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  2. You've got his contact details there. Feel free to contact him and explain why he is so wrong. Please keep us informed.
  3. The Worst Heatwave was the 1930s
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  5. I agree - Duffy should definitely lose his tenure. Knows nothing about climate science and just keeps putting out ill-informed false information.
  6. Moment of truth for the Dow. Is it a Megaphone or not?
  7. It’s the Volatility – not the Temperature!
  8. Looks like this Professor's tenure is about to be terminated early! Dr Geoff Duffy: Methane stance way off track WHY IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANY of the NON-CONDENSABLE GREENHOUSE GASES TO HAVE AN APPRECIABLE AFFECT on WEATHER and CLIMATE CHANGE Is the Dept of Settled Science already writing his obituary due to accidental ingestion of polonium?
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  10. Agricultural Loans Declining Right on Target
  11. This is what the snake oil salesman has been forecasting for Australia on his FB page, for at least over the last year that I have read his posts, and presumably to his clients for longer: Drought of 1891 to 1903 reconstructed shows today's conditions likely to have more devastating effects Naturally, that 1891-1903 Federation drought was also caused by man made climate change!
  12. Friday Satanism then.
  13. Thanks. The $A should follow gold.
  14. Well, we can add central Europe, Russia, with a special mention that Poland has been added as a summer buttf@ck place.
  15. I'm stating that from what I have seen of the current opposition, the electorate will stick with Scomo. They are not putting forward much of an alternative. Early days, but Albo is looking like another Beazley.
  16. So june became july and its probably a high in the dow and gold Next turnpoint is september area Yes medved i agree it could be a september low in the dow. Private blog summary: Dow up into 2022ish so buy the dips this year Gold up into 2024? Buy the dips Emerging markets will crash, europes economy declines, Dollar rallye ahead and eurondecline and pound decline into 2021 2022area monetary system crysis worldwide, bretton woods style, dollar reserve system change If your not making tons of money the next 4 years youre doing something wrong
  17. Just imagine a world, where everything is cheap relative to salaries but no one can save enough money, cause inflation outpaces wage growth AND a credit/loan at a bank will cost 8% annually... So good to have savings at that time! At the moment inflation in switzerland according to my guesstimate is 4% In Singapore they have good gov. Statistics izs also 4% Yet loans can be had for about 2-4% in Europe so all we would have to do is buy a cheap asset like a farm/commodities/agriculture with bank-money (in eastern europe like Czech its cheap) and inflation alone would cover the interest and when commodity prices go up again its profit time! Food/commodities are the ONE thing thats cheap. Im sure there are stocks of companies who buy farmland.
  18. I think I've played this at least three times. But it is worthy of reprise. And it fits the current black/death/grave/tomb theme
  19. It's only Wednesday so I can hold back the worst of my satanic influences as much as I enjoy them... Come friday however.
  20. Well then
  21. So you're now in favour of the CGT and NG rules?
  22. Saxony eh? What about the globe? Earth just had its hottest June on record, on track for warmest July So how you feeling about the magic bean transaction? First caller in the next 30 minutes gets 1/2 price!
  23. I'm liking the witch music.
  25. Ah, like watermelon? More subversive than I thought. Iranian metal could be as anti-American as I liked I'm assuming... A bit like the Clash... If I submit my candidacy can I nominate you?
  26. For the bats
  27. Hmmm... Not the most attractive critters. I dare say he could swoon them though.
  28. Banana is a Chinese term for a Chinese person who has adopted western ways. As in yellow on outside white inside. It is meant to be an insult, to shame them for rejecting Chinese culture. Iranian metal...another example for your thesis. I'm happy to be your PHD supervisor ;-)
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