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  1. Got off arse and upgraded server and forum. Back to boring blue again, yay We shall not speak of how old the PHP version was.
  2. The guy who runs this is a serial entrepreneur and has co-working space. I know a few people that know him. Seems like a logical extension of other micro-investing platforms, eg Acorns. Disclaimer: I bought 1 brick in their cheapest property the other day >.>
  3. I haven't used this site for years ... and can't log in to the admin section because of the damn phishing alert - its coming up as "hacked content detected". Google is reporting the home page and the government policy thread as phishing. The site is horribly out of date and I can almost guarantee my email address is wrong as all my addresses went the way of the dodo when I moved to Sydney. Enough people report it as an error (link on the bottom of the popup page) it'll probably go away, presidential election has ruffled some feathers. I work for a security company at the moment. The irony. It burns.
  4. I changed his theme in the admin side.
  5. Not much I can do about this - ran a script that restored *some* of the avatars, but not all. If yours is missing, just pop it back again. Damn version upgrades.
  6. Someone hacked your dns. Ping is about 150ms for me, which is a lot lower than it used to be. This has to be a good thing, right?
  7. Just letting y'all know that this site is slated to get moved to another VPS sometime in the next week, so there might be a period where its down, or not working, or being funny, or something. The ping should improve, moving it from the US to closer to home, and away from another site that takes up most of the resources and affects all the sites it shares with.
  8. Thanks to Sherlock and a poor, overworked IPS tech, it turns out that there is a bug in the code that generates the messages that report how many posts are remaining. There's the long, complex explanation. In the meantime, be assured that some of the time it tells you the right number of posts remaining, sometimes it doesn't, and it isn't hidden admins removing your remaining posts at all, its just a case of software being too complicated for its own good.
  9. There's a size limit both in dimensions and bytes, you should be ok at 90x90, .jpg or png. Animated gifs are probably stopped too.
  10. Back on topic, I would just like to point out that I have more authority here than anyone else. Forget deleting the occasional post, I can delete ALL your posts. Or entire users. Forums. Websites. Small cities. Not planets though. Now, as you were ...
  11. Monochrome is the closest to a robot on this forum. For some time there Monochrome had an entire IRC channel convinced it was not human. Whatever it is, it is genetically compatible with human DNA, but that still doesn't answer the original question. I've seen Battlestar Galactica, after all ...
  12. Snazziness in its not-finished-yet state ...
  13. It feels really peculiar accidentally tabbing to this forum from the local copy - which is green (as per the old one) and much snazzier looking. This place is so ... so .... blue!
  14. Probably another hangover from the switch. The entire board is set to +9:30
  15. Ok, that is a temporary stopgap for now ... Photos are all from Flickr under the CC attribution license. Going to need to sticky the attributions for them somewhere. There's no generic 'welcome' post yet to put them in ...