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  2. Un called Trump deranged. Which is more of an accurate description than an insult. Now it's Trumpty's turn for an insult.
  3. Who is winning in the purile, childish name calling so far?
  4. There's a reason that government offer subsidies or impose taxes. It's to influence behaviour. The government obviously wants to increase renewable energy adoption to meet their Paris climate objectives. Hence the subsidies.
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  12. He did lie ... just not convincingly!
  13. If he was in one of the majors at least he would have been trained on how to lie. In next week's episode we teach you how to shake a hand and pilfer a wallet at the same time.
  14. His pathetic excuse leaves you speechless!
  15. How could the question am "Am I still a British citizen be interpreted?". How dumb do these politicians think we are? Probably because he was illiterate and maybe still is.
  16. I watched the show on iview. Dramatised as these shows always are, but it shows off some fairly questionable deals. I can't believe the amount of times councillors (and the Mayor) declared a perceived, or real conflict of interest and continued to vote. Although the show didn't really go into the extent of the conflict, or disclosure. I've sat on a number of boards where I've had varying degrees of conflict. There have not been guidelines on recusal. So my own ethics have put conflict into three broad categories. A clear personal, direct or indirect financial interest in the issue. I would immediately leave the room and play no part whatsoever in discussions or decisions. I've had this happen twice. Once when my boyfriend had quoted on a job the board was considering - I immediately said I had a conflict and left the room. Once as staff representative director for a charity, I worked for. The issue was ratifying the EBA. In that case, I presented my case as first speaker, without a recommendation and then left the room before further discussion and decision took place. A bit of an association. I know this guy because he repaired my fence and we're voting on a fence repair contract. I'd declare possible conflict saying that the guy did a great job at a fair price then leave the room. I drank with him. Hey guys, just letting you know that this guy has a beer at the local with me occasionally. I would not leave the room or limit my discussion. If only politicians had the same ethics.
  17. Looks like it is time to hand out Tim Flannery awards Global warming may be occurring more slowly than previously thought, study suggests Experts admit global warming predictions wrong
  18. FPL, Diversity, Distribution and Storms
  19. Here is yet another example on why billionaires' are jumping on the renewables gravy train: Saudi solar tycoon’s $300m handout
  20. How Austerity Works: a simple numerical example that any intelligent person can understand
  21. I bet these subsidies are not factored into the record high cost of electricity paid by consumers for renewables AGL’s $500m solar boost as it shuts coal station
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  23. Four Corners is covering the corruption in the Goldcoast tomorrow.
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