most likely. It's like Backyard Blitz where they go to rework the backyard of someone with a great home in a great street... but just need the backyard done because Grandad has cancer of the balls or something. The people who really need the help are generally ignored and that's par for the course in modern day Australia.
  8. That's YOUR opinion. If you're willing to step into MY country and start laying down accusations and not expect a little flack in return then you're naive in the extreme. Problem is, I can't debate a topic of point with you when you're already a bias participant in the discussion. Fact is, the government has been very bad in recent times on many things, including local investment in education and it's only this reason that has seen the need for you to even get a visa into the country. But ask any Gen X/Y about your presence here and you're likely to get the same response - piss off back to where you came from. I'm Australian born and bred, if you're coming from OS with an attitude, you're likely to get a kick in the arse back to where you came from. f*ck me, I wouldn't dream of going to the USA atm with their problems and tell the locals 'if you want a home, get a better job' They'd likely shoot me for such an insult, and rightly so. But as you can imagine, I don't hesitate to aim sites at any demographic I think has a hand to play and as a local, I resent your presence in this nation as competition for both jobs and resources. You see, you might have a condescending attitude to the locals on your own ideals, but only the foolish would think to rub them into other people's faces. Thugs those people on the coast might be, but you have to wonder what would drive such people to such a riotous act in the first place. You make it sound like it's just one demographic that thinks this way. You'd be wrong. I'm just one of the few who won't spare you the social niceties to tell you how I really think on the subject. We have a tough enough time dealing with the unfair competition our aging political demographics and tax system provides us, imports from OS are not helping the situation I'm afraid and you're unlikely to find a warm handshake from anyone in my position looking for a place to live. Call it racist if you prefer, but I'm just being a realist about it. If someone I want to vote for politically has an agenda to remove the skilled immigrants from our shores, I'll vote for it. I don't want you here and I don't need you here either and that's the bottom line.
  9. Lol yer, sorry about that. WW2 is something of an interesting lesson in human history, propeganda and the effects of corruption in high places. Sort of a pet topic of mine so if people bring it up I tend to swing into discussing it. Back to your regularly scheduled program...
  10. Swan is a liar. He's happy for the banks to move on this as a free market. If he wasn't, he'd go back to government regulation. They WANT the banks to act like this because it does THEIR job of managing the economic train wreck they're creating AND provide them a political way out to save face when it all goes to hell. Government changes laws on regulation, lending and taxation. Financial institutions provide the market as required and make a tidy profit from it. Government points fingers at the banks and say BAD BANKS Banks laugh and look forward to the next quarter's profit results. Sadly, no one connects the dots in the media and casts such an uncomfortable spotlight on these enablers to show the public just who they really should be blaming. But some of us are not so stupid...
  11. that's a fair point and I agree with you on it. Let's just say that as a Sydney local...getting offers like this are very few and far in between for a reason. I'm always highly suspicious of a freebie. But this one might be alright... I'll probably put in an application.
  12. So departures are on the rise as well is the general gist? See, you can't take one set of data into account without looking at both sides of the coin. But I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar there's more departures back to certain countries than others. NZ and England are not too bad in terms of living standards... but other demographics in the list represent absolute sh*tbomb nations... ie plenty coming here, very few going back. I don't doubt they skew the figures. In addition, I'd rather trust the educational credentials of someone from England or NZ than some of those other countries on the list... because some of those I've had to deal with and trust me, they're f*cking retarded yet have 'professional' qualifications from their home nations. Mind you, with the way Australian universities are selling our qualifications to international students, I'm not sure we're much better anymore. No one seems to give a crap about STANDARDS anymore it seems...
  13. I wouldn't worry, the mods are in overdrive here this arvo with the gagging. You'll be back to your own 'don't post here unless it's with cheeriness, butterflies and bunny rabbits' posting soon enough....
  14. Anyone got the export figures as well? I'd love to see how many got here, went 'fark THIS' and went back home again
  15. He didn't have a dictatorship until Hindenburg died mate, he was still fearful of not only the SA, but also the military as well. Whilst he had effective democratic leadership, he was still the target of internal political interests, especially those from military sources. Back in those days a military coup wasn't out of the question. Whilst Hitler had his own agenda, he still had a big target on his head. It wasn't until he was able to rework the constitution for all the military and parliament to swear fealty to the fuhrer himself that he had complete control and an effective dictatorship in Germany. The democratic elections were honestly only the first stage of him having complete power in the country. He still had to dismantle parliament, take over the military and replace the SA with the SS before he had complete control. But even then, the population were still behind him all the way as during this time he was very active in the economical sense, with massive public projects (like the Autobarn) which increased the workforce publically by about 3 or 4 million at the time. Hitler's rise to power wasn't an overnight thing - it actually took years and even after the first invasions began, he STILL had the vote of support from the German people. Hitler wasn't even at the height of his power until he had taken France and during that period, Germany was the best performing economy in the world. With the fears of war lessening and the prosperity of the german nation and many of the old losses from WW1 avenged, Hitler enjoyed a massive popularity with his people. Even internationally they loved the guy... fark even the US emissary at the time had nothing but praise for what Hitler was doing!