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  2. It's not. The process of who gets appointed leader to an opposition after an electoral loss can be: 1. We believe in this (wo)man and are behind them. 2. We don't think we can win or s/he can win the next election and we'll just let them warm the seat till we get rid of them or they lose the next election. If they happen to surprise on the upside we'll stick with them. Think very carefully before you nominate or accept opposition leadership just after an election. I think Freckles is 2. She's a woman and the National party don't really like women. Some pig F male will replace her a year before or just after the next election. I use Nationals, because mostly the LNP is ransom to the Nationals faction.
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  4. How is that any different from any other political party?
  5. At least she finished year nine, unlike the Nationals leader before her (several times). The first article on her as leader shows her as an ameuter. I think she could be an ALP plant. Stop mentioning Newman, he's poison. You've had weeks to think about that Deb. Not a wise idea to point out few members the LNP has. She's a seat warmer. If she does well then the party will take her to the next election. If she doesn't she'll be replace by Borg (oh wait, he's not available) or another pig phucker.
  6. Prediction is off to a good start Snow flies in north with first winter storm Boston Cold Weather Record Breaks One Held More Than a Century Britain is colder than Russian Arctic as three-week freeze arrives with -7C cold and England's first snow
  7. Swaize's investment in Ethereum only rose a meagre 16% overnight!
  8. Dow from the A$ Viewpoint
  9. I'd actually consider buying a flat in Russia. She was there twice this year, and even checked out some apartments for sale. A two room (1BR) place would be just over 100k (+reno and furnishing costs) and three room (2BR) closer to 200k. I'd favour buying a dump and renovating. Her best friend has moved there so could manage it for us. She's from Kazakhstan but bought an off-the-plan apartment when the ruble dropped through the floor about three years ago. However, they are highly illiquid and GST equivalent of around 20% is payable when selling, so it's a buy and hold proposition. A dacha in Australia is still ridiculously expensive. I think a half-way compromise is just to open some term deposit accounts to show progress towards buying, without actually taking up a mortgage.
  10. Buy a dacha until local prices are more reasonable. The country air will help relax the Mrs. :-)
  11. I'm not folding yet! I'm not called Medved without reason!
  12. The last bear that needs to fold before the market finally turns!
  13. I'm now getting the full degree from Mrs Medved on becoming a mortgage slave. Holding off, need the market to start to turn or else it becomes really hard to keep saying it's a really bad idea to take on a mortgage right now in Oz.
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  15. Nicholls has conceded defeat. A new generation? JPL going to have another go? Maybe the complete failure Borg could have another try... Oh wait.
  16. Media is reporting a win to Anna 2.0 with 78 seats.
  17. We (Australia) have become vastly more interested in outgoing travellers since that guy used his brothers passport to go fight for ISIS. We are in the process of honing biometric scanning to ensure that that situation doesn't happen again. That is why outgoing passengers now pass through "smart gates". A lot of cash also gets smuggled so persons of interest can expect a lot more scrutiny on the way out.
  18. SSM passed and now law. Not a single amendment got up. A good day.
  19. Is there a result yet?
  20. I think I've said this before, but I was profiled the last time I went to the UK. Had to wait almost half an hour while the police did a background check. The reason for being delayed was because I "travel a lot". The USA officials sometimes grill me on how much cash I have when I'm leaving. Actually, last time was quite pleasant, maybe because I entered/exited via Dallas. The Texans may be a bit more friendly than other places. Almost always get my bags swabbed for explosives. Seems to be just a routine thing nowadays. My sister's bag got triggered when exiting the U.S. and she missed her return flight. Apparently the sodium or something like that in her peanuts was the cause for alarm. So don't travel with peanuts!
  21. Trying to find a high resolution version of this image. I originally saw it on as old-time bubble cartoon. On the left are people chasing bubbles, on the right are people working and creating wealth. If you have a copy or know where to find it I would appreciate a copy!
  22. Departing for the states you get grilled fiercely in the departing country in a lot of places now but generally speaking when leaving not much gets done. Quick scans and occasionally bomb swabs although easy enough to avoid them or force them just with timing in conjunction with other passengers. Most places I have entered recently I only really get a good going over if I fly economy class even then usually that is only for the UK, apparently my travel background makes me look dodgy to the Brits. I got pulled over by the flu camera recently but I figure that was just coz I am so damn hot
  23. Just got a love letter from my energy retailer. Another round of large hikes in prices announced, effective January 1st. It is the second large hike in 12 months. Most 'impressive' for a country that should have one of the lowest energy prices in the world!
  24. I've 'randomly' been selected to have my luggage tested for explosives at time of departure a number of consecutive times. Considering I don't fly all that often, I began to feel persecuted! Hasn't happened last couple of times I've flown.
  25. None of the other border security shows I watch have anything on outbound travellers - Australian, Irish, American, Canadian shows. I haven't experienced the same level of scrutiny when leaving a country as when entering one. I used to travel internationally a lot, but that was a long time ago so perhaps things have changed. Maybe Tor could comment as I believe he travels a lot. It may seem covert but when you travel a lot you see a pattern. Random checks are not always random. I would be stopped, lightly questioned and had a dog run over me everytime I returned from PNG. It's a source country for pot into Australia and I did the trip frequently so I was of interest. My story made sense and the dog didn't detect so I was let go. The only time I had further scrutiny and taken to a room was when I was sick once. Must have been sweating and looking nervous and probably not that cooperative.
  26. You might find that most airports are concerned about what you have in your luggage or within your body at time of departure. This includes explosives, smuggling of wildlife, drugs, etc. They may not advertise it, but I'm fairly certain checks are done covertly using technology and sniffer dogs.
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