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  2. No need to chase it up. Here is the video, it is only 2:48 minutes long. You can even fast forward it to the 2:00 minute mark and listen to his comments where he is quoting an expert where the (ever so accurate) model predicts a 75% chance of ice totally disappearing during 'some of the summer months within 5 years'.
  3. Generally speaking I don't even like science journalists. I guess the message in the science papers needs translating sometimes and there are better and worse people to do the translation. Politicians would be pretty low on my scale of people to do translation but they are fairly high on the scale of implementation so a necessary evil I guess. I'm not even going to bother chasing you quote to see if it is real as I can see immediately the play on words that generally comes from articles which are out of context / deliberate misunderstandings etc. Left and Right, Pro and Con; anyone doing it that in a derogatory manner is pretty suspect as a news source in my opinion.
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  5. Trump Slayer combo!
  6. This is what one of your gods said on this date 10 years ago: link He is the one that should have given his right hand a rest! But sheeple like yourself love it blindly. I wouldn't give a flying f@ck about your delusions, but everybody has to pay for the BS, with no exception.
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  8. Gold Coast apartment tower Spirit in limbo as Forise scrambles for a partner
  9. You know sunspots are consistently linked to hemlines right? I mentioned this once in passing because I assumed you had done first year math at uni. Perhaps I was wrong. At the time you seemed to ignore it which I thought was just your usual "me no like, me no speak" but the more and more you show your lack of knowledge I thought it was only fair to check. If you didn't do basic math or just don't remember it the reason it is taught is to show that statistics can be very misleading. Unless you think that female fashion is also under the almighty sway of your sun god. In which case, f*ck me, but I will sell the sh*t out of magnifying glasses to you. (all things being equal you are not quite appearing to be the dumbest project manager I ever met though - I suspect dumb people learned about HR being the wastebin of corporate society and started avoiding it and going into PM instead, certainly explains a sh*t on of spam I get)
  10. More gems from the vault of history. Climate experts and their theories...
  11. But is the drought caused by the globull warming spouted by the IPCC or the opposite as forecasted by the dissenters? Those winter frosts on both hemispheres are providing clues.
  12. Farmers. WTF would they know?
  13. Why bother getting facts at all when you can just spam a topic with google alert results.
  14. Why bother with getting actual facts from people on the ground when you can get unbelievable forecasts from the IPCC?
  15. That was an awesome response. I'll personally start speaking with some more farmers.
  16. Yes, multi variate systems are complex. No, there is no chance we could ever agree on how to measure such a system. No, prices in commodities are not specific _only_ to weather. Yes I have answered. I am sure you can understand the above right?
  17. What a BS response - is that the best you can do? A simple Yes or No is all that is required - not the usual obfuscation.
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  19. I checked by talking to a farmer that was in Melbourne. He said Sydney wheat yields are not being affected yet. Well it was actually a guy at a farmers market but that seems close enough. How come no articles from you about the frost? did you see the studies about frost killing off arctic vegetation? That should have gotten you all erect as I assume you don't know how snow and horticulture works in cold countries. Answered several times. Perhaps I need to change the words? Not sure which bit you didn't understand.
  20. Have you checked that forecast against the actual temps in Sydney so far? I guess not. Is that farmers' anecdotes or real facts from people watching what is happening to their own yields every day? BTW - a simple answer to a simple question is still outstanding?
  21. Sorry guys, I have been busy. Time to spew more PROOF[1] Sydney is hot. Good thing they don't grow wheat! Cairns is hot and they don't have enough Doggie ambulances or something QLD is hot but I think they only grow rum sticks up there, wheat should be fine. Lying media, the reef is under lots of water. How can that get hot? Or have wheat? Sometimes journalists are so obviously in the pocket of Big Science I guess I forgot to put a "No Darkies" filter on my alert. Or maybe there are some white people in India affected as well. Not sure if they grow wheat. Hope not. They are wearing glasses hence they are probably students. Probably paid by Big Science to fake their deaths. Fake News! We already know that the Burke met office deliberately leaves out Sundays when recording weather in the 1900's and we know that once a sunday was hot so this is easy to extrapolate to all meterological stations and all sundays rendering the graph useless. If weather shows climate then I think a fire can count too, makes sense, if it's hot it is hot. Doesn't matter why. I think I accidently did some climate change with the fridge before but I am okay now. [1] Newspaper articles, because science is for nerds. I only trust farmers anecdotes personally.
  22. That a fact? So why keep changing the figure beyond the level stated in 1988? It is now 30 years later and we're supposed to be doomed ... yet life goes on?!
  23. Do go on. It highlights the BS of the predictions and the gullibility of sheeple who fall for it. Here is a flashback from the 1960's: From the archive, 12 June 1962: The ice age cometh But of course this time is different as scientists/climatologists have a full understanding of the earth's climate and how it evolves.
  24. Ouch - a thirty year old article from the New York Times... Try this one. Or this one I could go on.
  25. You do understand what a tipping point is? You clearly don't understand the 30 year lag time in CO2 production...
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