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  2. I'm currently cooking for 8 on a daily basis. They are slowly learning the delights of spices other than salt and pepper (I made a mild indian the other day and they liked it!) And as they have realised I have no real ego in the food they have started saying which things they like and which they don't. Even reaching back over the 7 or 8 years I have been through here. Apparently I made a coleslaw / salad that had mayonnaise and tobasco as a dresssing some 5 years back and that is new mums favourite. I have no recollection of this, I know I bought tobasco and I often make KFC knockoff coleslaw. But together? for these guys that are only just moving into garam marsala range of spice level? Maybe it was when I didn't realise that "any spice" was "too much spice" for most of them? Can anyone think of a reasonably obvious recipe I might have used on a day I was experimenting / learning? I honestly can't find anything which makes sense in my recipe DB or from senor google. I did a 3 coleslaw dinner the other day to check it wasn't one of the obvious "she's old and forgetting things" mistakes (kfc colesslaw, wombok & peanut vinegar, hot mustard bacon & cabbage) - it wasn't any of them.
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  4. Oh right. We got a registered relationship in Aus many years ago. But because they are for theee gayzz Poland doesn't recognise them so we got proper married here just before going to Canada (in hindsight that was lucky or I wouldn't be allowed back). We were planning on doing a ridiculous traditional Polish village wedding but that required planning and everything for our friends and such so we just did the civil thing for the paperwork aspect. We'll do the proper wedding one day.
  5. I mean like, f*ck. I give you so many f*cking hints as to "if you do this you have been so f*cking pwned you don't even know" and you continue. f*ck man. Honestly just f*ck. You are so taken by the propaganda it is unbelievable. You had weird arse dietary requirements for a person coming to Japan, How on earth did you do that and then turn to this? I am not a hippy and I am not going to say I love you or any of that sh*t but f*ck it is sad to see a person being taken out so effectively by what amounts to my own industry. You know when the guy with cool hair and a cigarette does a quick arse salute to the compromised spy in a movie and moves on? "thanks for your time but that time was in the past". I feel sorry for you man and even with all the turmoil (personal and external) I hope you get through this okay. At the moment I cannot support a single idea you have mentioned though.
  6. I do not believe the russian passport or PR is very high on any flags person list. I know you have a boner for Russia but there are way better options, either cheaper or safer IMNSFHO. If you don't have EU then that would be a priority I suspect. This is my third and I ought to get it in a few weeks. Then I have PR in 4 areas, long term in 6. Banking is a bit weird at the moment but lets say 8. More flags more fun! More confusion at the corner shop! Apparently I taught a polish child raised in germany and a polish child raised in poland a new word. It has spread. They all thought it was a real word. So did I. It is not. But now Ghurkish is the name for "cucumber which has been pickled for a more than a few days but isn't sweet". This word is sweeping the world. Every Polish person I know understands what it means. If you are not on board I figure you are missing one of the great linguistic happenings of this year. And I say this from the town that Esperanto came from. (Any words of esperanto I speak are because he stole them from a language I happen to speak. I have no intention of ever speaking esperanto. I prefer dumb arse languages.)
  7. I sort of feel like a bunch of countries have really exposed their natures during this whole thing. If not at least I exposed my opinions of the countries I have spent time in. NZ: Aunty probably has a good idea what we should do. yeah a few people f*cked up and a few incoming people lied. Might work, boring as f*ck though without legal marajuana (NZ is maybe going to vote for legalising and, as one of the highest using countries in the would, might vote no ahahaha another good view into the kiwi psyche). Honestly Jacinda I want to find fault with, she has a few troublesome areas for me personally but f*ck me I think she is on a 3 yr tear of super crises and super responses. Aus: We are totally a right wing government and that is what the people want. Aus people "ahhh maybe we don't" "Yes you do" "Bushfires much you c**t?" "ahhh hey Rupert.... um so help" Sweden: We have devolved politics out of important stuff. The population will basically act the same as any population in the world and effectively we are okay with X number of deaths. Did you notice we removed grammatical gender from our language though? Norway: Social distancing seems kind of closer than normal. Can we go to our huts in the mountains and think about this? Then we will come back and stand super close to you and discuss our opinions. Wait what? we get to kick Swedes out of our country again? I mean yeah lets do that before the hytte thing. Japan: I mean at least our Olympic death trap of all stores opening their doors and blasting air con on the crowds watching the marathon runners got put off for a year. Maybe next year will be cooler. What do you mean the entire Aichi prefecture police department got the virus by training kendo and yelling at each other? oh we stopped testing? lets start training again. I wonder if we give people money to travel domestically it would boost the economy (ahahahah they are still trying to get this working) Canada (just where I was, big country): We are French, you will get covid notices in French. If you want them in English you should probably die. Me: Yeah well there are a lot of americans trying to study at the 2 very fine universities here for a fraction of the cost of studying in the states and they do seem rather stupid, like at everything, most of them can't even speak enough french to buy sh*t at the shop. I mean f*ck me that is basic "I can survive" stuff. I had zero french or korean coming in and at least I learned french for "where is sh*t" and korean for "thanks" and "sorry I spoke in japanese, I have just been there a while and one of your staff is japanese and we spoke and then you spoke to her and I made a bad association and maybe let's just leave it there because any further explanation is going to get weird, I will now yell 'not a racist' and run away". Americans can die. Spain: meh, they all dead now. Oh wait -now- England is denying re entry to it's own citizens for being here? I mean f*ck. Testing ground for WWII wasn't enough? f*ck you England. (I know no spanish peopleand haven't been there, my exception for the list because they were so fun, this is just my interpretation of the government reaction). Belgium: Gov: We "over report" that way we are safe because our population will understand the seriousness. Population: Hey the borders are open and every country is safer than ours, the food is sh*t but wheeeeeee.lets go! USA: ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha every elbow in the world has an opinion, so does every arsehole. Basically if anything you read about the US is correct then how the hell is the polling about 50/50? "Biden will die and we'll have an unvoted for nigger bitch president" "trump is naricssism incarnate and putin has pee blackmail". I mean covid doesn't stand a chance against that: "Niggers, Bitches, Ruskies, Fags, Dementia" would be how I rate the US response to pretty much anything normally. Being sick or poor is your own damn fault. Keep in mind the last good pandemic for the States was of course "Fags" and "Dementia" combined. I watched a doco on that stuff today. piss funny. Reasgan was hilarious (so long as you werent in his ignore list or anything). Poland: ... at the moment I am a bit too close for the trees. It feels to me like testing is being used against anti "status quo" people. Miners went on strike? they got tested and closed down. Fags don't get tested, just arrested. Up where I am currently there are basically a few americans that can't even drive a tank protecting us from Putin with his [f*cking awesome, have you seen the specs! f*ck!] new tanks and there are signposts just driving to training giving directions to Suwalki. Belarus is getting a bit fun. Kids are back at school. The pretty hard core right government is being a bit silly with their tv propaganda (hearkens to russian propaganda which Poles has decades of skill at ignoring). It'll be interesting. I did grab that bottle of vodka and now I can't even remember what countries I have lived in and if I missed any. Some guys in Russia and some other guys in Ukraine wanted us to go teach them bayonet fighting. Apparently we need war time visas ahahahaha. I think we would have to go through Belarus from here to get to either country efficiently...
  8. Come on if the western world figured out how to waterboard people legally I am sure we can figure out how to legally stop f*ckwits from infecting each other and, I think this is important, costing the government and companies a sh*t ton of money. I honestly think if this is the story in Aus it is just another case of "Australia don't become America" because that is the sh*ttiest propaganda ever. I mean sure the Americans that get f*cked over by the republicans every time and vote for them anyway believe it and that is all funded by an Australian but sure aussies aren't actually smoking their own supply. (I mean when we were back and I got pretty disgusted by realising you guys were going to vote that way a couple years back I guess it is obvious that Australia now has about the same focus from the propaganda groups but f*ck me). If people have a problem with the constitutional aspect they are really saying (unless they are legal nerds that don't care if people live or die so long as the perfection of legal exists - and having worked on several royal commissions these people are regarded are f*cking retarded socially and intellectually by actual real serious lawyers) that they think border closures are bad because X will happen. They don't give a f*ck about the constitution, they think that "X people dying for the economy" or whatever is great. When one of these "wah wah wah constitution" people comes along supporting anything they don't actually care about I'll start believing they care about the constitution. In the meantime it is the Southern US politics being played loud. "Can't say 'ban the niggers' instead say 'bussing needs a reduction in tax support'".
  9. That's kind of the issue though. Firstly the tokens aren't "limited in number" a company can choose to split like apple (?) did the other week. It doesn't cost the company anything to create more tokens. So they are only artificially limited. What I have been thinking recently is that there is no inflation because -maybe- we are actually getting close to infinite supply at zero cost. Like we are close ish enough to a point where there is basically a zero cost of manufacture and a saturated market for most stuff. Mostly I base this on the camera market. The Nikon Z6 I wanted to get a couple years back was a $2K body, the lens I wanted to put on it is about a 2K lens. Then I realised I don't know how to shoot mirrorless so looked around for something to learn on (Sony). Hey that was 2K as well. I thought that was a little odd. Oh. The market is saturated and basically fighting deflation through new releases to at least keep the nerds happy and buying. I am pretty sure Nikon has a chart saying "we need to produce 300 of this price point, 3000 of this and 3000000 of this point" for us to make money. Design features which seem worth it for each price point and we don't really care what it costs because it will be zero compared ot just keeping everyone employed" So if there are no consumer goods to buy where does the money go? Made up tokens. Check out small giant games gachapon games (fair warning I play one of them) the amount of money going into made up tokens of "limited" availability is immense. I can only assume the money going into the other made up tokens is more immense. Hence no inflation. Oh wow last time I logged in I missed a bunch of posts. I think I remember squinting at the keyboard to type. Heh. I shall grab a bottle of vodka and review said posts for wisdom adding
  10. A nip of bleach, an antiemetic and Hydroxychloroquine
  11. Holy sheet! You got married? You in no way told us! Congrats! But even so, how do the poles like their chicken wings?
  12. Prediction: Trump has a vaccine in October.
  13. I had my second night out at a pub and bravely left my bubble. Immediately on arrival I was surrounded by people who seemingly had no interest in social distancing. A couple of beers in neither did I. I did what I usually do in such situations and found myself a complete stranger whose ears I could bash. A rather large chap. Arguably, threatening. The stranger was also out to bash my own so we got on like a house on fire. Bullsh*t was spoken. He was a poet. I never like to disagree with the claim that someone is a poet. What do I know? The qualifications are minimal. I've even toyed with the idea of claiming it myself. Except you sound like a massive wanker and you will no doubt be asked to recite a line or two. Which would most likely confirm the wanker point. So all night this other chap was there - and he was a bit annoying. Summing him up - womaniser, braggard, liar, slick bastard. He knew the stranger though. Long story short, As I was leaving three sheets to the wind, I said something to slick bastard about Trump. Mostly because I've lost all of the social graces since lockdown and in the dim recesses of my psyche remembered having a conversation on my previous visit to the same pub about brexit which may or may not have devolved into a shouting match with slick. Slick took umbrage. I called slick ironically a "f*cking clown" upon which slick went over to stranger whom I am now going to refer to as henchman. Henchman approached me for what I assumed was a damned good flogging. But I was wrong! Henchman wished me a good evening and confessed he never liked that clown anyway. We should meet again. Moral: If you're going to get sh*tfaced (and make a tool of yourself) in a room full of arseholes and express opinions contrary, then make sure to make friends with the scariest bastard in the pub first. Confucious wishes he'd said this.
  14. I like the idea of Caging it up but I wasn't really planning to leave Oz. Another reason not to invest. The 'opportunities' really need to be sighted. And even then I figured I'd just be a stranger in a strange land. One of the examples provided was a cement manufacturer. It was a subsidiary of a large European conglomerate. I could just easily as invest in that entity. As long as the tokens are limited in number - I'll give the stocks a burl. I need to get more than 1.5% return. I see a further decline when the stimulus runs out. I take your point however. Maybe the stimulus won't run out. For all of the talk that printing money causes runaway inflation I'm yet to see any evidence outside the oft cited Venezuela and Zimbabwe tales. MMT is proving more resilient a theory than first thought. The US has been running the printers hot for a decade. Where's the rampant inflation?
  15. I hate to be that first worldy but yep. Let the politicians do their things, the "free market" people do theirs, the poor do the real testing then wait a few months for some vaguely useful post grads put some numbers together. Until them I am basically living in a bubble of some 20 odd people in the backwoods of Poland. I have a new tv and playstation in my shopping list for if things get worse. We have a new girlfriend gagging to meet us in a month if things get better. Planning makes things work!
  16. Every nerd had this idea for like ever. The problem basically come down to charisma to keep it going (which means it dies when you do) And you have no beer and no airline. Frank said that was required. Frank was a smart man. He was different to me but I find it hard to ignore ideas from smart smart people just because they are from a different field to me. Aside from that the digital nomad thing is solved. You aren't adding anything that doesn't exist and just centralising the place for it to all go wrong which is pretty much the opposite of the whole idea and just for your ego. Like I said, every nerd came up with this and maybe I don't like the same video games as you.
  17. w00t day 2 of the week where I self proscribe alcohol as a cure for really sore footsies. Russia has basically no f*cking food. Israel is small but has cheap internet, culture, hot chicks. (notably russia and israel do no have good food, f*ck me but what is wrong with these people? good food is not hard and if you have peasant/oppressed culture I think it is kind of on you to have decent food culture. I mean I'm not the bad guy here, they f*cking are). Israel has nukes, it is attacked constantly. Many of my friends there have bits where bullets went through. The only thing russia has going for it is a bunch of people. Sure back when you could enslave them all by saying I am in charge that was useful. Nowadays? nah. Putin knows his day are numbered simply because a kajillion acres in siberia worked with dissident slave labour is worhtless when the world has enough food for basically free. I am of the opinion that covid just kicked us into the first days of the infinite supply economy. I think that is cool. (there are a bunch of sh*tty things I could say about russia but they would all seem partisan. oh he poisoned another person that disagreed with him this week? yeah but he always does that. I mean if you are up for putin or being poisoned or being meaningless then yeah sure).
  18. Does investing gambling in Africa make sense? if you are the one that wins, sure plus you can Nic Cage it up as f*ck (seriously Lord of War, watch it, it's awesome). Sun Glasses!!!! I'd suspect that for the rest of us normies to be able to safely invest in Africa most of the rape money will be gone and we will just get the normal BRIC etc market raping which might go up or down depending on the day and who the bastards are focussing on ripping off. I have a strong feeling that the new economic theories coming up in the wake of the virus basically make the stock market a silly game which is about as rewarding as any RNG match 3 gachapon mobile phone game. Good for keeping people happy. but "No actual food can be bought with any of these tickets". The disconnect between real world and idea seems like either there will be a 90's reset or the stock market will never be a place worth investing in really. Buying tokens is not buying wealth if everyone else has the same token. And, as I think I have been saying for many years, if you put all the money in a pile protected by people, those people will steal the money. Or someone smarter will. Superannuation is basically gone, stock market is next I figure.
  19. Wow. This new "only get massively drunk twice a week" regime has seriously cut down on my ranting. heh. I have half a bottle of Zoladkowa Gorzka left, fried about 2kgs of chicken for the family, including school going kiddies that are f*cking excited to be allowed out and somehow I got like 5 of them for dinner. Short words, f*ck me! I am pissed. You Medved have brought the first proposals ever of Biden being mentally unfit. I mentioned at the time that he was like 4 years older than the "exercise burns your battery out" "hamburger only diet" guy that can't stand up straight and always has his hands hanging in front of him. (lifts? probably, I tested them and yup if you want to look taller that is what it does to your posture). I said you need to vary your media diet to avoid being swayed by propaganda. It appears recently that your "Biden is mentally unfit" idea is actually a paid message from Russia to the US. Why the f*ck an Australian would be suckered by that I don't know. Maybe your desire to go to Russia makes you slightly more amenable but for f*cks sake. Surely the word play f*ckup in the previous one you got suckered by should have given you a heads up. Lord boy, you looking dumb as sh*t all the time! You say something and next week there is an article about who paid for you to have that idea. What did Bush say? "Fool me once and I won't never get fooled again?" Surely you are smarter than, I think, the 3rd dumbest president ever. f*ck me but if you aren't making money from the propaganda in a pump and dump style. heh. You are now a member of the "world stupid economy". All your money are belong to us etc. (Fair Warning: probably I am actually a member of the "us", I don't pay for propaganda to be produced but might be spewing it constantly, this economy certainly hasn't hurt me, companies are bending over backwards to make me happy, probably a good sign I am a member of the elite I guess). As for "legacy", "normies" etc, you seriously have to use those words like you would use the word c**t[1]. Otherwise you really do like look like a sucker of the propaganda. Think it through logically, how many of the SilverStackers / ZeroHdge have actually gotten wealthy? if that is not your current investment website of choice [pretty sure it is] how many of whichever website you read have done well? why are they still there? I read a cool opinion once which was "only rob a bank for minimum wage on time if you're caught". You may want to factor this into your lifestyle. If you think you are learning on a website but it has never delivered rewards you need to refactor your investment plan. If you gave it money you should probably just give up and be a normal person. [1] Actually probably more seriously. I lead a couple zoom sessions teaching budo each week. Checking the recordings, f*ck me I swear a c**ting c**t of a f*ckload heh. Then the Polish Princess (oh we got married, not sure I told you guys) pointed it out to me and the Israelis said I was like that aussie man on youtube and stuff. What I am saying is "repeat catch phrases like sheeple, legacy, etc only ever if you are too dumb to rephrase the propaganda" otherwise everyone knows it is propaganda, a simple google history search shows very quickly words with uncommon frequency. Unless you just like some words. I managed to get away with some of those "forbidden american words" the other day and got upvoted ahahahaha. f*ck me. Now I find they ate most of the chicken and only -half- of the lovely sesame cabbage salad. Well we all know who is getting f*cking stir fry tomorrow! pffft Poles, scared of flavours they are. I will lead them through the flavour revolution. Oh f*ck! With Belarus (next door) being all "waaaa I want to be corrupt" and Putin being all "I can help you with that". It is super not cool that each morning I go to bayonet training with the locals there is an actual f*cking sign pointing to the suwalki gap at the roundabout. Now for a smoke. And vodka.
  20. 2. Yep. Check this out Same but different puffery from Trump
  21. 1. US is in turmoil. Other questions I think are relevant are: Why was he even there? Why was he armed and allowed to carry arms? Why does Trump get away with having the violence occur under his leadership yet project that the problem is owned by his opponent? 2. This was an announcible. It is designed to mollify and satisfy the press that Scomo is doing something. It may well be useless from a rational point of view. But that is hardly the point. If you need to defend against an attack that you aren't doing enough then going with Oxford Uni is a good call in Oz. Good white university. It's not like it's a real thing. It's a talking point. The real solution can be dealt with waaaay down the track.
  22. My 2 little rants and I have no idea if they are relevant to this topic are: 1. Everything being viewed through a political lens and people supporting their "tribe", especially anything to do with the USA. E.g. it seems that every Democrat and left leaning media organisation has already decided that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty and every Republican and right leaning media has decided that he is innocent. FFS, why should the political orientation of the viewer have anything to do with judging whether someone is guilty of murder/homicide or was innocent and acting in self defense? 2. Why TF have Australia and New Zealand committed themselves to the "free" AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by CSL at this early stage? Lobbying $$$ well spent I guess... It blows my mind that when there are so many different vaccine candidates being trialed around the world (dozens?) that the government would pick a winner before the results of phase 3 trials. IMO this is a definite case of it being more important to pick the correct candidate in terms of effectiveness and safety rather than being a first mover. Imagine if this vaccine punt turns out unlucky and there are far more effective vaccines out there. I can imagine a scenario where certain countries won't recognise the Australian vaccine and different sets of vaccines are recognised by different countries. It could lead to a scenario where you have to take multiple doses of various vaccines all with rushed stage 3 trials if you want to travel through a number of countries
  23. Oh yeah, he incites violence against his own people.
  24. New digital nomad schemes - Bermuda, Estonia, Czech Republic, Mexico and Portugal.
  25. God, I've missed a good Tor rant. Enlivens the spirit!
  26. Thanks for the response Turkey. My thoughts on the sovereign risk are in lock step. I posted because I wanted to get some idea of others thoughts. And to confirm my own prejudice. All of your arguments are valid. Though I do think that the same arguments could be made about Asia 10 years ago. That being said the same arguments about Asia have actually been proven correct! Cambodia is a case in point. Business success relies on greasing the right palms. If I was younger I might take a punt. I like the idea of spreading the risk exposure. I know Time Staermose personally. That doesn't mean he won't waltz off with my cash. Anyhow, back to the drawing board.
  27. Tor - you anti-vaxxer Trump arse-licking right-wing conspiracy nutter! Just take your mandatory vaccine like every good law-abiding person instead of free-riding on the herd immunity from all the early guinea pig community minded people! Never mind that that phase 3 clinical trials only need three thousand or so healthy volunteers. It will probably never be tested on kids, pregnant women, or people with known health problems. What could possibly go wrong? OK, ok - let's say there will only be adverse side effects for one in 10,000 people. Mandatory vaccination for Australians should then result in a paltry 2500 people that may get problems for life (or die early). Surely that is a price worth paying? And then we are likely to need booster shots every year - so there may be lots of people with adverse reactions every year. We have never seen a highly effective vaccine against any corona virus. Flu shots are 40%-60% effective for one single season: So if a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is only 50% effective (for one season) we would only see marginal herd immunity if 100% of the population gets vaccinated. That is based on the doubtful assumption that over 70% of the population needs to be immune. But if mandatory vaccination is not going to be enforced and only 50% of the population gets vaccinated (because of selfish bastards like tor) there will only be 25% of the population with immunity. So why are we pursuing lockdown strategies until the (solve all our problems) vaccine will be available in 12 months time? There are a whole lot assumptions in that strategy that are unlikely to all work out. The world is mad.
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