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  2. Which is worse, living in Canberra or 38 degrees @ 8pm? a bit of column A and bit of column B
  3. nothing new under the sun! 25-Jan-1896 And you thought it was hot now? How a 24-DAY heatwave on Australia's east coast in January 1896 saw temperatures climb to 49 degrees and killed 437 people
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  5. A perfectly rational explanation from an astronomical POV!
  6. NZ is just perfect right now. But back to reality next week.
  7. Cycles withing cycles. Contact Armstrong and Inigo for the data. They have it and use it for making more accurate predictions than the IPCC. Here is a posting from Inigo to compare going back longer than the data the BOM seems to use.
  8. Which is worse, living in Canberra or 38 degrees @ 8pm?
  9. It's a cycle you say? Do you have a chart? What's the frequency? Every 120 years? Looks more like a trend to me...
  10. That response is up there with "Worse things happen at sea". I don't live in Russia. I live in Canberra. Where BTW it is still 38 degrees @ 8:00pm.
  11. Open Google Maps and have a look at where Austria geographically resides relative to Poland. Considering the winter weather tends to blow from the north east (Siberia), you'll find the if Austria is freezing, then Poland is probably worse. Right now, I'd guess those farmers would be using snow shoes based on this video of their current weather.
  12. Back in Japan so I'm not sure for most areas we visit. Your link didn't mention much about Poland. I know where I spend most of my time is getting snow but also above zero most days which is still destroying the snow cover, fortunately way up there is not agriculture heavy. It'll be a month or two before they know if everything is okay I believe.
  13. Any further updates from those melting Polish farmers? More snow forecast as parts of Europe battle worst snowfall in decades I wonder if they think their spring crops will fail due to heat?
  14. In other words, it is a cycle that reoccurs, rather than a modern phenomena. Who would have thought that!
  15. Rule #1 is because people keep asking the same questions. I don't contribute, just monitor his predictions ... which are proving to be much more accurate than the IPCC's!
  16. Problem with diamonds is that you better hope the cartel doesn't get broken up. There is no physical shortage of them.
  17. Still, not as hot as Port Augusta @48.9 degrees And what's a few deaths somewhere else besides Sydney - sea breezes are awesome so if you don't want to die, move to the coast Fish aren't people so it's OK if they peg out
  18. Yeah, one swallow does not a summer make. It was maybe a perfect storm (pardon the pun) in terms of heat. Non-standard thermometer readings make it impossible to know. It's still weather (a single event) rather than a trend in weather records being broken on the high side. (climate) For example it's hot in Canberra at the mo. 37.6 @ 7:30pm with another three days forecast for 41 degrees. That's a heatwave but still weather. However, there is a stat - number of days per annum above 35 degrees which if shows a consistent increase over time, would infer a change in climate. I'm still waiting for those sunspots to kick in though. Cos f*ck my left boot it's hot.
  19. At least diamonds don't set off the metal detectors. And they're light weight.
  20. It turns out he's not keen on any debate. His rules for posting comment are: So to post a comment that comment must not conflict with the views posed in his echo chamber. Or else one would be banned presumably. Hard to lose an argument if you're not even prepared to have one.
  21. Can't have too many large widows on hand if you want to do major renovations or training for your next pro wrestling tournament. Would be very handy for that. Perhaps tor could find use for the widows in his martial art training crap that he fools around with. What is more disturbing is if the major selling feature is two large windows. Wow! Two windows!!!
  22. The Australian dream died alone in an apartment
  23. Here is another one: Forecast posted on 28/12/2018 Actual I'll see how around the 22/1/2018 holds
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  25. Ad for a townhouse. One large widow would come in handy as a housekeeper. Not sure what I would do with the other.
  26. just cold, hard facts... link
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