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  2. Don't forget to add your name... Wind Farms for Warringah
  3. Those buttf*ck places like setting records ... that fly totally contrary to the settled science Denver Weather: City Sees Biggest Late May Snow In 44 Years Denver weather: City breaks 128-year cold record on Tuesday Naturally, the so called warming a totally new phenomenon ...
  4. German Failure on the Road to a Renewable Future
  5. Just a temporary blip. It will still melt real soon now. Nothing to see here, move along please Greenland Glacier Reverses Course, Scientists Stunned
  6. Rather be called a fool than a fraud. Where is the disappeared snow, sinking Maldives, etc? Why are we getting record cold weather so long after they forecasted nothing but ever warming climate? The multi billion tax industry based on erroneous science that has not produced any accurate forecasts of the tragedies the earth would face. Interesting to note that one of the left's favourite shrill media outlets is upping the ante to try to scare the sheeple into swallowing the BS a bit further. I was pleased that Labor/Greens put globull warming as a major issue at last Saturday's election and the electorate prioritised it accordingly. And about that science where method & data is irrefutable, here is yet another climate scientist questioning the BS. When the frosts begin to kill the harvests, what will the excuse be this time?
  7. Well that's because you're a bloody fool. And you're a liar when you pitch two frosty mornings as something extraordinary when weighed against the mean temp of 1.5 above the average. Normal is it?
  8. But to me it is just normal weather that fluctuates as has happened before (using non homogenised data that is). But to the globull warmists who told us no more snow and other BS, it is totally inconsistent with their melting forecasts, and more records showing up to the downside: Coldest May in Italy since 1957 With cool weather continuing this week, this May could be one of the coolest on record
  9. I doubt that two frosty mornings outweigh a mean temperature 1.5 degrees above average for the state.
  10. Cold weather until 2025 The Winter that Will Not End Failure to Plant Crops Australian Conservatives Win by Thin Margin
  11. The buttf*ck city on our west coast has seen its coldest pair of May mornings in over 100 years of records, including frost link
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  13. The buttf*ck place across the ditch is now getting below normal temps, including that ever disappearing white powdery stuff Weather: 'Cold snap' brings -9C temperatures to New Zealand
  14. Here are some I quickly found from earlier in the month of May (mid spring in other words): Greeceā€™s weather gone crazy: Snow falls in May (video, picts)
  15. Can I? What about you find you find the mythical photos?
  16. Time to replace the useless polls with Stantic's report
  17. Mid May in another buttf*ck place Winter has come to California ... in May. Record rainfall, more snow on the way and lest we forget... Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013'
  18. Fatso spent about $60m on the campaign for about 3.5% of the votes. Can he afford his next meal without going on a diet?
  19. Noticed how Labor got decimated in QLD, a state where they had to pick up seats. There will be a lot of soul searching over that one.
  20. Money can't buy you love. Palmer won't get a senate spot. Not sure about other states. Early election coverage doesn't cover the senate enough. Green said Palmer spent $1500 per successful lower house vote; at least he'll get $2.50 per vote from the AEC,
  21. Shifty has admitted defeat and will resign as Labor leader. At least Tony A butt is gone. But the other right wingers seem to be holding on. Watch the coalition lurch to right now or Dutton will knife another PM.
  22. Antony Green calls it a Scomo win at 9:31pm. Looks like Scomo will remain until at least 2022. Now will there be an investigation into Russian influence in the election?
  23. You can find other photos with more. In any case, it is May, it is unusual, it is Greece ... and it is more of the ever disappearing powdery stuff.
  24. No link then? Heavy snow in Greece or the Balkans? Does 2cm in one spot in Greece in the last 7 days count as heavy? Is this the heavy snow? Wow.
  25. This one perhaps?
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