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  2. Here is yet another example on why billionaires' are jumping on the renewables gravy train: Saudi solar tycoon’s $300m handout
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  5. How Austerity Works: a simple numerical example that any intelligent person can understand
  6. I bet these subsidies are not factored into the record high cost of electricity paid by consumers for renewables AGL’s $500m solar boost as it shuts coal station
  7. Four Corners is covering the corruption in the Goldcoast tomorrow.
  8. See my comment on Local Council corruption.
  9. Too much money wallowing around Local Council's nowadays. Mainly through development companies. Tweed Heads Council was sacked only 10 yrs ago for supplying favours to big business and development. Council's are now simply glorified money laundering schemes, becoming richer as rates have increased. Just too tempting it seems for many people to keep their hands off.
  10. Fortunately, a happy ending Eddie Obeid loses appeal over misconduct conviction Now, the law needs to get Tripodi on the hook.
  11. A lot of those subsidies are to encourage exploration. I actually agree with this statement: The monies are not paid at the production stage, where the companies instead pay royalties (which IMO should be higher).
  12. The clean coal technology is supposed to reduce emissions. But I think gas is cleaner and Australia has no shortage of it, providing it is not all exported.
  13. To me the important bit is “The reality is the death toll from Chernobyl in 1986, after 20 years, is less than 200 people.” You may find this of interest: I thought that was fairly well known information.
  14. Nice dream I guess.
  15. And this is coming from a greenie! I personally have problems with nuclear as when sh!t happens, you would not want to be around! Same with fracking for gas as it too often seems to impact the local water supply. Nuclear the ‘only option’ to replace coal and gas: Michael Shellenberger
  16. None so blind as those who will not see
  17. Can't rent it for 4 months? Change agents and put the asking rent up $10pw!! At least the new agent is doing opens - for 10 mins.
  18. World building new coal plants faster than it shuts them
  19. Subsidies and tariffs were invented to protect infant industries and not to remain in place ad infinitum as has been the case with solar. After a while, the industry is expected to stand on its own feet and prove its worth when competing. The taxpayers teat is not there to be milked endlessly to protect vested interests.
  20. The base load isn't solved yet but can be I'd guess. Probably need subsidies as with farming, coal and everything else important.
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  22. There were calls to shoot at Irma to stop it. Stupid USAians believe this could help. Locals are not being let back into the Keys. Perhaps they shoot the authorities. If I was the Tsar I'd pardon anyone who fired their way to freedom. God bless America.
  23. Wind and solar are cheaper than coal or gas.
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