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  3. No. The govt is trying to get first home saver accounts (Rudd) v2.0 through parliament. A nothing policy. They're doing it so they can say they did something when they did nothing.
  4. The federal govt has been running pointless taxpayer-funded election ads in QLD to help their mates in QLD. I wonder if the ads are just in QLD or national? Some of these ads will actually hurt the LNP in QLD - the changes to family hand out ads. They're terrible propaganda.
  5. That is what I expected. When you compare tax on alcohol to drink per day self reported in any medical study there is a wild variation. Apparently non of the people in the studies are representative of society as it is mathematically proven to be by the tax numbers. And I sure as hell trust the tax numbers in that scenario. Who is watching determines the numbers. Bigotry, homophobia and general arsehole behaviour in the generic form is what the hard core depend on but that is turned over in a simple life experience, My Dad hated fags until he had one as a child. All of his RSL buddies hated fags until my Dad said "what did you say about my daughter". Turning a liberal into an arsehole generally requires a Nigger, Faggot or other bad person to rape them or kill them or something equally extreme. Extreme events happen infrequently. Tolerance building events happen often. Trump is an extreme event on a global scale. Trump and the batsh*ts are exposing this fact. When the US military blatantly say "we're not nuking no one on this cock suckers watch" you know things are safe and we can enjoy the next few years as Trump makes the world nicer by trying to make it worse.
  6. "If I need super then, man, I really f*cked up. And let me tell you I have f*cked up before so I know what _really_ means" Favourite quote by my favourite person.
  7. Scomos pushing for super to be available for FHB. When the future is being raided you know they are getting desperate. They will stop at nothing. I'm with medved. Enjoy your life and hedge against what you can. I haven't read the article yet but will do so in a soberer moment.
  8. "Traditional" == austere? It does seem that the Japanese sacrifice individualism for the collective good. I wouldn't write off the post-apocalyptic wasteland style. Though I suspect a strict edo period resort could also work. With you as Tokugawa.
  9. Turns out not as many as claimed - here at least. The great conservative "silent majority" turns out to be a bit of a myth. Almost two thirds voted yes to gay marriage. Restored my faith in the country as it happens. I hope it emboldens Mal. But apparently the religious conservatives have hijacked the party branches in NSW and decide on candidates preselections nowadays. I'm OK with this as long as the constituents are aware of this. The Libs will eventually relegate themselves into obscurity. Time for a new party of the "middle"?
  10. I think Alexander will win the seat. The Turnbull government is on the nose but he personally isn't responsible and seems reasonably moderate.
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  12. " enhancing the insulation " I don't believe it Japanese build quality is f*cking atrocious. Last year we had about a fortnight of pretty decent snow. I have yet to see double glazing and single glazed sliding doorsto the outside generally aren't airtight. They have a "traditional" thing here of tables with a small heater built in and in winter you attach rugs to the table to create a tiny space in the house for everyone to stay warm... Our apartment is designed for Koreans. they are smart, they insist on heated floors. We're in the middle of starting a process which might end up with building an adventure tourism type dojo/hotel business. Interestingly there are tax breaks for building something that will last more than 20 odd years (personally I'd rather go post apocalyptic wasteland factory style but I have been told people spend more money on Japanesey stuff )
  13. Yeah I read that. It was so long I was fatigued to post it here. I stopped waiting for Godot and got on with life. It's been almost a decade waiting for things to roll over. I think the closure of the auto industry will be the tipping point, plus instability in China. Interesting to see both governments in China and Saudi Arabia go on anti-corruption purges. Not sure it's completely altruistic. Until China rolls over I think Australia will keep limping along. The best bet Oz has is to be the money laundering safe haven it has promoted itself to be, but go full retard. I get the feeling it's more likely to be an external trigger than an internal one. Australia is usually five years behind the rest of the world. Keep in mind while Australia has a dirty shirt it may not be the dirtiest... so collapse is all relative. If there's a drop in both property prices and forex rates watch for foreigners to buy up everything. It's always a good time to buy! Governments can keep pumping stimulus so as long as they can keep rolling over/selling bonds. And I think respective central banks may be buyers similar to those in the EU. So don't watch a pot to boil. It's cracked and going to blow, so make the best of a bad situation and have an exit plan. The tough thing is if China goes down the whole world goes down, so we're all in the sh*tter. What politicians do is almost irrelevant. I'd like to see them go full retard (said that again) by having a FHOG of like $100k and $200k in regional areas. People haven't woken up to the fact that Australia is trending towards an economy like Argentina. It's totally depressing, I'd rather not think about it else turn into a nihilistic wreck. If none of that was coherent it's because I'm quite tired. So yeah, it will break but live it up before Hades comes to your neighbourhood.
  14. This piece by Matt Barrie has been featured in several forums. This is referenced from Zero Hedge. Thought it was worth a new topic. So much to talk about. Which card will fall first? Which card will be played by the politicians in one last ditch effort to keep the dream afloat? Which card do the banks require to be maintained in order to stay solvent? So many cards. So little time. ****Warning - Very Long......****
  15. How to keep the building boom go forever! :-) link It is similar to their policy with cars where old bombs are not allowed. IMO, the building standards in Australia are bad enough that houses need to be rebuilt/rennovated at about the same period of time.
  16. Kicking myself I didn't save the link, but about 8 years ago there was a great speech by, I think, the finance minister of Singapore. He said those countries with massive debts will pay through currency devaluation. But he said it nicer.
  17. Imagine what will happen when a major RE bubble bursts link
  18. .
  19. They tried the ABC star who lasted 1 term. Perhaps this is a repeat.
  20. I have no idea how popular Keneally is in NSW and Bennelong, but 'star' candidates tend to do well.
  21. Merkelstan will come undone!
  22. Add to that the prediction from the blog, that if gold closes monthly above his number then a new bullmarket starts and the low is in. 1363 dollar? I think if he gets all 3 correct, its hats off to socrates and then i contributed enough on this forum for people to see how martys predictions look and if they are accurate. Maby one more for you guys, 2019 war should kick in and civil unrest should culminate in 2020. Locations he mentioned on the blog so far are Greece and France for civil unrest.
  23. yes and nenner sometimes (just like marty) gets dates right but then there is no crash and instead that date is the high. i dont want to give out the exact numbers as marty and the CEO told me in person, they are okay with talking about martys writing but they would prefer if we kept it within reason. Basically either in 2018 we see the last high exceeded and the dow just goes up more, or we see a correction first, then new highs. 2022 is a yearly turnpoint. So he definitely forecasts new highs still, opposite to most others. i would also like to add, that 2015 marty said at the conference buy the dow, then it declined, then end of 2016 the signals were not totally clear as to what to expect when and actually 2018 was hinted to be the phase transition. but now end of 2017 finally there is a clear signal with numbers. The array also looks much clearer. its really important to only enter trades when the numbers are elected, martys forecasts are usually like this: if this number gets elected we expect further upside, but if that number gets elected, we expect a correction. in may2017 he said if 20k gets elected we get a correction and he was going on about corrections but it never happened, and the number was never elected. Also on the private blog, he kept writing about corrections and bearish reversals. So his tone or bias doesnt count, its the reversals that get elected, that decide the direction. Also Marty forecasts that 2020/21 should be the euro low and the high is already in. april-september2018 is the next area for a big turning point in the euro, against dollar francs and pound.
  24. So what are those 'certain conditions'? Prechter and Nenner (certainly the former from reading his material) has proven to be a broken clock.
  25. Hey guys, Marty just forecasted that upon certain conditions 2018 will either be: 1. a runaway bullmarket for the dow 2. a fallback to potentially 18270 then a further rally Marty also forecasted that within a few years this bullmarket will carry us into a new plateau and we will never see the lows of 2009 or 2003 ever ever ever again. That is opposite from charles nenner and i think also from Robert Prechter. " Robert Prechter: The true top for stocks in terms of real money (gold) occurred way back in 1999. Overall prosperity has waned subtly since then. Primary wave five in nominal terms started in March 2009, and wave B up in the Dow/gold ratio started in 2011. Their tops should be nearly coincident. " " Prechter: I don’t know. All I can say for sure is that the degree of the corrective wave will be larger than that which created the malaise of the 1930s and 1940s. " " In the next wave of negative mood, we should see the opposite: declining stock and property prices, " " The most consistently useful momentum indicator is breadth. If I had to rely on only one momentum indicator, that would be it. " One more thing, Marty said 2022 is a very important turnpoint for the Dow Jones! Can be the high.
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