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  2. I think I've played this at least three times. But it is worthy of reprise. And it fits the current black/death/grave/tomb theme
  3. It's only Wednesday so I can hold back the worst of my satanic influences as much as I enjoy them... Come friday however.
  4. Today
  5. Well then
  6. So you're now in favour of the CGT and NG rules?
  7. Saxony eh? What about the globe? Earth just had its hottest June on record, on track for warmest July So how you feeling about the magic bean transaction? First caller in the next 30 minutes gets 1/2 price!
  8. I'm liking the witch music.
  10. Ah, like watermelon? More subversive than I thought. Iranian metal could be as anti-American as I liked I'm assuming... A bit like the Clash... If I submit my candidacy can I nominate you?
  11. For the bats
  12. Hmmm... Not the most attractive critters. I dare say he could swoon them though.
  13. Banana is a Chinese term for a Chinese person who has adopted western ways. As in yellow on outside white inside. It is meant to be an insult, to shame them for rejecting Chinese culture. Iranian metal...another example for your thesis. I'm happy to be your PHD supervisor ;-)
  14. Ugly! Just shows how much of a teenage goth chic you are. He makes bats swoon. Something about bone structure.
  15. Because it's you C the bean price will come with a significant discount.
  16. The price so far must be in the $squillions
  17. I thought you were going to ask me the price (of the beans).
  18. The pettiness and frustrations are obvious - no explanations required. But what about those doomsday failed forecasts from your Dept of Settled Science that taxpayers were put on the hook for? When will they materialise?
  19. I've magic beans going cheap if you're interested?
  20. There are plenty of Gann books you can decipher. But I'm happy just monitoring the snake oil salesman's accuracy, which is based on Gann. Needless to say, my money is with him.
  21. I'm favouring the Japanese. Well produced video and better sound.
  22. Does it? I ask you to explain but there really isn't much point is there?
  23. Sure. And while I'm at it I'll buy a copy of "The Secret" and will my way to fortune. I guess I'll just have to take your word for it.
  24. That sums up your case perfectly.
  25. Read Gann and you can find out. After all he had a track record in successful market forecasting. Whilst on the subject of forecasting, how does this match against the predictions of the the Dept of Settled Science vs the two dissenters? EAST NETHERLANDS RECORDS ITS COLDEST EVER JULY TEMPERATURE Notice the use of that dirty 'F' word again.
  26. This one's growing on me. A bond villain singing goth. He's a very ugly man - especially with a torch under his chin.
  27. I'm rapidly forming a theory (AKA a thought bubble) on societal repression and the reaction against it through music I've a thought bubble on using the extremity tolerated in music as a surrogate measure for the repressiveness of a society. Though without a translation it's a difficult thing to prove. They could have the most violent guitar riffs and be screaming how much they agree with the governments policies. A bit like Christian rock. It's generally sh*te. There's probably a PHD in it but I'm far too lazy to pursue it. For instance in this lame little ditty from China they are probably just singing about yellow bananas...
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