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  2. Obamacare Survives thanks to Corruption as Usual
  3. The Financial Crisis 1992-1993 The Media Has Always Been Biased?
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  5. Ak showed a graph yesterday (which I posted), showing that Oz property represents very good value & return for the chinese, compared to their local market. Together with the rich chinese wanting to park their hot money outside China and our governments' lack of serious restrictions, Australia is quickly becoming another province of the red dragon.
  6. Does it Matter If You Are Born Outside USA to be President? Government Is Not Reason, It Is Not Eloquence — It Is Force
  7. It's the third wave of colonisation in Australia (after British and American). Not sure people get that yet. It's more than just Chinese buying up Australian property.
  8. The politicians will know what policy is likely to be passed and sell their IPs in advance.
  9. More evidence of a bull market, except in Australia
  10. I have to agree Cobran. It seems that greed wrapped up as "good business", or "free market" capitalism is the catchcry of all western governments. I'm not necessarily a socialist who believes that it all has to be equal, but I do believe in at least a "fair go". I hope the whole sorry mess blows up in the respective government's faces, because as Armstrong often comments; "People only change when it comes down to "crash and burn". Our current group of politicians are only allowing it, because none of them want to be remembered as the politician who rained on the party. They are essentially all "populist" politicians, because that's what got them into politics in the first place. They like to be popular! It is well researched and known that alcoholics, gamblers, drug addicts and every other addict for that matter, only ever change when they reach rock bottom. Until then they completely deny there is any problem. There is all the hallmarks of an addiction in our current home "market". (HOW I HATE THIS TERM ) This is also a sad indictment on the whole human race, that we would rather see people exposed to the elements, then lose our precious equity. I have watched with disbelief and fascination the rise and rise of home prices, thinking that it couldn't possibly go any higher. I have been naive and over time have questioned every aspect of my thinking throughout this whole ordeal. I am reluctant to suggest any longer that it couldn't go any higher, because I have been wrong so many times. I now realise they can stoke the fire as long as they like, simply through immigration and foreign ownership. I now worry more about infrastructure keeping pace. Unfortunately the compassionate side of me is well aware that any "crash and burn" situation, will mean that a whole lot of relatively innocent Australians are going to suffer the consequences well before any politician. I can't help but feel totally impotent in the face of the problem. How, When, Where and Why is this ever going to change?
  11. European North v South
  12. The Dollar – Media – Interest Rates – Politics Jeroen Dijsselbloem insults Half of Europe Market Update for the Close of March 24th, 2017
  13. I think the youth of today is entitled to ask why governments allow for them to be priced out of the market?! Chinese buyers to prop up Australian housing market: Credit Suisse
  14. The Rise of Populism – Here to Stay I live in a Commonwealth. They are trying to make my wealth common!
  15. Marxist Socialism now relabeled as the Sharing John McCain Recorded Propaganda Message Made for the Enemy Gowdy Interrogates Comey
  16. Could be. But governments are reactive by nature. Also prisons have been working at over capacity for a while (based on what periodically is published on newspapers at least). So it could also be that they're just catching up with the old demand! It is not just a rise in the cost of living that increases crime, but also rising unemployment or under employment. Basically any situation where people cannot support themselves. The trend in employment seems to be more casual jobs and a rise in under-employment. So you would expect crime to rise.
  17. It’s Confirmed – Trump was Spied On During Transition
  18. Not sure which thread to put this so will mention it here, Someone I know visited a prison yesterday as part of work duties. Apparently there are 3-4 four new prisons being built in Victoria (there are 11 at the moment). When asked about it, a guy working at the prison said that whenever there is an increase in the cost of living there is an increase in crime. So judging by what the government is doing they are predicting a lot more crime in the next few years.
  19. By the looks of things, he quoted two different articles, and only placed a link for one of them. He should also have placed a link to the article based on data from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, released a couple of days ago
  20. He quoted an article that is over a year old (re Australian real estate). From what I see nothing has changed from the boom times.
  21. Why Science Fails to Understand Cycles – They Lack the Connections How Capital Moves – Outward then Inward Confidence in Real Estate Crashes in Australia
  22. Market Recap Martin Armstrong's "The Solution"
  23. Why Obamacare is the Biggest Fraud in American History & Was Designed to Be Exactly That! What’s Collapsing? Socialism or Capitalism? New York Times – Altering the News to Charge Trump
  24. He believes the McCain caused the Forrestal? That is a level of website he is trusting which is even more off the beaten track than normal...
  25. Blocked again at work today, flagged as malware again.
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