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  2. A happy ending. He is getting quality time to chill out. Salim Mehajer argues with judge from wintry cell in state’s coldest prison
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  5. You deserve a cigar! Brilliant find!
  6. Time for Mr Medved to top up on rubles.
  7. I think you mean this one:,_The_Way_to_Grow_Rich_--_Currier_%26_Ives_1875.jpg
  8. Haha, just need to figure out how to do that in court if the need arises.
  9. Spent the weekend in Minsk. been almost 15 years since I've been there. The apartment via Airbnb was perfect except for one thing - no a/c. It's quite a clean and green city, at least in the centre. Lots of nice parks along the river and another not far from the centre that is more like a forest with amusement rides. Didn't get to as many places as I'd hoped but still had a good time. Belarus is now 30 days visa free if you enter/exit via the airport (and not via Russia). They still make you pay obligatory health insurance at the airport though, a little money earner for the government. The centre has a relatively new bar district which is quite nice if you want a drinking tour in Eastern Europe.
  10. Had a funny experience in Kyiv. Had one night before flying to Minsk, organised an apartment hotel via Rock up to the building, the place is on the sixth floor of the building... and of course the lift wasn't working sohad to lug 30kg of luggage up stairs. Not fun. Get to the top floor, no lights, no reception, nothing. Didn't have a sim card so went down a few floors where some guys were doing repairs in the stair well. In my broken Russian asked them if I was in the right building, apparently I was. They called the place for me and confirmed I was in the right place and should go back up to the sixth floor. So I lug my bags back up, still no lights but a door was open. The place had no power but for some reason the television worked. The lady there tried to convince me to stay, but as wifi wouldn't work I asked for a refund. Made my way back down to the street, no idea what to do. Approached a guy leaving the same building and asked if he knew any cheap hotels nearby. By the grace of God I got lucky. He worked for a mid-size rental agency for short-term rentals. How lucky can you get, lol. We walked to his office to collect the keys then went to the apartment. Ended up cheaper and slightly better location. Used the company again this week, will probably use them again when I'm back here in September. It's damn hot here so good thing there is air conditioning. Unfortunately have a cold so didn't get out much today.
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  12. He didn't want anybody knowing so wrote a book and did a big TV interview. The man's a fraud trying to sell a book. I'm not sure why anyone would buy it.
  13. I love it Anders. Thanks for posting. I hope this kid grows up to become the next Walt Disney.
  14. Ask Canadians why they migrated to Australia and chances are that most of them will mention avoiding the cold Canadian winters. That certainly has been my experience.
  15. Spent some time and the nearby Lamington NP, at Bina Burra. Nice spot.
  16. I'll have to ride my bike at dusk during the summer to avoid melting! I had a look at Noosaville, I could park the car next to the river and cast a fishing line like many were doing. I'd have to take a beach umbrella during the summer to stop frying. But that lifestyle would consume a lot of my time. :-)
  17. I lived in PNG for a bit, not far from the equator. On the beach. The weather never changed. It rained at 2. AM and PM. A huge benefit was that crops never knew the season. So they would flower and fruit several times a year, rather than just one.
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