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  2. Climate change was high on the agenda. Even by the libs polling.
  3. Sellers may need to wait until the Shanghai stock market picks up again, so buyers can provide sufficient collateral on the loan applications. link link2
  4. spot the rising sea levels
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  6. After reviewing this list of dissidents, it makes me think that every scientist who wants to argue for or against global warming caused by human activity, should also provide a signed declaration of interest, stating if they're deriving any income from grants on climate research. The correlation could make interest reading.
  7. Such concern for tax payers monies. Not feeling well today?
  8. Not bitter at all. Let private enterprise do the R&D. The winner makes $squillions. Same as with the internal combustion engine.
  9. Once case where I agree with Cobrans basic argument. The EV makers need to build their own grid I think. Building roads for the car makers turned out to make them too big to fail as far as I see it. If they were less profitable their unions wouldn't have been so ridiculously strong, their stranglehold on the industry wouldn't have monopolised so easily and no one company would have employed enough people that governments have to give them loans when they f*ck up. Where is the government going to get a reward out of this?
  10. Hydrogen is also ludicrously safe in an accident. Being so light most of the explosion happens why the f*ck away from the people. I dig it too. There are serious engineering problems with it getting off the ground in the 80's and not enough government subsidies to have anyone serious look at solving those issues. It was all backyard tinkerers really as far as I am aware. Maybe subsidies not being given to the cool sh*t you want is the reason you're so bitter? I'd say fair enough. I am pissed the hydrogen fuel cell never made it, would have made my life way more awesome.
  11. No mention of new taxes. Does that mean guaranteed no taxes?
  12. If you have to wait 15min to refill, I bet that people will soon be pissed off to say the least. My 2ltr diesel has a comfortable range of over 400km/refill. But what they won't tell you is how the government will replace the tax revenues they earn on fossil fuels. Right now it looks great not to pay for the high petrol prices. But once when they become common, you can bet your life they will be taxed (my guess is a hefty mileage based tax). Nothing also said regarding the infrastructure to generate enough electricity to power thousands of electric cars & trucks.
  13. From today's Courier Mail: The govt is funding 21 new "Ultra Rapid" charging sites - $15m. It will connect the east coast capitals and a bit north and south of Perth - f*ck Tasmania. They will charge a vehicle in 15 mins and allow a distance of 400ks. so.... I imagine they will be located at those big service stations with a few fast food joints. So while the car is being recharged the occupants will most likely have a meal or snack, not just a take away bag of chips and a drink as currently may happen. Big profit for service stations - do they really need the handout? Perhaps this first few will. Can current cars hold enough charge to travel 400ks? I imagine the figures are based on going down hill with a tail wind, with no AC or radio and don't factor in that the occupants will be draining the battery through recharging their devices. Currently if you go to a service station and all bowsers are being used you might have to wait a minute for one to become available. Seeing as there are so few electric cars in oz I would think there will be only one, perhaps two electric bowsers per site. If someone arrives just before you the 15 min charge time turns into 30 - as/if EVs become more common this problem will go away. You're stuffed if the electric bowser isn't working.
  14. Everything You Need to Know About Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  15. Just weather... Alberta hit by biggest October snow in 104 years
  16. Yes we did. The cost of renewables was part of the reason, not all of it, but it added to the cost. Renewables mean higher costs
  17. Car running costs 2018 ... and you haven't answered my question yet!
  18. Last week
  19. Get that for ICE vehicles.
  20. I know you love to repeat the power bill myth but we went through that ages back. I thought you eventually agreed that the power companies were using the cover of "investing in the network and alternate power" to cover bill rises which were way out of line and not removed when the laws changed. You realise ICE car companies _still_ get government incentives/taxes right? Always have, probably always will. If that isn't large and endless I don't know what is. Sounds like again you have missed the root cause or are being misleading / ignorant. I think your argument should be rephrased to "I hate governments". Which is fine, just boring when you have no solutions.
  21. NYT - 19 Oct 1958 - The changing face of the Arctic
  22. What specific data do you want ... and no I'm not obfuscating. Whilst on the subject of obfuscating, you didn't answer my questions on the globull warming thread as to your views if Armstrong's forecast materialises.
  23. Note what happened after Krudd got elected in 2007: Australia Government Budget Costello left behind a nice surplus. Krudd took care of it in no time. You have to go back to the early Hawke years to find a surplus under Labor.
  24. I'm also not a doctor, but I suspect that the treatment for hypothermia is not the same as suffering from extreme fever or burns. So if global cooling is going to be the problem, then resources should be targeted around that issue, especially how to grow food. An electrical engineer can answer how well solar technology performs under those circumstances. I honestly don't know. $squillions have been spent on what I expect will be waging be the wrong war. Whilst there have been some benefits, have they been worth the cost? You may say yes. Those who can't afford electricity prices will beg to differ. Renewable technology is still too immature and not cost efficient for the average household. When the internal combustion engine was invented, it stood its own ground without large, endless government incentives/taxes to force people into it. Whilst we all make mistakes, to continue with current practices when scientific predictions have been wrong for thirty years aligns well with Einstein's relative theory of stupidity.
  25. The capital gains changes coming in 8 months ought to make a difference too I think.
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