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  2. Whether fuel prices rise substantially or not will most likely be a government policy rather than a supply&demand issue. So it boils down to what government gets voted in (and then out!).
  3. I perceive that people will hire vehicles for long trips where the destination isn't serviced by airlines. As fuel prices and TCO for vehicles rises it will become less economical to own your own vehicle. I drive long distances about 5-6 times per year to places that don't have flights that are economical. (Mostly regional areas like Mildura and Gippsland) I will generally fly to Sydney/Melbourne 5-6 time a year. I take my 4WD out 10 or so time per year for trips < 100km. Four wheel driving is not a poor mans recreation. 80K setup costs for me and in spite of the number of bull bars you may see around there are not that many people out on the tracks (at least around the places we go) Farmers likely need 4WD but there are tax deductions for commercial use.
  4. This is just ludicrous. It is true. Mr Bumble from Oliver Twist got it right, "the law is an ass."
  5. Either his silk advised him that he has a chance with the claim or he must be playing some kind of stalling game.
  6. Is it April One?
  7. How long will the RBA be able to fight the market?
  8. I'd like to see similar comparison based on Australia prices: Tesla Model 3 Costs More To Charge Than A Gasoline Car
  9. Just look at the minimal casualties. I wouldn't be surprised if no organised attack against the cruise missiles was undertaken. Like the Russian attack on rebels, this is good for showcasing 'battle proven' weapons that they can sell to other countries. If the west wanted to bring Putin to his knees, Europe should start using its coal reserves to generate its own gas or import LPG, rather than buy energy from Russia . Stop that cash flow and Russia is f@cked!
  10. So how do you perceive for people to go on holidays within Australia? Do you really expect for public transport to cover every single place that people want to go? Perhaps we can have a green dictatorship that tells what where we're allowed to go and what we're allowed to do!
  11. I tend to agree. But then I'm a veteran of the last cold war. What will (can) Russia do?
  12. Not in the future I expect. The days of the kingswood are numbered.
  13. I thought it was more staged theatre than anything else... or maybe that's what I am hoping.
  14. Western Media's conundrum – why is 'bad guy' Putin so popular at home?
  15. This strike was staged like the previous one, with the Russians given ample warning to exit the designated targets. Nothing to show so far that the US & its allies is willing to seriously fight the Russians. That would me MAD.
  16. People buy cars for driving around town and going away on holidays. The car has to be able to do both. Also if everybody starts driving EVs, then what is the reliable power source that will be used to generate that much power 24/7/365?
  17. So we're in a new cold war as Trump's finally been cajoled into action. When does it turn hot? Personally, I think not this time. Thoughts?
  18. So we're in a new cold war as Trump's finally been cajoled into action. When does it turn hot? Personally, I think not this time. Thoughts?
  19. And are most trips in Australia to Longreach? Or are most to a destination within 25 km?
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  21. Fed is Behind, But Still Screwing Up
  22. Hot money beginning to leave town? Expensive properties' price growth slowing the most: Cameron Kusher
  23. Thanks guys. That makes sense.
  24. My guess if RBA raises rates it is because 90 day bank bill rates have gone up. That's pretty much the pattern they follow... or at least that is my impression over the last decade or so.
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