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  2. Sloppy Joe is moving' on up! What. A. Dickhead.
  3. Note the author is John Hewson. I think the Libs are trying to lessen the power of Nats in this whole thing. Rightly so too. The nats have less than ten % of the vote and members of parliament. Yet they automatically get the DPM gig and nearly half their members are ministers.
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  5. Real Estate v Quantitative Easing
  6. Different times then as currencies were gold backed (commodity currencies). Countries that went off the gold standard seemed to fare better than the USA, for example the UK and Australia dropped it. The US confiscation was about devaluation. These days currencies are completely fungible so central banks have greater ability to devalue currencies. Also greater risk of crack-up booms IMO given this is the case... the last 8-9 years may been been just that. Also, capital flows is something that Armstrong talks a lot about (as do others), so you need to consider that too.
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  8. I thought Armstrong is looking for stocks to correct again for a low in mid-march? That would line up with the forecast of a rally in gold around the same time. I'm not sure that gold is still considered the safe haven as in the past. It has lost its physical portability if you need to skip the country as happened around 75 years ago. Crypto seems to be the modern gold, but it also has its vulnerabilities.
  9. update on gold as its near the breakout level: " our next Weekly Bullish Reversal to watch stands at 135770 while the Weekly Bearish Reversal lies at 130450. This provides a 3.91% trading range. Turning to the broader Monthly level, the current Bullish Reversal stands at 135770 while the Bearish Reversal lies at 111520. This, of course, gives us a broader trading range of a 17%. The last event was a low established during 2016. A possible change in trend appears due come March in NY Gold Nearest Futures so be focused. "
  10. What confuses me is that 1931 stocks didnt really Rally per se when the sovereign debt crysis broke out and states defaulted. Actually stocks peaked in 1928/29 and crashed into the start of when the sovereign debt crysis started and bonds also collapsed WITH stocks into 1933 THEN stocks rallied yes, after the debt crysis had already started. So stocks really rally before and after but not during a sovereign debt crysis and not as a safety heaven during a debt crysis as one would think of like cash or gold, i dont know where marty gets his ideas, just history seems to tell a different story at least regarding the price action of stocks
  11. Quick update on Martys view of the Dow: He sees two scenarios: either we make a low THIS year and slingshot up higher immediatly or we correct longer, for example into 2020 Following the Reversals will keep you on the right side
  12. Obviously some 'administrative errors' are going to be coming out soon. Pay it back, no worries.
  13. Is this sick leave?
  14. I've always thought this guy is shifty. I couldn't care how many women (or men) this guy bangs. But the hypocrisy he espoused during the same sex marriage debate while his secretary was carrying his bun is unbelievable. I suspect the gay mafia will come down on him like a tonne of bricks.
  15. Breaking news... Tamworth fast food franchise Red Rooster has removed the 'S' on their store front sign to show solidarity with Barnaby Joyce.
  16. Hired. Fired. Rehired. Resigned - potentially all in the space of a few months.
  17. A tall lot is a toilet - Queensland English.
  18. Back to normal transmission!
  19. Dumps generally go for 330-400/week but sometimes you get 3 rooms not 2. 500/week is not out of the ordinary, I pay 460/week for a 2BR apartment. But man those utility invoices were frick'n awful! At the moment it's hard to get anything in the neighbourhood under 500/week without being a complete sh*thole.
  20. Do let us know how long it takes to rent. Do you think 500 is market rent in it's renovated condition? When you were renting it do you think you were paying market rent?
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  22. My old dig is up for rent: I was paying 365/week mid-last year. Owners renovated and sold the place; passed in at auction with asking price of 850k, sold for 800k. (houses on a full block go for 1.5+m) Now being advertised for 500/week The place is a tarted up dump, massive mould issues, poor insulation. I never realised how bad it was until I moved out, I reckon I'm saving several thousand dollars a year in energy and water costs. Will be interesting to see how long it is on the market before rented... not sure how long it has been on the market so far.
  23. I think I agree with Mr Med. The zip files are cumbersome to load and then unpack. I guess I will just have to persevere. Thank you Cobran for trying. Regards. Sol.
  24. Another in the long list of celebrities with more money than brains link
  25. Okay i respect that in times of unvertainty, having options feels good and safe. I also think that if we just pick the right ones, the obviously good choices from the start, then we live much better quality lives, we can integrate, settle, have friends there. Kazakhstan has a terrible climate too hot in Summer and -20C° in Winter, ((just to give you an idea, til +5C° you can just put on a thick down-jacket, at 0C° you need serious ear-protection, but at -5C° your nose freezes when breathing! At -20C° you cant be outside long as almost no clothing is enough then, except if you work with your muscles like hiking up a mountain. Kazakhstan also relies mostly on their oil, thats not sustainable longterm, lacks clean water and soil, is in the middle of nowhere so no links, ties, network effect. Someone from India or someone who speaks russian....maby. Thats like Jim Rogers saying Russia is great, just before it tanks massively in 2015 These guys.... I think in looong-Trends following the crowd is much better! Everyone saw how cool Switzerland is after WW2 with its banking, so, just move there and have a great 60 years! Same in Asia, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia its really easy to spot the better ones. The same in Europe, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland they are SO much better equipped for the future than Italy,Germany for example. By the way i have a prediction on Denmarks soon to come Housing Crash on my blog, if youre interested in real estate there It takes decades to make a great country, so if the foundations arent there, then it wont happen. Take Singapore. Stunning management and super low taxes and boom! Take Africa, lots of resources, bad management, no education, mostly a population of children age-wise and.....well what do you expect? Its time will come. Maby 2060 according to my projections.
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