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  2. That could have been "We're bringing in a K9 dog" indicating the dog is from the K9 unit... stills sounds like a silly show but at least that interpretation is sort of close to having meaning.
  3. "We're bringing in a canine dog." I'm glad they cleared that up, I thought they might bring in a feline dog.
  4. I'm watching a narco show on netflix in Columbia. The D.E.A. agents speak such terrible spanish they stick out like dogs balls, yet they think they are kicking goals.
  5. There's a property near me that is lowest for the area. Dumb arse LLs. They kicked out the tenants about 5 months ago. Sat vacant for 3 months. Then two months of renovations. Three cars at the joint ever day for at least 60 days. That's got to cost at least $100k. It would increase the value by $10k. I might make an offer on the place. I'll call mum and see if she has any schillings.
  6. The malaysian government were corrupt not incompetent. They were extremely competent at being corrupt. Just ask Najib. Might get better but given the history between Mahatir and anwar ibrahim maybe not so much. Cambodia on the other hand are also corrupt but no where near as practised. It's the wild west at the moment. High risk but in need of help, they will bend over backward for you before in a few years seizing you assets. They're not particularly idealogical. Just plain dishonest. Good time to get in as long as you know when to get out. And don't get on the wrong side of their politics. Which means understanding their politics. Hence my risk comment.
  7. Take some solace from the fact that beauty queens are generally moronic and intellect is fancied more by the Beta males. (and females). So they (the so called alphas) can have their shallow world of denial and self loathing whilst we can enjoy our own in peace.
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  9. Chinese property buyers are GONE
  10. others are expected to follow in September
  11. This thread was started in 2011, when this house last sold in Townsville for $850K. Over 7 years later and it looks like it will sell with a >50% haircut.
  12. I saw a bullion dealer last week for the first time in ages. Sadly my favourite one died last year. He said margins were competitive up until about 12 months ago, but since then dealers had increased their margins from spot. Unsure the reasons for this. Apparently if you're more than 2.5-3.0% off spot you're not competitively pricing, but there are dealers that can get away with 8% through size and reputation. I think gold is a good insurance policy but not necessarily a place to look for big returns. I think commodities will be a good place to be, but (some) may actually decline if trade wars escalate between USA and China. BTC seems to be following the classic bull market curve. I doubt there will be anything like the highs last year, at least not any time soon.
  13. Its funny to realize we are all prone to do this, predict rising prices while prices are rising, or hotter climate every year will make us paint scenarios of deserts Thats how manias like bitcoin can happen. I predicted the bitcoin top and went out, because i could feel the mania happen inside myself, all the optimism i suddenly felt was a huge warning sign, we can use that knowledge to our advantage in the next gold and commodity bullmarket
  14. Yes, corrupt to accept the bribery from the chinese to sign up to their belt&road scheme. Same with all the other Asian countries. Their infrastructure loans are not free and if you don't meet payments, they confiscate (ie. takeover).
  15. From the article it looks like the former Malaysian government were incompetent and/or corrupt (i.e. not the chinese). Shame about the high speed rail Malaysia / Singapore. We are likely to be making that trip a fair bit in future and while Singapore airport is far and away the best in the world I do like a fast train picnic.
  16. Half price $1,050,000 Kallaroo, WA house sold by mortgagee
  17. Slowly turning into what the Japanese experienced here during the late 1980's As prices fall 15%, Harry Triguboff confirms Chinese apartment buyers lost their 10 percent deposits
  18. Issue is not so much money, but social cohesion. Bringing in labour means those people are not unemployed and starving in China.
  19. BRI is the Chinese version of western "economic hitman" approach of loading up countries with unpayable debt. There will always be a shadow around these types of deals.
  20. Looks like the new Malaysian government wants to investigate the corruption dealings with China Malaysia suspends $20b Chinese Belt and Road rail project
  21. I suspect they bring their own to control everything (as the chinese government likes to do) and avoid any language issues.
  22. I would use as they cover the whole country as is probably the most widely used site. Only problem is I think only agents can advertise, so a competing site would be required. If you're confident of selling your place, $1,500 is peanuts compared to the agent's commission.
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