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  2. Congrats! 10% interest rates was in reference to Europe. My understanding is that an increase in interest rates is bad for bonds not good. Armstrong also believes US stocks will perform well.
  3. Travel for work is mostly a major pain in the backside. It's only useful if I can time it with other activities like conferences or leisure.
  4. I've had to travel interstate and overseas for work. never a junket, just long hours. But directors is a separate matter, with plenty of breaks in between official duties whilst travelling.
  5. Sometimes a junket, sometimes not, sometimes a mix. There should be greater scrutiny of (ex)polly's travel expenses though. IMO people who never travel for work see any travel as a junket. Travel is so glamorous. In my case (not govt employee or polly), it's never a junket, but sometimes a mix. Many other employees see my travel as a junket. I'll give some examples: I leave the house at 5am for a meeting in Sydney. Get home at 9pm same day. Nothing but travel and work. For me, it's just a day on the job with a much longer commute. Other employees think I've had a days holiday in Sydney. Oh what fun it was to spend an extra 6 hours commuting! I attend a semi-compulsory few day conference in Sydney, which I despise. One night I attend Vivid in the evening. Attending Vivid was incidental to travel. Other employees think I've had a week cruise around the pacific. Other conferences: I'm expected to present at one, or two conferences a year. There might be 15 conferences I can present at. I do choose these to coincide with my personal life - semi junket. Is it a city I'd like to see? Do I have friends there? So I've chosen Canberra for floriad and Perth for friends. Both conferences were valid but gave be some fringe benefits. Other employees think I've had a week vacation in Europe. Other employees think I've taken a year long cruise. Add on days at my expense: I've got a meeting, conference, whatever finishing Friday. I stay another couple of days and stay with friends/hotel at my expense.
  6. Hypocrite. He wanted privacy not long ago. Of course he profits from it. Are they going to interview the child? Is the child contracting for the interview? No. Joyce is giving the interview - what he decides to do with the proceeds is up to him. Will he be paying tax on the proceeds? Should he be?
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  8. Yesterday my mortgage finally hit zero so that makes sense in my world view Thinking now of buying some index funds domiciled in Ireland (don't want to pay US estate taxes for no reason) through the company in Singapore (no tax on investments if that is not what the company is doing as a primary purpose). I have no intention in trying to be a smart investor or anything but I assume interest rate increases would usually be good for bonds bought now and bad for S&P500 bought now. No idea how a stronger dollar would impact things, both down?
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  10. Martin Armstrong – Rates are Going to Jump to 10% Instantaneously
  11. Immediate panic is over, but it looks like it may be building steam for the next round.
  12. Holy sh*t! IIRC the base rate for a councillor in my area was getting $10k a year. The City of Melbourne may pay a lot more than that.
  13. Brisbane city councillors get around $150k!
  14. Still here in sunny Nagoya still not seeing much except for the inside of dojo's... This year we are ramping our training down a bit to recover from injuries (and I achieved my goal of 3 x 5th dan gradings) so we may actually travel around a bit and see some of the cool stuff. Summer has started and Nagoya is awful in summer so we are off to Cambodia in a week or two with a stop for training in Taiwan. Cambodia should be an actual real holiday though!
  15. Years ago I considered putting myself up as a candidate for council election. The council was based on different areas, so you had to live in one of them. One guy was elected uncontested. It staggered me that only one person actually nominated for election. So he went straight in. I didn't bother because the stipend was pretty low (hence so much corruption) and I hate politics.
  16. Is there a councillor that does not include fringe benefits as part of their salary package?
  17. One day, I'd like to do a tour of the Marco Polo route. Not sure if the Mrs would be interested, unless it included comfortable accommodation! :-(
  18. A sign of the times... link
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  20. Yeah but some animals are more equal than others.
  21. Central Asia is more interesting than south-east Asia IMO. I've spent quite a bit of time in Kazakhstan, and also travelled to Kyrgyz Republic/Kyrgyzstan about a decade ago. Spent a few days in Siberia earlier this year and planning to go back. If you stay in Almaty or Bishkek you're very close to mountains and nature. If you're interested in meeting women it's a good mix of Asian and Slavic women. Japan's always fun but better for @tor to talk about it... if he's still living there.
  22. Yeah but what happens when the insurers go broke? IIRC Westpac were re-insuring themselves which provided for no protection. If defaults happen they will ripple through the system. The banks will not be immune.
  23. hem = him
  24. I dold mumma
  25. Did nonrecourse mortgages cause the mortgage crisis? It looks to me as if Australian banks are 'safe' from the riskiest borrowers with a high LVR (80%+) via compulsory mortgage insurance: link1 link2
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