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  2. I'm not that smart. I simply don't have the time to watch television. My father has the series on DVDs I think so I could always borrow them (if I had the time).
  3. I've said for years 50-70% drop in real terms (minimum) but that was years ago. Hard to say what nominal drop will be. Bullion Baron's house prices in silver and gold ounces gives a different perspective of how much they may fall.
  4. I think it's too early to tell. Auction clearance rates are a helpful indicator but I'm not familiar with current figures. The really, really expensive places are normally private sales, but expensive suburbs tend to be auctions (not a particular price) - hence clearance rates are handy.
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  6. I asked marty in may2017 to check india on the conference, from what i saw india will peak in 2017, marty confirmed that that is possible. The BSE SENSEX made new highs in 2018 but since its a yearly longterm model, 2017 could be the highest yearly close. We will see. So far stocks everywhere are up and marty correctly forecasted new alltimehighs for england and switzerland stocks
  7. Yes but.... Italy just bailed out its banks again and they can do that because they get ECB money and cheap bond money with cheap interest rates. The ECB now slowed buying considerably, and when rates rise substantially then it takes 7 years for all italys debt to be rolled over to the new rates and then if rates are say 8% (plus their yearly budget deficit of 2%) then it takes 7 years for italys debt to double, which then really bankrubts the country. THEN the bailing out will stop THEN europe is REALLY REALLY finished. 7+7 years + 2018 is the year 2032 that marty so likes Im not planning to be around by then, cause THAT will be ultimately ugly. The right wing is already smelling blood and growing in some countrys to the majority with over 50% of votes, soon to spread to all countries, bringing back dictators and authoritarianism, class war, foreigneir hate, freezed up banking systems and so on. The EU put out a new law, now they can freeze all of europes banks for 30 days.....yes you heard that right!
  8. Marty said the top in Real Estate is in and high level real estate in the international cities is crashing. Do you guys see any evidence of this price crash of high-end real estate in sydney, melbourne, and new zealands biggest city? (forgot the name)
  9. Hey tor, youre in Krakow? Im up in the middle of Poland (everything snowed in haha) we could meet? We seem to share a similar taste for women, I got tired of my german girlfriend, now i got a polish one hehe For everyone in Germany, im so sorry for you guys! You get so many foreigners and they are all from places like Turkey,Syria,Marocco.... when literally all your neighbours would be beautiful but dont like you! Czech, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg Whereas poland now gets Ukrainian girls who come to work to clean houses and give Russian lessons
  10. Answer to cobrans question: Is Armstrong bullish? No not at all. Hes cautious on gold as well as the DOW. But marty is not as bearish anymore as he was at the conference november2015 1 month before the low Is Socrates bullish? actually gold elected 3 of the 4 required monthly bullish from the low and now it elected the first minor yearly bullish 2 weeks ago! Certainly martys comments of new lows in 2018 look veeeeeeery totally unlikely for 2018 and since he saw that as the latest..... Bitcoin, yes i called the bubble alarm on my blog couple weeks ago and i agree, especially bitcoin(11.000$) is just totally bubbly. second post from the top: Bitcoin might have peaked Some other cryptocurrencies might actually RISE by the end of 2018 like cardano/ADA and even ether(990$) and neo(130$) might have more upside this year. Zcash is on solid support, it would surprise me if it collapses much further. Its also the alternative for the blackmarket as it can be anonymous and its fees are muuuuuch lower than that of Monero. You can check my blog for updates on crypto and writings on other silly topics
  11. Vancouver Province: Fail RE Idiots. Same as here...Pollies think sales to foreign money launderers are a good thing. OK, for who? Oh, riiiiight. Pass the pitchfork.
  12. Subscribe to Stan and have a couple of days off work. Breaking Bad is the best tv series ever.
  13. Actually I've heard of that but never seen it before.
  14. It's a bit off topic but I want to have a whinge about the BCC. I have three bins. All mainly dark green... Lime green lid for garden waste. (optional and pay extra for this) Yellow lid for recycling. Matching dark green lid for general waste. But I've noticed new bins now have a red lid. A few weeks ago the council ripped off all the general waste bin lids and replaced them with red ones. What a complete waste of money and plastic. If I could work out which bin to put the rubbish in I'm sure the far more qualified garbo's could work out which was which. Second rant: A few weeks ago someone came and spray painted instructions on the road near me - obviously instructions for some sort of roadworks. I thought they were going to put in proper painted lane separations, road based stop signs etc - a bit over the top, but ok. No! They're resurfacing. The road was fine. Several streets over there's a road that resembles an Afghan goat track, but that's not being resurfaced. There's been the usual 4 people leaning on a shovel and one working. Only doing 3 hours work a day - but that's fine, it's the Australian way. So far it's a terrible job.
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  16. You haven't heard of breaking bad? Check yourself into the asylum.
  17. I must be boring as I know none of those shows. But I'm more into non-fiction stuff so youtube is easier to find what I want.
  18. "You're the worst" was a funny first season that went really interesting in the second for a comedy. "The expanse" is great sci fi and, according to those that read the books, only going to get more interesting. "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" if you want an interesting "what did they do after the Late Show finished?" show.
  19. I'll check out some of your suggestions. I love streaming because you don't have to commit. You can watch a bit and then decide if you want to continue watching. I don't have a genre. Not interested in blood and guts, but if it includes some then that's ok. Here's some of what I've watched and enjoyed: Sons of Anarchy Breaking bad Weeds Younger La Casa De Papel Narcos Start of Stranger Things Peaky Blinders - the start The Sinner Please Like Me Bloodline Black List Line of duty Most UK cop shows East Siders Lucifer Shameless Republic of Doyle The end of the f*cking World Narcos
  20. Hi zaph, What's your preferred genre? If you like horror/zombie/blood and guts, there seems to be a lot of material on netflix. My son watches these gory things, I can't stand. However, I have watched a couple of episodes of Vikings. Apparently it is as close to authentic, as we have historically been able to prove. I watched a documentary about the making of it, before having a look at the episodes. Not to everyone's taste I imagine. My wife watched "The Handmaid's Tale" which is an adaption of the Margaret Atwood book. Pretty good, I'm told. I've also watched a few of the Children's cartoons, when the grand-kids have come over. Some I wouldn't probably pay to see at the cinema/theatre, but worthwhile when its on my subscription. Personally, I'm more into Sci Fi, Futuristic, or Philosophical Thrillers. Occasionally I like a war movie, or one that stretches my imagination a little more. Some movies I have watched that might warrant a look include "The Revenant", "Transcendent" "Equilibrium" "Bright" "War Machine" "The Fundamentals of Caring" "Django Unchained"
  21. I've got subscriptions to both netflix and stan. I was asking for content suggestions. I haven't turned on the TV for years - find once I sit on the couch, I recline and fall asleep, doesn't happen in a chair in front of the pc. It's great being able to stop and start the shows too. Free to air I watch on their websites. You should give them a go, the first month is free. But if you don't want to continue remember to cancel or they'll starting charging you. It chews through data so you'll need a decent net plan. I just watched the Letterman interview with Obama. Worth the watch and a bit of a different approach to an interview. Edit - A lot of shows come with the option to turn on a multitude of language subtitles or swap the language of the audio. Normally, English, Spanish and Chinese. Sometimes Italian, German, Arabic, Vietnamese etc. It makes it so much easier to watch a foreign language show to have audio in English rather than having to read what they are saying. It can be a bit annoying when they only have one male and one female english voice. I reckon switching an English show's audio to Spanish and using English subtitles, or vice versa would or be a great help to learning another language.
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  23. I go youtube and occasionally torrents, but I don't watch much.
  24. Any suggestions??
  25. A fine bottle of brandy? Not really. He did 6 trips to the GC. At $1k x 6* 2 (wife) he seems to be quite frugal. Air travel alone could be $24k, add in accommodation, and meals and it's easily $30k. <the amounts indicate he was trying to hide his rort - oh the humanity> These guys live in a whole different world, to the working classes. I'm almost prepared to go back to barbarism. Every person for themselves. I wouldn't survive long, but at least I would feel liberated.
  26. I suspect it's all a lie. When searching for a house to buy it was cheaper to buy renovated than not.You may only get leopard coloured walls and not off snow leopard walls. It's a result of the reno craze. There are very few cases where you can make money from a reno. Most renos that make money are based on purey price appreciation in the area. Oh, and painting the walls and replacing the carpets is not a reno.
  27. When I accessed the link, it had a short video of Andrew Winter giving hints about private sales. Why did Andrew Winter leave the UK? When the market there began to turn, he suddenly turned up in Australia "Selling Houses - Australia". Why does my blood boil, when I see his show, where they slap a bit of paint around, fix up a few dodgy bathrooms and then get $50,000 more for the property. Why not sell the property as is, at a greatly lower price and let the new home owners have the joy of slowly fixing it up themselves? I just find that there is something deceptive about their intent. The owners only find out the short-cuts they took after living in the place for a year, and the paint suddenly begins to peel off the ceilings. I'm also optimistically hoping one year, that "The Block" will also have an almighty fail. None of the properties sell for months!!! To the extent that Channel Nine has to actually bankroll the contestants themselves. Oh wait, that's right they have no money.
  28. What exactly did he buy? It takes a little bit of effort to spend $7500. Flights (Jetstar/Qantas/Virgin), Accommodation (Double Room/Executive suite, Studio apartment??) Food (Macca's, KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc.) Entertainment (Birch, Carroll and Coyle $40 to see a movie? Alcoholic beverages?? Gaming?? Travel fares, etc. These guys live in a whole different world, to the working classes. I'm almost prepared to go back to barbarism. Every person for themselves. I wouldn't survive long, but at least I would feel liberated.
  29. I couldn't be bothered calculating a moving average. Seems like too much work. If you eat once a day and train 40 hours a week then I can see how you can down so many beers and still get out of the living room. Seems the key to exercise/weight is high intensity, not duration.
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