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  2. Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban EU Extends Sanctions Against Russia Killing Their Own Economy May Forms Government To Retain Power in Britain
  3. I'd say zero chance of recovering monies most probably stashed in Lebanon Creditors pursing Salim Mehajer's companies for $97 million
  4. Those 'feelgood' policies come with even more repercussions SA plastics recycling business closes due to $100k hike in power bills
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  6. World Economic Conference 1996 Major Forecast 2017 World Economic Conferences
  7. Einstein – Relativity – Markets European Commission Trying to Seize Control of Euro How Science Changes
  8. Britain on the Edge of Collapse? Global Warming – Yes Prime Minister
  9. ECB Declares Two Italian Banks Have Failed
  10. Germany Secretly Passed Total Surveillance of Everything Chicago Police Pension Goes Bust
  11. Yes, they would have made quite a team.
  12. London Fire May Have Been Caused by EU Regulations Democrats Can’t Beat Trump With All Actors & Media on Their Side The Plight of Junk Science in All Fields
  13. He should have given the Ipswich mayor a call...
  14. Now that monies have been siphoned overseas, there is only one last thing to do to get creditors to disappear... Salim Mehajer's businesses placed under voluntary administration
  15. Looks like we're well on our way to making a living from low paying jobs.
  16. There's a bit of BS in each story. " it's rumoured, has just arrived back from the Philippines with his third Filipino wife " - That is just not possible. You're only permitted to import two wives. One at a time, although with the rise of Islam that may have changed.
  17. Looks to me that it is a case of caveat emptor applies to both sides of the fence. The Shameful Story of Australia’s Serial Husbands Done Over by a Filipina in Australia
  18. State Department Investigating Hillary to Revoke Security Clearance When Illegal Aliens & Dead People Vote – Elections Change “Meddling” in the 2000 Russian Election
  19. Steve Keen on the secret source of eternal Australian growth
  20. Louis Theroux is great. I love his interview technique of just being so out of his depth and helpless that people stumble over themselves to answer him...
  21. Old slops running dating agencies in Thailand. The first guy is a real catch - not. Some sort of defined benefit super scheme. A comfortable life till he dies (which looks like about a year) and she ends up with nothing. No house, no assets, nothing. Pass. Seems like an expensive shag.
  22. Holy crap I am a millenial
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