1. Housing sustainability

    Australian property

    33258 posts

    Discussion of the Australian property price bubble.

    Discussion of house prices everywhere else - ask in help & feedback if you want a new subforum here.

    General discussion and questions about alternative building techniques.

  2. Financial, environmental and political sustainability

    Economics discussion

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    Gold, shares, indexes, and general financial markets talk.

    Government policy

    5278 posts

    Discussion of Government policies and decisions that impact sustainability.

    Environment issues

    2925 posts

    Global warming, alternative technology, emissions trading, habitat loss, and anything else environmental.

  3. A simpler, more sustainable life

    General discussion regarding anything simple and sustainable that doesn't fit anywhere else.


    837 posts

    Discussion and tips to save money, electricity, water etc.


    2032 posts

    Recipes, tips, and ideas, all food and drink related, including growing your own.

  4. General


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    Feel free to talk about anything and everything here.

    Anything in here will appear on the front page. Posts require administrator preview.