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  2. If Trump sh*ts and burns this year do you think his supporters (like cockwhistle here) will change their mind? I think we need more Trump for longer to really put these f*ckers out of the world. They can go back to dreaming of changing the world safe in the knowledge they will never be allowed to and are not competent enough to do so. It'll be like a 16 yr old explaining how the chick really wanted him but at least he will have the experience of being completely shut down and not be brave enough to try ever again. Or of course the hilarity of finding out that most US military people don't want to die in a cascade of nukes and, the ones I know anyway, will rapidly turn on the nazis and militia and wipe them off the face of the earth. Because, you know, actual training as opposed to wanky little bitch sessions and re defining words to cannon fodder 20 yr olds. Armstrong and his ilk get what they are asking for and they will find themselves sad old men in hiding. Good for the world in many ways though so there is always that. When I am angry drunk I totally feel we should let them have their game. Find out just how many people actually support their sh*te.
  3. She got what wanted. A cheap headline and the enhancement of her reputation as an 'outsider' condemned by the swamp. Her smile grew the longer Brandis spoke and her supporters lapped it up just in time for the Queensland election.
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  5. Warm Temperatures Mean Lower Inflation, To a Point I guess if the global alarmists are correct, then yields will go into endless negative yields forever. But if it is just another cycle that has been going on for millennia, then sometime after 2019, many will be wearing a lot of egg on their faces!
  6. Nice bit of kabuki going on there. Will help sell tabloids and irate people dialling talk back radio.
  7. I don't like it. I have it on good advice that she's wearing a G-string to tomorrows sitting.
  9. 12 weeks and still nothing.
  10. Last week
  11. A track is a vehicle.
  12. Why is Queensland authorising ads for federal gay marriage? This whole thing is a sham.
  13. USA'ans call a ute a pick up. That's fine. But tonight I herd them call a ute a peak up.
  14. 57 fake id's and he gets a 900 fine!!
  15. It's trashy and a 5-minute show gets stretched out to 30. It's good fun watching the dumb phucks try to smuggle crap over the border. 1. Me no speak English 2. The second defence is to just say nothing. Saying nothing is usually a wise move. It's amazing how many people can suddenly speak English when a fine is issued.
  16. He must be feeling unloved by now 'What are we doing here?': Court throws out Salim Mehajer's appeal in minutes
  17. When I enrolled to vote I didn't in roll for a survey. I don't believe the AEC handing over my details to the ABS is legal.
  19. The plune is an aircraft
  20. I don't believe any state would "win" if a war was to break out, only lose less. The concentration camps in North Korea are sickening. The regime should be held to account but unless the Chinese government pulls the strings then nothing really changes. What is interesting is the border conflict between China and India. Not sure if it is the Chinese government wanting to flex their muscle or the Indian government being opportunistic while focus is on the Korean peninsula. The potential loss of life is obvious, but a lot of people forget about the impact to industrial production. South Korea produces a large percentage of screen technology (LCD/LED, etc.), biggest ship builder in the world, etc. and Japan is an even bigger supplier of high-tech equipment. Unless it's the Chinese government pushing for regime change then it ain't gonna be pretty (and even that is at risk of getting very ugly).
  21. Absolutely. If NK shoot first they are deader than disco. It will be akin to pearl harbour. Carnage will ensue so I doubt very much it will actually happen. If it does I'll concede the point on rationality. I'm on the cusp of fifty and will hope to avoid the call up. I'm not skilled with the bayonetz.
  22. If Kim launches those missiles on Guam, it will qualify as NK striking first.
  23. My views are not fringe, just not always PC. I don't mind being an independent thinker rather than a member of the gullible herd. I also don't mind agreeing with the handing out of bitter medicine of that is the correct treatment.
  24. _My_ tinfoil hat? not sure where you think I am into conspiracy theories. In my mind you are the one that supports the fringe and alternative ideas...
  25. China have said they will take a neutral stand if NK strike first. If the US strike first it's a different ballgame Wha? A nuclear war won't save his neck. It'll guarantee it gets stretched. That's if he survives the war he starts.
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