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  2. Do you mean 485 visa?
  3. New Argument to Raise Rates – Rent Inflation! How to Trade a Vertical Market Impeachment Movement
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  5. Can't read the link = paywalled. Sunnybank. Your post seems to be police divisions not suburbs, so pretty much the whole of Brisbane. I'm guessing I'm in South Brisbane or Logan. I heard some cars pull up so poked my head out to see 5 cop cars pull up. I scurried back inside pronto thinking something serious was going down. Weird to see so many cops going door to door like it was a manhunt for jack the ripper or something.
  6. It's not a 457, it's a 458, totally different. Saw through that con straight away. I'm usually very good at seeing through policy that is just smoke and mirrors but this one conned me.
  7. One of these?
  8. B&E. The cops weren't happy when I told them that was not possible as criminals wouldn't need to break anything to enter as the doors are never locked.
  9. I don't think so. But who's going to admit to living in the worst area of the sh*tiest suburb?
  10. terror related or 'usual' crime (robbery, drugs)
  11. Sounds like a bizarre experience. Do you live on the wrong side of the tracks?
  12. Not being a model citizen I'm used to talking to the police. But today 20 cops descended on the street going door to door. Warning about crime in the area and to keep my doors locked. I nearly got a dislocated shoulder when referring to my home security system.
  13. Fines – Civil Asset Forfeitures – Taxes
  14. Flammable Ice Drone Technology Advances for Human Transport
  15. How China's real estate bubble pushes up prices in Australia
  16. Interesting technology, and most importantly this: link
  17. Last week
  18. As is pretty much every government announcement that at first glance appears to have some substance e.g. the 457 visa scrapping bait and switch. At this stage I don't know whether to blame cretinous politicians or the voters who refuse to have unsustainable middle and upper class welfare reduced.
  19. The Buffoons – Congress & Mainstream Media Join Forces
  20. For the good of the country of course! What you forget is that the couple would blow the money on a caravan & 4WD, play grey nomads for a couple of years such that little is left of the $300K. Then back on the full pension again...
  21. Read an interesting article by Noel Whittaker today re oldies downsizing and putting the difference in super. Looks like an incentive for very very few people. Mal's pulled a good con job with this one. Example: Couple sell their McMansion for $900k and buy something smaller for $550k. They have $325k in super and little other assets. After costs, they're left with $300k from downsizing. They put that in their super. They now have $625k in assessable assets for Centrelink. They used to get the full pension. Now they will lose ~$20k pa in govt pension. Why would they bother?
  22. BitCoin – Criminals – Authorities Asset v Money
  23. Cyberattacks & the Vulnerability of a Cashless Society Communism Began During the French Revolution in 1793
  24. Gold & the False Move Gold & Euro & Dollar
  25. Hamburg Still Seizing Property for Refugees
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