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  2. You haven't heard of breaking bad? Check yourself into the asylum.
  3. I must be boring as I know none of those shows. But I'm more into non-fiction stuff so youtube is easier to find what I want.
  4. "You're the worst" was a funny first season that went really interesting in the second for a comedy. "The expanse" is great sci fi and, according to those that read the books, only going to get more interesting. "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" if you want an interesting "what did they do after the Late Show finished?" show.
  5. I'll check out some of your suggestions. I love streaming because you don't have to commit. You can watch a bit and then decide if you want to continue watching. I don't have a genre. Not interested in blood and guts, but if it includes some then that's ok. Here's some of what I've watched and enjoyed: Sons of Anarchy Breaking bad Weeds Younger La Casa De Papel Narcos Start of Stranger Things Peaky Blinders - the start The Sinner Please Like Me Bloodline Black List Line of duty Most UK cop shows East Siders Lucifer Shameless Republic of Doyle The end of the f*cking World Narcos
  6. Hi zaph, What's your preferred genre? If you like horror/zombie/blood and guts, there seems to be a lot of material on netflix. My son watches these gory things, I can't stand. However, I have watched a couple of episodes of Vikings. Apparently it is as close to authentic, as we have historically been able to prove. I watched a documentary about the making of it, before having a look at the episodes. Not to everyone's taste I imagine. My wife watched "The Handmaid's Tale" which is an adaption of the Margaret Atwood book. Pretty good, I'm told. I've also watched a few of the Children's cartoons, when the grand-kids have come over. Some I wouldn't probably pay to see at the cinema/theatre, but worthwhile when its on my subscription. Personally, I'm more into Sci Fi, Futuristic, or Philosophical Thrillers. Occasionally I like a war movie, or one that stretches my imagination a little more. Some movies I have watched that might warrant a look include "The Revenant", "Transcendent" "Equilibrium" "Bright" "War Machine" "The Fundamentals of Caring" "Django Unchained"
  7. I've got subscriptions to both netflix and stan. I was asking for content suggestions. I haven't turned on the TV for years - find once I sit on the couch, I recline and fall asleep, doesn't happen in a chair in front of the pc. It's great being able to stop and start the shows too. Free to air I watch on their websites. You should give them a go, the first month is free. But if you don't want to continue remember to cancel or they'll starting charging you. It chews through data so you'll need a decent net plan. I just watched the Letterman interview with Obama. Worth the watch and a bit of a different approach to an interview. Edit - A lot of shows come with the option to turn on a multitude of language subtitles or swap the language of the audio. Normally, English, Spanish and Chinese. Sometimes Italian, German, Arabic, Vietnamese etc. It makes it so much easier to watch a foreign language show to have audio in English rather than having to read what they are saying. It can be a bit annoying when they only have one male and one female english voice. I reckon switching an English show's audio to Spanish and using English subtitles, or vice versa would or be a great help to learning another language.
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  9. I go youtube and occasionally torrents, but I don't watch much.
  10. Any suggestions??
  11. A fine bottle of brandy? Not really. He did 6 trips to the GC. At $1k x 6* 2 (wife) he seems to be quite frugal. Air travel alone could be $24k, add in accommodation, and meals and it's easily $30k. <the amounts indicate he was trying to hide his rort - oh the humanity> These guys live in a whole different world, to the working classes. I'm almost prepared to go back to barbarism. Every person for themselves. I wouldn't survive long, but at least I would feel liberated.
  12. I suspect it's all a lie. When searching for a house to buy it was cheaper to buy renovated than not.You may only get leopard coloured walls and not off snow leopard walls. It's a result of the reno craze. There are very few cases where you can make money from a reno. Most renos that make money are based on purey price appreciation in the area. Oh, and painting the walls and replacing the carpets is not a reno.
  13. When I accessed the link, it had a short video of Andrew Winter giving hints about private sales. Why did Andrew Winter leave the UK? When the market there began to turn, he suddenly turned up in Australia "Selling Houses - Australia". Why does my blood boil, when I see his show, where they slap a bit of paint around, fix up a few dodgy bathrooms and then get $50,000 more for the property. Why not sell the property as is, at a greatly lower price and let the new home owners have the joy of slowly fixing it up themselves? I just find that there is something deceptive about their intent. The owners only find out the short-cuts they took after living in the place for a year, and the paint suddenly begins to peel off the ceilings. I'm also optimistically hoping one year, that "The Block" will also have an almighty fail. None of the properties sell for months!!! To the extent that Channel Nine has to actually bankroll the contestants themselves. Oh wait, that's right they have no money.
  14. What exactly did he buy? It takes a little bit of effort to spend $7500. Flights (Jetstar/Qantas/Virgin), Accommodation (Double Room/Executive suite, Studio apartment??) Food (Macca's, KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc.) Entertainment (Birch, Carroll and Coyle $40 to see a movie? Alcoholic beverages?? Gaming?? Travel fares, etc. These guys live in a whole different world, to the working classes. I'm almost prepared to go back to barbarism. Every person for themselves. I wouldn't survive long, but at least I would feel liberated.
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  16. I couldn't be bothered calculating a moving average. Seems like too much work. If you eat once a day and train 40 hours a week then I can see how you can down so many beers and still get out of the living room. Seems the key to exercise/weight is high intensity, not duration.
  17. Oh sorry, M20 is 20 day moving average. M100 is 100 day. I train about 40 hrs a week. Never do weights anymore just stabby slicey stuff. I think it is the low wieght / high intensity / high volume thing that people being lazy always claim to be doing, although few of them every mention the high intensity bit... probably because that is what makes it hard. If I eat I only eat once a day (dinner) as well so by some measures I do a 23 hr fast every day.
  18. Just How Fast Can Things Freeze?
  19. What are M20 and M100? How often do you train? I assume you would expend quite a few calories each session as well as work on strength. I do the opposite with fasting. Always skip morning eating, yesterday did a 24 hour fast, will probably do the same today. With sufficient hydration and rest a 24 hour fast isn't too bad (on weekends).
  20. I have given up on all these diets and eating plans and stuff. they require discipline. I use so much discipline in other things I don't want to use it at home. So I have a new theory which is working well for me. Weigh myself every morning after a coffee, smoke and crap. If I am under the M20 average I do what I f*cking like for the rest of the day. If I am above M20 and below M100 I go to training. If after training I am still above the M20 I have sleep for dinner. Works well I have muscles like crazy from training and the odd night of no food isn't really an issue. A night of no food is way better than discipline in my opinion. Probably doesn't work so well for others.
  21. Ok so I decided to do a reboot on my health, started going to the gym in November and have stepped up things this month. Already was doing the following: Intermittent fasting No grains, processed sugars, or potatoes No exercise Introduced the following: Training - weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT; started this month) Calorie controlled midday meal Reduction/removal of nuts (high in calories) Reduction/removal of yoghurt First two months I dropped 2kg and started to get some (little) definition in my arms. I went to the gym each day this week, lost another 2kg; clocked in under 80kg this morning, first time in over a decade. All up in the last two and a half months have removed 6-7cm from my waist line. Will be doing the following: Removing fruits (except for berries) Focus more on weights to failure Sufficient rest period Exercise is like a drug. If you have discipline and willing to work hard a combination of weight training, HIIT, intermittent fasting, keto diet, and calorie control seems to shred fat quite nicely. This site below is awesome, check it out. Recommends all of the above and more stuff that I was never aware of.
  22. The UN is using climate change as a tool not an issue
  23. Underwater Volcanoes Contribute to Warming Deep Water Dormant/Extinct Volcano Erupts for First Time in Recorded History
  24. The expect the theory of man made global warming to be proven as accurate as the global freezing theory of the 1970's. We know that the Globull Warming forecasts have already proven BS, hence the change in name of theory to now 'Climate Change', as if climate never changes. My money is on Armstrong/Socrates' forecast to be proven correct rather than 'Climate Change'/Globull Warming or whatever its next incarnation will be.
  25. He wouldn't be the only politician to qualify for that title. It can also apply to many in the public service.
  26. This guy deserves a medal. 20 years in a job and not a single achievement. 20 years and someone's only just noticed sir lunch a lot. To top it off I think he's eligible for the olde school defined pension scam. This man should be made <insert job that does nothing> when he gets booted out of parliament.
  27. We are a package deal I figure any compliment to her is a compliment to me (and vice versa of course).
  28. Wasn't it because of the el nino / la nina effect and completely expected by absolutely every scientist on both sides of the issue? Like this is the hottest ever year without the warming effect? I thought last we came down on your definitive position it was that "climate change is happening but it wasn't related to humans and there is nothing we can do about it". Am I reading you wrong or are you now saying climate change isn't happening at all? or maybe you have gone all armstrong global cooling idea? I know you are just going to say "I already answered that" and tell me to search the archives but I don't want to read your old stuff, just want to know if you think your current feelings are still the same.
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