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  2. That would have been my initial thought. But I read this article earlier this year, which provides substance to the claim: London house prices: south and west see some of biggest drops
  3. Couldn't read past the first paragraph. Clearly BS.
  4. Any independent data to confirm/deny the article's claims? link
  5. Puss is a purse - Scottish.
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  7. Well THAT is a very interesting thought. So youre saying back when gold was money, they had to devalue or confiscate or whatever and now they just do QE. So the risk of inflation would have increased right? Evidence shows the last biggest inflation was 1980 when they went OFF the gold standard. I think there is one problem here: HUUUGE DEFLATIONARY DEBT!!! They can inflate and make food prices higher, but then Deflation will mean people still hoard their money and still dont spend and the economy still contracts, because of lack of confidence. But you do make a strong case for owning inflation-protected assets like gold. Marty himself sees rates rising because of bankrubty, loss of confidence, ending of QE and bond buying. Commodities rising cycle should also kick in, into 2024. From the breakout after 2008, gold almost doubled. If that happens again into 2024 it would be about the 2400 number marty often writes about being the inflation adjusted 1980 high. Thats about 180% gains from here in 6 years, thats about 13% gains annually. As for movability, Gold is heavy, dont want to have more than 5kg in your hand luggage ANYWAY! Thats 150k which is nothing, cant even buy a house in most places. So this argument of the airplane is.... bullsh*t anyway! The much bigger aspect is that buying and selling above 10k now falls under money laundering. That hits many gold owners if they want to sell. I think nowadays you want to just make sure you live in a decent country instead of having to leave because of war, war isnt fashionable anymore, we only do proxy wars nowadays. And a bankrubt city or state can be seen from 3000 miles away so just dont be the last fool to decide to finally leave
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  9. Top end tends to be more illiquid because of the shallower market of potential buyers. That must be a pretty swanky apartment for 2.5m. Most around the 1m mark are glorified dog boxes.
  10. Don't screw the crew. Sage advice.
  11. Pushing old ladies out of the line for the buffet.
  12. Also trying to sell his existing home for the same price ... and to Chinese buyers that he was trying to stop whilst in power. No double-standards to be seen anywhere! Former treasurer Joe Hockey seeks Chinese buyer for his $8m Hunters Hill mansion
  13. Sloppy Joe is moving' on up! What. A. Dickhead.
  14. Note the author is John Hewson. I think the Libs are trying to lessen the power of Nats in this whole thing. Rightly so too. The nats have less than ten % of the vote and members of parliament. Yet they automatically get the DPM gig and nearly half their members are ministers.
  15. Real Estate v Quantitative Easing
  16. Different times then as currencies were gold backed (commodity currencies). Countries that went off the gold standard seemed to fare better than the USA, for example the UK and Australia dropped it. The US confiscation was about devaluation. These days currencies are completely fungible so central banks have greater ability to devalue currencies. Also greater risk of crack-up booms IMO given this is the case... the last 8-9 years may been been just that. Also, capital flows is something that Armstrong talks a lot about (as do others), so you need to consider that too.
  17. I thought Armstrong is looking for stocks to correct again for a low in mid-march? That would line up with the forecast of a rally in gold around the same time. I'm not sure that gold is still considered the safe haven as in the past. It has lost its physical portability if you need to skip the country as happened around 75 years ago. Crypto seems to be the modern gold, but it also has its vulnerabilities.
  18. update on gold as its near the breakout level: " our next Weekly Bullish Reversal to watch stands at 135770 while the Weekly Bearish Reversal lies at 130450. This provides a 3.91% trading range. Turning to the broader Monthly level, the current Bullish Reversal stands at 135770 while the Bearish Reversal lies at 111520. This, of course, gives us a broader trading range of a 17%. The last event was a low established during 2016. A possible change in trend appears due come March in NY Gold Nearest Futures so be focused. "
  19. What confuses me is that 1931 stocks didnt really Rally per se when the sovereign debt crysis broke out and states defaulted. Actually stocks peaked in 1928/29 and crashed into the start of when the sovereign debt crysis started and bonds also collapsed WITH stocks into 1933 THEN stocks rallied yes, after the debt crysis had already started. So stocks really rally before and after but not during a sovereign debt crysis and not as a safety heaven during a debt crysis as one would think of like cash or gold, i dont know where marty gets his ideas, just history seems to tell a different story at least regarding the price action of stocks
  20. Quick update on Martys view of the Dow: He sees two scenarios: either we make a low THIS year and slingshot up higher immediatly or we correct longer, for example into 2020 Following the Reversals will keep you on the right side
  21. Obviously some 'administrative errors' are going to be coming out soon. Pay it back, no worries.
  22. Is this sick leave?
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