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  2. I'm off on my unicorn to Argentina to get some water. Not dirty down low, just stupid.
  3. IMO, next move should be back to 6-6.5%
  4. The report is by Ifo Institute for Economic Research, which funded by the German government. Electric Vehicles are not a Panacea for Climate Change
  5. zaph's forecast is getting close to materialising.
  6. The mild winter (and now spring) predicted that never was: Snowiest Winter on Record in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Chicago sees biggest snowfall this late in the season in more than 50 years Record-breaking snow season breaks Sierra Nevada drought and on the other side of the world... Why such rainy, cold weather in the Middle East this spring? all consistent with the 2001 forecast by the IPCC who said 'Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms'!
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  8. There's a 4 bed McMansion slut that was for sale forever near my folks and is now listed on real for rent by the room($150pw) FF. I presume that includes bills. The OOs have been trying to sell it for a year. Every agent in the area (and some not in the area) have tried to sell it. There's nothing wrong with it; the owners just want too much - the agent who sold my last house told me the owners approached him to list and he turned them down because they have unrealistic expectations. The owners even had a go at selling it themselves.
  9. from my post on the second page (2011)... This place is up for lease again for $675pw for the house and GF. So no rental growth in 7+ years. It would probably sell for another 100-150k now.
  10. A year old article, but most likely still relevant Are solar and wind finally cheaper than fossil fuels? Not a chance
  11. Looks like NASA is not drinking the globull warming kool aid any more: Cold weather to grip WORLD as solar minimum to DEEPEN, NASA says just what those 2 dissidents have been predicting for a long time.
  12. It's not that much different from the libs policy. Probably slightly more aggressive. There are a number of things that need solving for it to work. An increase in renewable energy generation. Places to power up as regular as service stations. Faster recharging of batteries Longer distance travel - though this is related to the previous point. I don't have the sums to compare the CO2 from petrol versus the equivalent coal burning CO2 emissions. It's a valid question and I will see if there's any data when I get a chance. No one likes waiting the five minutes for the guy in front at the petrol station to fill up, pay and leave. Let alone when they decide to clean their windscreen at the pump. Slow charging batteries and someone hogging the machine would require a new etiquette to be developed which if ignored would justify homicide IMHO. Given that most vehicle use is in cities and most Oz people live in cities and travel less than the current range for fully electric vehicles then this would be less of a problem. Also hybrid vehicles can overcome this to a certain extent. So a 50% target is achievable. Also fast rail. I have a ute and I don't expect that my use of it will be banned in the near future. I believe that electric SUVs already exist. I would buy an electric ute that had the same capability.
  13. He's a maggot. I almost hoped he'd win the leadership challenge against Turncoat. It would have put this election result beyond doubt*. As it stands Morrison has a half a chance. *That is if he hadn't declared elections illegal and himself dictator for life
  14. What are peoples thoughts on the Labor EV policy? Given Australia's power mostly still comes from fossil fuels, what's the environmental point? Is it less polluting to burn coal to charge a car than put petrol in it?
  15. I have been noticing that the RUB has been increasing lately. I don't think it is commodity-related (yet) though. Is there a differentiation between hard and soft commodities?
  16. There's nothing low enough for this man. He's accused the ALP candidate of using her disability as an excuse for not living in the electorate. She has one leg and uses a wheelchair. It's pretty difficult to find housing that suits a wheelchair.
  17. Apathetic. That man is evil!
  18. There are 100.000 students in my city and the city center is about 1500meters.....and i live in the middle For the russian interested, the ruble has a quarterly turnpoint quarter 2020 and the yearly bullish for the ruble is 7992 against the dollar Every year marty gets more bullish commodities, first it was "prepare for the breakdown" then it was "ah nothing before 2018" now its "2019 and onward" and soon is 2020 so marty will start to shift towards commodities and said canada australia russia and latin america should "turn up again" So guys, start making lists of nice companies and prepare to be buying the dips! I just recently sold all my silver/gold exposure and bought platinum but will buy again gold silver sugar wheat and so on on each dip into 2022 Socrates is online but a bit expensive especially if you wanna dabble in many markets! I was lucky to have had the crazy access back in 2016 on the whole world.
  19. I missed zoidberg's performance. How's the mood in SEQ? I hoping to see the back of Dutton.
  20. This is going to be the most bizarre election ever. I watched Josh Frydenberg on Q&A. He must have missed the intro session on public speaking and lying when he first arrived in Canberra. He outright lied, couldn't deflect a question and could not use humour. The man's a hopeless politician - must be why he's been kept away from the media.
  21. Sure. But that is also related to China's 'high standard' of environmental standards. I don't think using the latest technological standards is of high priority.
  22. After spending a day in Beijing renewables don't seem so bad even if more expensive. I'd hate to live there, but commentary is for the travel thread when I get around to it.
  23. Now that the winter in the US is officially over, time to recap on that prediction from the Dept of Settled Science... Winter 2018: What will the US winter be like this year? Shock MAP shows WARM winter ahead
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