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  2. You're not very good at searching? I got 17 record daily snowfalls for New York state since 1st Nov Station Date Record Prev. Date Prev. Record Number of Years Difference WALES, NY US 2018-11-09 0.12 2004-11-09 0 32 0.12 ANGELICA, NY US 2018-11-10 2.99 1961-11-10 2.01 125 0.98 DELHI 2 SE, NY US 2018-11-10 0.98 1995-11-10 0.98 93 0 FRANKLINVILLE, NY US 2018-11-10 5.98 1961-11-10 5.98 121 0 HORNELL ALMOND DAM, NY US 2018-11-10 0.98 2007-11-10 0.98 64 0 INDIAN LAKE 2 SW, NY US 2018-11-10 7.52 1956-11-10 2.01 118 5.51 JAMESTOWN 4 ENE, NY US 2018-11-10 2.80 2008-11-10 1.61 57 1.18 CATTARAUGUS, NY US 2018-11-10 5.00 1973-11-10 5.00 61 0 NEWCOMB, NY US 2018-11-10 7.09 1990-11-10 2.52 59 4.57 NORTH CREEK 5 SE, NY US 2018-11-10 5.98 1976-11-10 1.50 110 4.49 RUSHFORD, NY US 2018-11-10 4.41 1961-11-10 3.82 64 0.59 TUPPER LAKE SUNMOUNT, NY US 2018-11-10 2.99 1976-11-10 2.01 118 0.98 FULTON, NY US 2018-11-11 0.51 2017-11-11 0 71 0.51 HORNELL ALMOND DAM, NY US 2018-11-11 0.98 1986-11-11 0.98 64 0 WARSAW 6 SW, NY US 2018-11-11 5.98 1996-11-11 2.01 65 3.98 BINGHAMTON GREATER AP, NY US 2018-11-13 2.99 2012-11-13 1.42 67 1.57 MALONE, NY US 2018-11-14 1.50 2003-11-14 1.50 35 0
  3. Did a search on 'record snow falls' - got absolute nothing. Why?
  4. The article doesn’t say it’s a record. My mistake, it says Central Park had its highest monthly snowfall in 136 years. If there is a weather station in Central Park, and I assume there is, it should show up on the noaa site for the 17th or 18th November. The first link only shows May to July 2018. Try the second link in a couple of days. It is only up until 15th November at the moment. There are 17 daily highest snowfall records in New York State since the first of November until the 15th November. No monthly or all time records.
  5. Using this record I posted earlier today, where is it, I could not find it?
  6. Here’s a good site. It shows both the cold and warm records broken. Only does a month at a time but covers a fair bit of the globe. Click on the view selected records tab. Enter search criteria. shows a map with a list underneath.
  7. Here’s my first few hundred. I’ll give you a bit of time to catch up.
  8. Nope. Let's go back to that Mongolian article, the fact (as in by looking at the rings) showed that events that were conveniently attributed to man-made globull warming had in fact previously occurred long ago. Then we get this little gem: In other words, the scientists' climate models predict that we're on a one way, man-made rising trend until we burn alive. But there is a litany of those models generating incorrect forecasts over the last 30 years, which I have posted ad nauseam.
  9. That report was published in 2014. This statement is being tested extensively at the moment and not even winter yet in the northern hemisphere: as I've posted it is not just recent records being broken, but some which are 100+ years old.
  10. Terrific, please post places that are breaking new records on the high side. We can then run a count to see how many and by how much those records are being broken.
  11. If you don't have the evidence then why are you making the claim that both hemispheres are registering below average temps? Did you mean to say some parts of both hemispheres are registering below average temps? My point is that more parts of both hemispheres are registering higher than average temps.
  12. This is IPCC AR5 - the latest assessment (2014) That prediction seems to be going pretty well...
  13. There's no each way about it and you can't have it both ways. Both papers support human induced climate change as a conclusion.
  14. another record that flies in the face of that IPCC prediction: The New York Area Was Nearly Paralyzed by 6 Inches of Snow. What Went Wrong?
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  16. Aahh that report. Was that not superseded by this one We know how well that prediction is going.
  17. Don't know who publishes that info. But the fact that various areas in both hemispheres are registering records to the downside is hardly consistent with an ever warming planet. Should it not be higher highs and higher lows?!!
  18. Nothing like an each way bet. On the one hand, the evidence suggests that similar situations occurred irrespective of humans and then used to imply and then used to say that it is caused by humans. That climate change theory has also roads implying only one outcome.
  19. Cobran posts a link that supports a 30% attribution from humans toward Mongolian droughts and ignores because of the astounding idea that droughts have happened before. I suspect he will dismiss all other evidence presented relating to tree ring data when it doesn't show what he wants it to.
  20. So you accept tree ring data as evidence of climate change?
  21. This IPCC report predicts increasing threat from too much snow.
  22. Please show me some evidence that the entirety of both hemispheres are registering below average temperatures?
  23. Don't you just hate it when facts get in the way of a good story... Tree rings tell tale of drought in Mongolia over the last 2,000 years But of course, we must not discredit the globull mantra... after all, those simulation algorithms have been so accurate at forecasting the future!
  24. So is the 'brutal cold' consistent with globull warming? Which IPCC article predicted it? I don't understand the science behind it as it wasn't explained, but some articles I've read state that the floods that are occurring are related to the solar minima ahead. To confirm the theory, this winter should be colder than last and get worse over the next few years at least. The new records to the downside that are occurring are pointing in that direction. With the extreme cold, will come more failed harvesting of grains that this year. All consistent with Armstrong's (and Indigo's) forecast. If that materializes, I'd like to see how that can occur and the planet getting warmer ... assuming we're measuring the same planet!
  26. I presume you are talking about the last winter as we haven't began the next one does not start until next month. About the last winter, I can't find info on the average temperatures, but plenty of this type of news available, which is similar to current forecasts. In any case, the solar minima is still ahead.
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  28. You realise Europe had one of it's hottest winters while the US was having one of it's coldest right? That is only a pattern if you are looking for deviation from the norm.
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