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  2. You must be younger than me. At 17 a mobile phone would have fitted in a suitcase, just. I learned the truth at 17 My parents, and to a greater degree my grand parents thought the same. Home phones were for emergencies. Life was meant for beauty queens.
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  4. I never had a phone when I was 17! My parents wouldn't let us use the phone for relationship calls. The phone on the wall was for emergencies and important business calls only.
  5. I don't find too much in that report to give optimism for those looking at home price reductions. I find it increasingly difficult to identify a single factor in our world economy that might allow prices to fall to affordable. If it was going to happen, it should have happened by now. With the ability to create money from nothing, I don't think governments really care. They will be more than happy to have home prices at an average of $5 or $10 million in a decade, and regard that as good economics. Everything is geared towards "growth at all costs" at the expense of any sense of decency. No government (or politician) anywhere in the world wants to be hailed as those who put a stop to growth and prosperity. It is just a total misnomer for a politician to be heralding, lets stop this incessant growth analogy. Every political party has to be able to point to their achievements. That's how they get elected. Anything other than growth is considered a political failure.
  6. We all played the game. When we did... Inventing lovers on the phone... Ugly girls like me, at 17
  7. one year later... 6416.0 - Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, Mar 2018
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  9. Well it's not all profit. There's buying costs, holding costs, opportunity cost of the deposit, maintenance, rates, water (in and out of the property), stamp duty etc. There's also the cost of selling, which will be about $25 -30k. No improvements. The opposite actually. Just normal wear and tear on a property. The carpets were new (or near new) when I purchased and while not threadbare, they're now looking a bit worse for wear. The kitchen is getting wrinkles and the polished floor boards are not so sparkly. The bathrooms have held up remarkably well. The gardens are not as good, but that is just my lazy lack of upkeep, rather than aging. When I sell and know the sales price I will provide a comparison of renting vs owning this property. Thank you.
  10. Surprised only Sydney rates. I would have expected Melbourne as well link
  11. Still my opinion.
  12. Yes cheap is a good start, hated, neglected. But also there needs to be a push for it to rise soon, otherwise it can be 3 years til it moves. Or one buys on obvious nice buy signals. With commdities im unhappy because they are traded in dollars and when the dollar rises, they might get whacked down. After the dollar peaks, circumstances are much better, then you got no more headwind That would be in 2-4 years according to marty In my experience i made tons of money when i followed current bullmarkets and got out again before or after the top. Its much quicker since its already rising. So say, gold goes above 1362, then the low was 3 years ago, so its a current bullmarket since many years.
  13. Every asset class has its moment in the sun. You just need to determine what will shine next, usually something that has been extremely oversold. Since nothing rises forever, any asset class that has been at high prices for a while, will eventually deflate until it is oversold again. Just need something like Socrates to fine tune the timing.
  14. i thought about it again: say a company has a certain costs and a certain profit margin and say they earn 12% per year then if you have 100$ of stocks you get 12$ per year when inflation rises and rises, their costs rise and they get a bit squeezed and also bonds might then give 8% so their 12% doesnt look as good anymore but since rates keep rising you also dont want bonds! as the bonds of next year bear more interest than yours. real estate should be really bad at the first 5 years since people go bankrubt with rising rates!!! so houses come to market. so there is really only one thing to invest in: tangibles, commodities, prices of things that rise because costs to make them rise! if you own a farm and your costs rise, that sucks. but if you just own wheat itself then its price rises with rising costs to produce it.
  15. Bonds are in bad trouble when rates rise, cause the rates on YOUR bonds doesnt rise, only on NEW issues, so your bond has a low interest per year which then sucks compared to the new higher ones. In my opinion stocks are quite high so i would advise to only TRADE them not to buy and hold them. Im struggling myself to find investment opportunities actually. Commodities are historically cheap now....
  16. yes thats an added benefit that: 1. socrates predicts acommodity rally into roughly 2024 2. socrates predicts cooling, which in europe can be bad for crops
  17. If Socrates' prediction for global cooling is correct, then soft commodity prices will rise irrespective of interest or inflation rates. Crops will fail and the law of supply & demand will apply.
  18. yes that can work if one times it and shorts on the highs. i also thought, commodities could rise when interest rates and inflation rise? but the logic is so convoluted, im not sure.... it seems like no reference to history can be made as its always different circumstances... 1970s-1981 had high inflation worldwide even switzerland 20% per year. House prices did veeeery badly. commodities held up with inflation, so leverage should make it awesome! like 2x ETFs but they rise in spike-moves so gotta time it.
  19. An ETF that shorts bonds perhaps.
  20. looking forward to hearing from Cambodia Tor medved, bishkek and almaty? i never thought about these places, but now i will actually once had a girlfriend from bishkek, she was a real witch (not in caracter but an actual witch) cobran, laos and borneo, interesting Now i have lots of ideas for winter thats great! Thanks guys Right now im in Poznan, love it here, suprisingly nice weather, beautiful women.
  21. im still trying to figure out how to profit from the rising rates and cant come up with much. Ideas? can be longterm
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