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  2. Cold weather until 2025 The Winter that Will Not End Failure to Plant Crops Australian Conservatives Win by Thin Margin
  3. The buttf*ck city on our west coast has seen its coldest pair of May mornings in over 100 years of records, including frost link
  4. Yesterday
  5. The buttf*ck place across the ditch is now getting below normal temps, including that ever disappearing white powdery stuff Weather: 'Cold snap' brings -9C temperatures to New Zealand
  6. Here are some I quickly found from earlier in the month of May (mid spring in other words): Greeceā€™s weather gone crazy: Snow falls in May (video, picts)
  7. Can I? What about you find you find the mythical photos?
  8. Time to replace the useless polls with Stantic's report
  9. Last week
  10. Mid May in another buttf*ck place Winter has come to California ... in May. Record rainfall, more snow on the way and lest we forget... Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013'
  11. Fatso spent about $60m on the campaign for about 3.5% of the votes. Can he afford his next meal without going on a diet?
  12. Noticed how Labor got decimated in QLD, a state where they had to pick up seats. There will be a lot of soul searching over that one.
  13. Money can't buy you love. Palmer won't get a senate spot. Not sure about other states. Early election coverage doesn't cover the senate enough. Green said Palmer spent $1500 per successful lower house vote; at least he'll get $2.50 per vote from the AEC,
  14. Shifty has admitted defeat and will resign as Labor leader. At least Tony A butt is gone. But the other right wingers seem to be holding on. Watch the coalition lurch to right now or Dutton will knife another PM.
  15. Antony Green calls it a Scomo win at 9:31pm. Looks like Scomo will remain until at least 2022. Now will there be an investigation into Russian influence in the election?
  16. You can find other photos with more. In any case, it is May, it is unusual, it is Greece ... and it is more of the ever disappearing powdery stuff.
  17. No link then? Heavy snow in Greece or the Balkans? Does 2cm in one spot in Greece in the last 7 days count as heavy? Is this the heavy snow? Wow.
  18. This one perhaps?
  19. Last I checked, this buttf*ck place is also situated in the Mediterranean sea: Mediterranean island of Corsica witnesses snow in May and new records could be set in one of your usual buttf*ck places Showers, drizzle and a potential record cold temperature and one of our own buttf*ck places could get crispy: Perth weather brings an early blast of winter as temperatures set to drop to 3 degrees on Friday
  20. should you have gone to Specsavers?
  21. Did you notice this minor story published this week: Drought forces Australia to import wheat for first time in a decade You would think that all the evaporation and subsequent condensation from those warming oceans would provide ample rain. Instead we're getting what the dissidents have been forecasting. It's a real b!tch when the facts get in the way of a good story.
  22. I think throwing a shoe would be more appropriate for that man. 3 odd percent from memory. Anyway he's set for a fourth term Long live Bob!
  23. Not entirely sure what to make of this. Bad effects. General weirdness. Retro influences. File under strange. Almost like what gen z think life was like as gen x. no one actually believed dr who was real did they?
  24. Barnaby. I was close enough to egg him and I missed my chance. I thought Manilla was on a big margin? I hope you're right about swivel-eyed Roberts and Clive for that matter. Roberts because he has the most punchable face in Australia and Clive because if he wins, every billionaire in the country will be splashing the cash to further their own agenda. Thin end of the wedge. Lambie just annoys me because she's a bogan. Still in a democracy someone has to represent bogans I guess. Vale Bob. I grew up with a vision for Oz which I didn't think would regress. Turns out you have to keep fighting your entire life.
  25. Who you calling stupid, stupid? The BBC report didn't say the heavy snow was in Greece. The Alps maybe? Can you show me a link where it shows that there was actually any heavy snow in Greece in the past couple of days? Or even the last month? As soon as I saw the ALLCAPS I knew it was another article from the Express. Do your homework or you'll keep looking like a knob.
  26. You're not that stupid to think that nobody else has noticed the discrepancy between forecasts from the Dept of Settled Science and actual outcomes? How was that mild winter forecast that NASA projected for the US? That 'ever disappearing' white powder that fell in record quantities was presumably just fairy floss? and there is still more of that white stuff falling at a time it should not: Wild weather forecast: Feet of snow in the West; severe storms in central USA, milder East and across the ocean, the mediterranean buttf*ck places are also getting it during the middle of spring: BBC weather WARNING: Europe braced for FREAK shift as HEAVY SNOW hits Greece So why is it that the two dissidents that I monitor have predicted this for years, yet the Dept of Settled Science with all its expensive (and paid by taxpayers) resources cannot match that accuracy?!!
  27. I guess we'll get the detail after the scheme has started, most likely towards the end. For some reason Barnaby will get in easily. I'd like to see that mean spirited bloke go too. The member for Manila hasn't been targeted by the left so he'll be fine. Not sure why - he is an easy target. It's certain Roberts won't get in. Perhaps one phony senator, most likely from WA will just scrape in. If one nation get's any seats, they won't hold them by the next election. Clive will get in. Perhaps another one or two senators. Most likely no lower house seats. I think he's good for the right and will mostly be asleep or absent from parliament. Back by popular demand. But no other Katter's. His family, ops party, have their hands full in QLD state seats. Likely to get returned. Pretty harmless. Who? Not a chance. Good chance of getting in due to Tasmania's small population. It's pretty easy to get a senate spot in Tas.
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