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  2. As is pretty much every government announcement that at first glance appears to have some substance e.g. the 457 visa scrapping bait and switch. At this stage I don't know whether to blame cretinous politicians or the voters who refuse to have unsustainable middle and upper class welfare reduced.
  3. The Buffoons – Congress & Mainstream Media Join Forces
  4. For the good of the country of course! What you forget is that the couple would blow the money on a caravan & 4WD, play grey nomads for a couple of years such that little is left of the $300K. Then back on the full pension again...
  5. Read an interesting article by Noel Whittaker today re oldies downsizing and putting the difference in super. Looks like an incentive for very very few people. Mal's pulled a good con job with this one. Example: Couple sell their McMansion for $900k and buy something smaller for $550k. They have $325k in super and little other assets. After costs, they're left with $300k from downsizing. They put that in their super. They now have $625k in assessable assets for Centrelink. They used to get the full pension. Now they will lose ~$20k pa in govt pension. Why would they bother?
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  7. BitCoin – Criminals – Authorities Asset v Money
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  9. Cyberattacks & the Vulnerability of a Cashless Society Communism Began During the French Revolution in 1793
  10. Gold & the False Move Gold & Euro & Dollar
  11. Hamburg Still Seizing Property for Refugees
  12. Australian economy among ‘walking dead of debt’, economics professor argues
  13. Looks like the swamp will need to find another smoking gun! Comey: Higher-ups never asked for halt to FBI investigations
  14. People with investment properties in WA would be hit with a $270 levy under a McGowan Government plan to raise revenue and fix the Budget crisis. The West Australian understands the tax will be linked to water rates and apply to tens of thousands of investment properties with a gross rental value of $24,000 or more. The Government did not rule out the levy yesterday but refused to confirm any details. “All options are being considered as part of the Budget repair process,” a spokesman for Treasurer Ben Wyatt said. “Any announcements regarding household fees and charges will be before July 1.” Sources say the levy will target those getting investment earnings of more than the median house rental, which is $380 a week in WA.
  15. Press is Trying to Create a Stock Market Crash to Get Rid of Trump
  16. Looks like you could run an after market service on Socrates, explaining how to use it! Why don't you publish a running portfolio, based on your rules to see how it performs?
  17. Hey guys Heard from friends the 2016WEC was a dud, glad i didnt go, but i decided to give it another try this year The predictions of the last two are basically: Buy the dow until 2018 or 2023 Stay away from bonds Gold in USD still hasnt bottomed but 2017 should be lowest yearly close Real Estate has peaked and will only be a good buy in 15 years mainly because of taxation The dollar will rise to 1985 high (euro 0.82 pound to par) by 2018 or the latest by 2021 Someone wrote socrates cant be measured. It can. Just buy the first weekly bullish and sell only once you get a weekly bearish. Or get into a market buying when it generates a monthly bullish after a correction and sell when it generates the first monthly bearish. Its a trend following system so test it on charts that have some kind of trend and not sideways or erratic markets. If you got Arrays find a nice quarterly turnpoint, zoomin to monthly and if it also shows a clear turnpoint then start your test right after that turnpoint is past and the trend changes. From my experience socrates works. Especially for longterm investors (couple of months-years) and especially in markets that have a trend, meaning that really move. Theres a third thing to do, to make it shine! Only trade markets with a gap between reversals on the monthly and quarterly level! But psst dont tell everyone, i think not many understand those 3 steps yet. I call it filtering and learned it from a guy who attends martys conferences since 1985! Buffet is also great and i think you can use Socrates as an entry/exit strategy on Stocks Buffet picks. Id use the monthly reversals for that then youd have to check your investment only 12 times per year (after every monthly closing) and not even pick stocks yourself
  18. There is a load of frothing at the mouth from the left wing commentariat about impeachment. It ain't gonna happen on what has been shown so far (as much as I'd want it to). The man child is safe for now. Watch his RP compadres for any change in status.
  19. Well the democrats got their prosecutor (and don't have the votes to shut down the government anyway). I do find it amusing that for a self proclaimed legal expert he doesn't know the definition of treason in the US. "Pay for make a deal" would be corruption or something but there is no viable way it could be considered treason. Treason is fighting against the US in a war or helping the opponent in a war.
  20. The War Against Trump – Time to Fight Back Mutual Funds versus ETF’S Democrats Want to Shut Down Government Until They Get Special Prosecutor
  21. Impeachment and thrown out of office seems exceedingly unlikely. I don't think it has ever happened even with opposition in control of the senate and the house. Trump has both of them, to be impeached would take proof on a level which convinced everyone. Given the publics treatment of facts currently I don't think that level of proof is attainable short of Putin physically handing trump money
  22. So far it seems to be harming the Dems more than the GOP Democratic Party Image Dips, GOP Ratings Stable
  23. I wonder as well tor. It could be that Armstrong already recognises that the writing is on the wall for Trump. They (whoever they really are) are refusing to let things lie. They are out for blood and I then think Marty can say; "See I told you they would not let him alone." Heady days for American politics, because I wonder what happens with the general populace when Trump is impeached from office? I think we might see a reversal of the protests, and many of the Trump supporters are the ones with the guns!! Whatever the outcome, it all looks very volatile for some time to come.
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