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  2. I thought it was sell in May and go away... when is the turning point forecasted?
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  5. UPDATE: so marty is really warning of a DJIA high and correction. he threw out numbers like 20% correction. i have never before heard him warn like THIS about the market being high, toppy or near a peak. that being said, i follow since many years. never follow martys market predictions unless you wanna do the oposite like wec2015 on gold where he was talking about gold crashing further instead of telling everyone to buy gold miners but socrates reversals are a good help in following the trend. arrays i measured are accurate 75% of time for a time-unit being a turnpoint. they can be useful to know WHEN the trend might change and then pay attention to reversals being elected.
  6. This man is a cheat, thief and liar. Jail for him!!
  7. What a disgrace that SloMo has not been charged, or at least investigated for assaulting that woman in the bush fires. Forcibly grabbing a hand and shaking it is assault; There is no discussion. Morrison assaulted that woman. Maybe we should stand around and sing Hellsong's more serious assaults.
  8. Humphrey B Bear, our PM looks scared. He won't see the year out. Action on the climate emergency is difficult, politically in Australia. The fires are the perfect time for SloMo to seize the day.
  9. LOL: I'd happily support a reforestation program to counter the deforestation that has happened in the last few centuries (in particular). I think we're going to have to do that anyway to some extent.
  10. Burning fossil fuels is not a sensible idea.
  11. Thank you both for your kind words. The thing I've always liked about our little forum is that I'm talking with humans.
  12. I unlocked it. thus is my super power. How big is the anthropogenic component? Big enough to change the outcome. What can be done about it? (Hint: global taxation is not the solution...) Why can't we have a campaign to plant a billion trees around the globe in 10 years? We just need a tree-roots [sic] campaign where 10 million people world-wide commit to planting 10 trees per year for the next decade. We need rain. And an absence of Bolsanaro Equally, why can't we have a market driven solution for a transition to non fossil fuel energy?
  13. The issue isn't ideological. Plenty of right wing governments accept the science. Other factors such as solar flares, moving of the poles, volcanic activity are in the model. If there's agreement on rising temperatures, then what? We fix it like we did with acid rain and the ozone hole. I'm not against people making a buck. In fact that is essential. Harnessing market forces to fix the problem is the way to go.
  14. Been mainly based in Sweden now for 18 months. Qantas Gold doesn't give you that much these days. But lounge access and priority boarding (to get overhead locker space!) are good to have for life now even when flying economy. 'Straya Day on Venice Beach seems like a great plan!
  15. Condolences... Yes - life is a gift. Let's make the most of it.
  16. I thought this thread was locked? Anyway - I don't think anybody is disputing climate change. The big questions are: How big is the anthropogenic component? What can be done about it? (Hint: global taxation is not the solution...) Why can't we have a campaign to plant a billion trees around the globe in 10 years? We just need a tree-roots [sic] campaign where 10 million people world-wide commit to planting 10 trees per year for the next decade.
  17. Sorry to hear your loss. I had a stepmother succumb to cancer, it wasn't pleasant to see someone decline that way. Fortunately my father's bounced back, remarried and quite happy with life. I went through divorce last year which felt like part of me had died. You just have to remember to appreciate every day... which is easy to forget.
  18. Temperatures fluctuate over time, due to cosmic activity such as solar flares, moving of the poles, volcanic activity, etc. which are unrelated to human activity. That's why I remain sceptical not in denial. So I'm happy to accept temperatures in general may be rising but not as an excuse to usher in some political ideology like world government, more taxation, loss of fundamental rights, etc. Agriculture has been around a speck of time, industrialisation even shorter. So I'm not going to jump to conclusions - especially when I'm so ignorant. If there's agreement on rising temperatures, then what? I think that's where opinions will differ and why cobran was also sceptical. Too many people trying to make a buck.
  19. Well you could always use your experience to make the world a better place... I lost my bestie last year. Cancer. Took a few months off in self pity. Now I feel like fighting again.
  20. This is a cracker. So is this.
  21. Yeah, what I was asking was whether you agreed with the proposition that temperatures were rising. If the rises weren't caused by humans then you must have some alternate theory? Mr M, I don't consider you as an irrational actor. Plus, I like your taste in music. I too am not after a soapbox. But after a month of choking on toxic smoke my patience for deniers is wearing thin.
  22. Both fuel (e.g., back-burning policies) and arson have had a major influence on this bushfire season. It is quite possible if not probable these factors have had more impact than temperature. I'm no expert nor looking to become one so not looking for a soapbox.
  23. So the temperature is rising but humans have nothing to do with it?
  24. I am! The issue is not change, but the role of human activity in being responsible for the change. My bullsh*t detector is still going off because there are too many people with skin in the game (economic or political) making lots of noises.
  25. Anyone feeling positive about denial any more?
  26. Thanks Anders! It sounds you've got a nice rhythm happening there, though I'm assuming it doesn't involve any jukendo or Viking wrestling. I'd love to be able to have that flexibility, though would flip between Australia and Siberia so the time zones are only 3-4 hours apart. What do you get for gold level with Qantas? How long since you left the UK? I will be in L.A. for three nights, actually planning to have an Australia Day BBQ in Venice (CA).
  27. Merry Christmas, Mr Medved, and everyone else still monitoring the forum! Hope you all have a great holiday season with family and loved ones. My employer in Sweden is kind enough to let me work from "home" a couple of weeks at a time, so now I'm commuting between Sweden and Australia every 6 weeks during the norther hemisphere winter. This is my third trip so far with another trip planned in February. That is a lot of flying! I just made Qantas lifetime Gold frequent flyer this year.
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